Monday, September 26, 2011


A simpler version. Twitter instead.


Iphone xoxo anyssa

Friday, September 16, 2011

The face

There are times when you see me with oily stressed face and hair all over the place.

You will be seeing more of this in the next 3 years.

Iphone xoxo anyssa

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Simple words

Just because you know i love you.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Introduction to Clinic

One of my juniors back in Jengka told me that he's afraid yet excited to the fact that he'll be joining the faculty for this upcoming semester. Yeay! I'll be seeing familiar face again. But both of us might not bump into each other unless he comes to the clinic building.

Being a student, not particularly in dentistry, ones have to prepare him/herself mentally and physically. As for my course, we have lack of holidays. When most of students are officially a certified lazy bum during these 4 months of holiday, we have a month of Introduction to Clinic(ITC).

See. Our Dean loves of too much that he cant bare to miss us for 4 months. Such a thoughtful papa -.-"

Basically, as a 'freshie', we were introduced to the clinical-related stuff. We were beyond excited coz finally the time has arrived when we finally get to touch, feel and do it first-hand.

I'm lucky to have Afiq as my super nice-annoying-sporting-patient buddy and he was actaually my first unregistered patient! Hahaha. Doing real human with those soft tissue and bleeding are definitely different from doing that feeling-less dummy during pre-clinical years.

It was too surreal that my hands were trembling for a good 1 minute and calm soon after. And I heard myself shouting when Afiq's gum started to bled. It was a minor bleeding, dont worry.

And the faculty ended the ITC with a classic ceremony called 'gowning ceremony'.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

#2 Tioman Island

So tioman last. A post on the trip. For the record, I've been to Batu Malang, Seafan Canyon, Soyah, Chebeh and the best dive site I've ever been to...Tiger Reef.

All pictures were taken by our dive master, Mazlan. Diving with the best dive master, a great underwater photographer and the most breathtaking and challenging dive site Tiger Reef, I could never ask for more.

So here are some pictures in random orders.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sunday, July 3, 2011

growing up

I'll pass on the tioman post because most of the pictures of us girls are just...err exposed. But all in all, it was one of the best vacation i've ever had. Oh make it double coz i went there twice! yes, you read me. Twice, darling. Two times in two consecutive weeks. Sorry perhentian and cang, tioman won! Big time.

Many things happened there. What happened in Salang, Tioman stays in Salang, Tioman.

I learn about life from real people, experience and diving.

It was amazing fun just being around each other especially jannah, reminiscing on everything- our best and worst times although only yaya and I went for diving.

Time has its way of passing you by without you realizing it.

Dear Jannah,

I'm still registering in my head that u will be working(practical, whatever) tomorrow. I mean, it felt like just yesterday we cried for getting an A- for Biology, and the next thing I know is that you're working.

And last week we laughed so hard taking silly pictures and tomorrow, you'll be dressed in working attire! May god bless you, young lady.

hahahaha.kill me now

But no worries, your rumah sewa is just 5 mins away from my cheras house. I'll be buzzing your house every 5 mins. We might have a sleepover there. You, me in our pyjamas.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Another Wayfarer joins the family!! 2 wayfarer-s and a clubmaster. Now,I'm eyeing on frogskin. But they're not available here.Bummer!

Ryhaan, can u buy for me as a surprise? Its only like USD 140 for you but it costs me MYR 430++ for it, you see.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

#1 tioman island

Going to Tioman Island tomorrow today.
My fingers are faster than my brian when jannah texted me yesteday.
I said immediately before asking the parents.
Bad bad bad.

Now where are all my beachwears?

Saturday, June 11, 2011

#3 roadtrip

From calm and peaceful Perlis, we headed to busy city of Thailand.
Together with our neighbour...and their 5 kids....all boys.

Since we were on a roadtrip to Thailand from Perlis, the nearest city from the border would be Hadyai and Songkhla.

You can drive up to Bangkok which is in the central of the country as long as you declare your car to the immigration and purchase car insurance. Less than RM20 for one week, I think.

We went to the infamous beach in Songkhla, Samila Beach and made a stop at the most outstanding symbol of Samila Beach which is the Golden Mermaid Statue.

Night hawkers

We chose to stay in the middle of the busy city of Hadyai. By night, there will be pasar malam where they sell souvenirs like t-shirt and crafts and food. A lot of shops offer thai massage too.

I'm not into food.
Just realized that this is the only photo of taken out of 1000++ pictures.

The city, Hadyai

I got a lil bored.
So i sneaked into a salon and went out with painted nails
that matched my top and LC.
I felt sooooo creative. hahahaha

We took local public transport to Chekkar for lunch.
It is normal for locals to just stand at the back.
So we tried.
But the driver looked at the rearview mirror every 5 seconds
to make sure we were still there.

Sorry i cant remember the name of this temple

Thank you Thailand. See you in August. Bangkok baby!