Monday, May 23, 2011


that's what i'll be doing this holiday. stocking up the folder with the latest episodes. gosh, its a sin to miss any of 'em.

Friday, May 20, 2011

broga hill

Jannah and me, we've come a long,long way together. we're the thank-god-i-found-you kind of friends while we were in jengka and realized that we need each other up till now. She has seen the best, the worst and is very very loyal.

We graduated with flying colors during diploma and decided to take our own path in pursuing degree. Bot of us got forensic in the first place. She was very happy as it was her first choice. So I told her, 'there can be only one best student in forensic no?So I have to leave you and choose dentistry.But make sure you're the best' hahaha. The truth is, I can't stand chemistry! and she's indeed the best student in the course. *bows*

One thing about growing have less time for friends.

I haven't seen her in sooo long.She's busy, I'm busy. I'm busy, she's free. She's free, I'm having my pro exam. I'm free, she's in the exam hall. sigh.

Finally, when both of us are on holiday(she's in her final sem, practical!), we planned for random activities. Not that sleepover, shopping, spa session girly kinda thing. But the extreme one, you know... activity!

So i told her...I know you have a new set of bff whom you go picnic, mandi sungai and masak-masak. I never knew you like these kind of activities. hahahaha. So anyway, have you heard of broga hill? wanna go there? Don't expect me to ajak you mandi sungai or masak-masak.

And she replied...I never knew you like i-city either. hahaha. I don't mind spending time with you syg.

So off we went to broga hill around 5am last wednesday for a breathtaking sunrise experience. Brought along marcaroni that we cooked earlier at her house, chips, drinks, chocolates and sandwiches.

Whitewater rafting is up next! cant wait

jonker street

I'm pretty occupied since holiday started. Right after the exam, I found myself at Malacca, one of my favourite states in the country. I've been here for countless of time. All roads, exits and corners are just at the tip of my fingers. Ceh. I love the place, old classic buildings and foods!

We went there to have good ikan bakar for my grandma's birthday. Yes, literally. And to have the smell of the city and jonker street.

But malacca is getting crowded nowadays. They should make the area of Bandar Hilir where all those A'famosa, Jonker Street, The Stadthuys located as a pedestrian zone.

jonker street to buy Charlie Cham's signature t-shirt. A must-have.
the only pit stop we made was menara taming sari. Panas!
susu says HELLO!

We have to love all that our country has to offer.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

out and wild

I'm happy to say that I'm on long holiday. After like what..a year? And what makes this holiday more meaningful is that I passed both pro exams yo! No, no grades yet. Its either you passed,failed,viva distinction/border line. Although my parents demand to know the grade because for them, its impossible I passed an exam without knowing the grade. But that's how it goes. Even I dont have the answer.

I finished both pro-s on friday and results were released on the next monday. I was in disbelief when I got an early call from ain said that all of us passed the exams. Alhamdullillah. It felt so surreal!

Hey, I survived! can you believe it? Even I can't. I feel like sharing it with the whole universe(that's what i'm doing).

I know that I'm a last minute person. And it's impossible to revise everything within one month. What more when the lecturers(especially those Malaysian, i dont get it) keep their mouth shut. No hints, nothing.

So i decided to change the way I used to study.

I joined a study group with puspa, ain, kila and hanna. 5 of us went all the way from high to low. I spent 3 weeks at puspa/ain's room. Slept, ate and studied there.We prepared notes based on the divided topics and discussed. It was fun playing with mind maps and colors. Trust me, they work! Your brain captures images better than words.

I realized that I took the first 2 years for granted and I really have to struggle for that one month. I have no choice but to force myself to study hard or I'll screw up. I was like a sponge ready to absorb as much as I can.! Look how motivated I was. hahahah.

I'm glad that I chose dentistry over medicine. I've been saying this over and over again. And I'm ready for clinical year and more years to come!

all i can say, sky is the limit.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

driving force

i cant believe my body and mind are still working even with 1-3 hours of sleep

this is soo not me

i sleep like a baby, most of the time

-talking about driving force-

. euphoria state of mind .

Thursday, May 5, 2011

on track

Pro exams are in a few days. books and notes are scattered all around. dental. medical. questions. why on earth do we have to know all diseases like hodgkin lympoma and multiple myeloma anyway? and cholestrol and ketone bodies? blergh leave it to medical students. seriously, its not funny -.-

Exams start on 9th untill 13th.

Oh im in love with neyo(note: not the singer fyi). tapi cepat sangat haus.

Going to uitm to do student/matric card. it went missing last year. i went to class without id card for a year! just imagine how many surat saman i'll get if i were still in jengka.