Monday, August 31, 2009

merdeka post

i know that i've been busy for the past 2 weeks and this week is the best week to patch things up with my family before i hit the study table for basic medical science module's progress test. in fact yas was with us during our so-called merdeka celebration(went out at 2am).

my miserable life starts tomorrow but i know things aren't going to be as hard as i think cause i have them to at least bring me out for bbuka and whenever i need a car. in a positive way, it would make me sit and spend more time on books since progress test is just less than 2 weeks than going out n spend my money away.

education is important. yes, i clearly know that. 5 years to go and sangat lah lama. told cg that i need another vacation and penang is next in our plan. i fall in love with the buildings. but i dont have long break untill next year and i need to save money on my own since i refused to take the scholarship offered -.- my weekly allowance is more than enough tho.

happy merdeka day
i'm a proud malaysian

Sunday, August 30, 2009

so near yet so far

lets place michigan next to selangor

we miss you

Saturday, August 29, 2009


i'm watching mtv worldstage concert on mtv rite now. raygun's performance. ahhh how i wish :( if there's one person to be remembered for this event, that person's figure and memories are clear in my rocking mind.

let's talk bout those series of unfortunate events i've been up to last week.

wednesday : not to blame anyone but someone will gt the clue of what i'm about to say. mind you that i hate last minute plan or changes. class ended at 5 pm on that day n road congestion almost caused me to berbuka in the car man.

thursday : the worst ever. caught myself in a car accident and left me with no car for more than 3 weeks starting next week. i can imagine how miserable my life would be without whitey. icang's gonna be my victim next week onwards. he's my driver and my lighter. as u said, u're damn good. i love you. hahahha

friday : i'm a certified clumsy bitch. dunno how this happens but yes, it happened, not gonna eleborate more on the clumsiness side of me but simply said, i left one side of my flops at the kepong police station. and went to look for it after berbuka.

i found this on my dekstop. take note that i'm 4 years youger than them. u judge the pic. heee

my hair is growing each day. duhh..

kasabian is rocking the stage yo! later. xoxo

back to back

been up to soo many things and encountered series of unfortunates events for these past 3 days. shhoot man. gonna talk bout it later. later means LATER which is much much LATER. thank god i'm still alive tho.

lets help the unfortunetes like ME!
back to back

Sunday, August 23, 2009

flying cousin

she's flying on monday morning. i wish you all the best and have a blast in Michigan. make us proud. come back with flying colors. be prepared to have 'visitors' for these upcoming 4 years :)

i stayed at home today due to high fever that i'm having now :( sucks to be me. god, send me some good news since i went to mid valley n ou yday. 2 places in 1 day with my sore throat n cough. smart rite?


Saturday, August 22, 2009


it's just a matter of time :)
new baby in hand

win some lose some

went to ou yday n guess whats on sale. rayban classic for 40%. although it's still expensive after sale which is 4oo+ but its not like u get this chance every month. to sound exaggerated, i dreamt bout this in my 12 hours of sleep. gahhh. now i feel regret for not taking the scholarship. had to choose between ray-ban n education. for a better future so that i dont have the working bond with gov for 10 freaking years, i'd rather swallow my saliva -.-"

another crocs's footwear added to my collection. its more than just a plastic clog.

happy faasting

Thursday, August 20, 2009


i'm home early today. it's a good feeling knowing that i can at last relax n watch tv rather studying n sleeping. i rarely turn on the tv cause i'll fall asleep no matter how good is the show. think again if u wanna ask me out for a movie. 15 mins are more than enough to find me sleeping at corner of the seat. ramadhan is just around the corner. selamat berpuasa darlings.

if u're bad, i'm worse. no worries there. i wanna look bad so that u'll see the beauty of me at the end of the day. it's better this way. not by looking demure n sweet but at the end, i'm some kind of evil to you.

uh at last i meet j. couldnt meet her during mtv worldstage coz i went in super late. n she's busy this whole week with tests n quizes. met her n updated ourselves with latest hot n cold stories.

i hate this feeling. kenapa ni...weekend is coming. its been a week.

meeting place

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


i had a blast weekend n things are getting better now. hopefully. places to places.

MTV worldstage concert was massively crazy but we only have the chance to join the crowd during kasabian, which was the last band of the night. cg n payet were there earlier n they managed to watch all bands except estranged. no regrets coz i was at another place which was better than this one :)

cant recall when was the last time i jumped n danced like nobody's business. in fact, i can feel the dripping sweat all over my body from top to toe n my dress was wet!

it was supposed to be a gathering with everyone, but didnt get the chance meet them since we went in at the very end of the event. couldnt reach cang n payet, j n suf were sumwhere else, nadi was at the other corner, yas n his friend was sumwhere else, atielia n her bf lagi la x tau kat mane. couldnt find chong n piju either. basically, everyone was scattered around the area.

n yes, i TER format all pictures.

can i ask for the same weekend for every upcoming weekend? please *fingerscrossed*

they said, i acted differently
but i did not agree
now, it's a definitely maybe

Monday, August 17, 2009

clumsy b****

i'm cursing myself for being such a clumsy bitch. this is not the same as losing your ic for 4 times or even misplaced your phone. i TER format those bloody and insane pictures of MTV worldstage concert. gaaahhhh. fuckness man. i feel so guilty n obviosly they're f-ing mad at me. but they said they still love me tho ;)

will talk bout it later. oh if i had ever mentioned, "it was the best weekend ever" before, ignore that statement and take this latest statement "last weekend was the BEST weekend in my entire life. best ever man.. EVER.

now i'm back in the mood of bloging again.

gonna talk bout it later. friday, saturday n sunday. all in one. but without picture :(

i do

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

proper update

phew! now i'm able to have a proper update after uhh a week maybe? tu pon sebab i had to do stupid assigment using this laptop. otherwise, it'll be nicely placed at the corner of the table.

god, please forgive me for sleeping early tonight. im dead tired. sumpah oiii. anatomy practical makes me wanna puke but gotta make myself use to it.


chong, sorry. miggu ni n mggu depan sy busy. bukan xnak derak tp xde masa. letih chong :(

atielia, babe! heee aku xreply msg kau sbb lambat perasan. by the time aku nak reply, mcm dah lambat. alasan. hahaha. aku ade je kat s.alam tp class aku pack la mggu ni syg.

nadi, blood sister. sorry that i cant make it to ur big day. i want u to knw how proud i am to be ur sister n i love u to death. aku baru beli beg baru tadi. nnti kte tukar beg. xoxo

readers, sorry for not updating ;p i knw u miss me :)

i dont want to sound as if i'm the busiest student alive cause i know medic students are worse but trust me, this is aint no joke.

i want to live life as it is. i'm sooo over that 'i dont care bout you' phase. i went thru it successfully. n now it's your turn n i'm teaching you the lesson but seems like you just cant handle the situation. it's your bad.

still alive

Sunday, August 9, 2009

been up to so so so many things but the mood to wrap up everything is just not there. weird eh?

cant wit for raya :)


abandon blog

will update sometime later

Sunday, August 2, 2009

weak weekend

thanks for coming darling. see you sumwhere in shah alam. lenka tumpang tido rumah aku mlm ni. hahaha. oh bgtau ur bf, it was nice to meet him. approved! :D

im too 'tired' to eleborate more on what happened. basically, it was a kenduri doa selamat for evryone esp to my soon-to-fly cousin. have a blast in Michigan, US of A. i was asleep during the ceromony. smart nysa smart. blame the hormone! gahhhh

i feel 12 again :DD

scholl starts tomorrow. why did i call it a 'school'? coz it's filled wit 18/19 y.o hotties.

see you tonight

Saturday, August 1, 2009

time moves fast

43 days since the first time i experienced something amazing and addictive
43 days since i left my heart n memories here
exactly 30 days since i left this and this
i miss this place
i miss the people :(

if anyone asks me, 'have u ever searched you own name?' my answer is yes man, YES! after all, it isn't that hard to stalk me. cik fara, bile type nama i, ur blog's address pon kuar skali. so it isn't that hard to stalk you too ;0

welcome fasting august