Thursday, May 27, 2010

drug story

I had a very productive and motivational morning today. Just got back from Hospital Serdang to take nenek's monthly medication. She has high blood pressure, diabetes and you know all sorts of other associated diseases like kidney failure. So expect to get baskets of drugs monthly.

Normally when the pharmacist gives out the drugs, she'll explain to the patient their uses and adverse reactions. She will mention those names one by one and it sounded alien to me. I didn't even bother to hear. Wait, it was back then. Not anymore.

Just now, when she gave me the drugs, my eyes were on the box looking for the drugs' names. Since I've learnt Hemopoietic & lymphatic and Cardiovascular module last semester which were closely related to those diseases that nenek has, most of the time I was...

"uuhh valsartan is for Hypertension"

" Oh Frusemide is something for water retention right? But my lecturer spelled it f-u-r-o-s-e-m-i-d-e"

"Aspirin is anti-platelet drugs. But is has side effect on our GIT"

"Yea I know Isosorbide dinitrate is for heart"

Suddenly, my brain was working like how it should be and I can actually remember things. During final weeks, I was nagging all the time saying that I have Alzheimer because I couldn't remember anything from previous lectures. I guess God showed me the truth facts just. haha

I felt like i was part of this medicine world for a second :)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

PL vol 2

Do visit Project Love. They have added new items and enlarged the displayed pictures for better view.

I just can't resist myself from buying some due to many reasons. Firstly, those items are soo cheap. Most of them are under RM50. I mean, where you can get such quality clothes similar to other branded boutiques in Pavillion, One Utama, Sunway Pyramid etc? And compared to other blogshop, their prices are still considered affordable. Most of the items are imported, so they came in limited pieces, size and colors. Definitely you can't find hundreds of your twins on the street wearing the same clothes as you.

If you're looking for some casual yet stylish daily clothes, or maybe a present for your(guys) girlfriend, this blogshop offers you a good choice and definitely not outdated.

Monday, May 24, 2010

getting organized

Good monday everyone. I thought holidays will give me more time to update this blog and getting my life organized, but I'm absolutely wrong man! I was everywhere most of the time, 'entertaining' family and friends. Although everyone was told that I'm free until end of June, but I still get surprised faces when I'm still here in Kajang.

Holiday has been great. So far. Get my eyebrows done. More time to embrace the feeling of having long hair by doing experiments to it. Sleep as long as I want, being a good sister by visiting his brother at the ns camp during weekends etc.

Sorry for the prisoner background picture. Probably they were too excited to get cigarettes from my brother. Guess who brought it in? heh.

My brother is labeled as 'anak manja' by his friends because we visited him almost every week! You can't run away from your annoying sisters, can you? Boo.

I need a vacation. Going somewhere by KTMB train is on top of my do-or-die list. Even if it's only one station after KL Sentral.

Friday, May 21, 2010


Today is Friday. Its been a week since my holiday started. Usually, I woke up in grumpy swing mood realizing that my holiday is coming to its ends. Surprisingly, it did not happen to me today! I woke up with a smile and planned what to do for this weekend. Somehow, I forgot what it is like to be in a holiday.

But I still go to UiTM back and forth this week due to some works for our annual dinner next semester. I'm the treasurer for this project. Yes, I call it a project because the total amount of money that we need to collect is huge. Who wants to throw 26k infront of you face? This is a very special dinner as this would be the last dinner for the 5th year students, the first batch of dental graduates from UiTM. I can't wait for the historical and memorable moment.

I hope everything can be sorted out by next week so that all i have to do by next semester is to collect money from everyone and ready for questions from unsatisfied students who claim that rm60 is like rm6,000 for them forgetting that they receive rm6,000 form JPA every January and June.

Going back and forth also means that i have to drive from either TTDI or Kajang everyday to Shah Alam. Not like I'm not used to it. Sometimes, being a non-resident or outsider in a batch that 99.99% of them are staying at the college can be a nightmare, especially during exam week.

Its hard for you to keep up with the updated hints that spread faster than a virus. Even your close friends 'forget' to update you and leave you clueless on the exam day when others went out the hall with a big smile because they already knew the questions! And all sorts of lame answers came out from their mouth like 'oh i thought you got the text message'. Well, that happened to me in the first semester.

I learnt my lesson for the second semester. Don't expect people to tell you. You have to find it for your own sake. I prefer firsthand information rather than ask someone through phone calls or text messages. And i would ask 4 to 5 different person so that I can collect as many hints as possible because sometimes the first person might missed out some points. So you have the second, third and the rest to give you the complete clue.

Always try to improve yourself and help others because they'll help you in return. I believe in that.

Monday, May 17, 2010

exam stress

After months of hectic student life, I finally had a laid back weekend with family. I treasured all the memories of being an average student in a faculty that demands you to be prepared all the time. For instance, during Pathology class, when the lecturer asks you a question, she expects you to answer the situation from its normal state until it is infected. Where? When? You know, all sorts of 5W questions.

I know most of you are going through hard times during final exam month. Our social time have been reduced to going to the library and memorizing words that i doubt we'll remember for the next 5 years. What is the relationship between Rheumatoid Arthritis and Dentistry again?

Well that's not entirely true for me. I never believed in studying day and night day and night like there's no tomorrow. For those who noticed me during my diploma days, you'll see my face at the library everyday and you'll see my face at the cafe and lecturers' block too. I've never been able to sit in the library for the whole day. Usually after 3 hours of studying, I'll start to annoy Jannah and Nan by purposely asking them whether they are hungry or not and hoping that the answer would be a "Yes!"

Exams are important but this doesn't mean putting our life on hold. There's no point stressing out about exams. Eat, sleep and live life like a normal people. P/s: "You can be more brilliant than yesterday by stop eating Maggi today". Stop believe that! How I wish its true.

Everybody has her own ways to study. Do not compare yourself with others and stay focus with what you are reading. Don't get panic when you hear your friends are discussing the topic that you haven't read. It happens to me sometime. Discussing is not a good choice when you have no idea at all about the topic. So what I did was, I isolated myself 2 to 3 days before the exam just to get myself prepared.

Hints and past years question are important too. Make sure you get yourself updated with all the hints given by your lecturers because sometimes they don't give it straight to your face. So, jot down every words that came out from their mouths one week before the paper. Trust me.

Whether you love it or not, finish up all the lectures and dont miss any topic though you think its not important because you can never guess what is coming out. By that, you can avoid "Ish rugi tak baca! dah teringat nak baca tapi ingat kan tak penting. Menyesal gila"

Close your eyes and go through all the pages before entering the exam hall just to boost up your confidence and starts with Bismillah. You've done your part and leave the rest to god.

For me, I'm smiling like this knowing that I've done my best throughout this one year of being a dental student.

Ignore my grammar. Im writting this at 3am.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Project Love

As mentioned before, i'll update you guys about my sister's fashion blogshop named Project Love. She has set up this blog somewhere last month and we(including me) really hope this blogshop can provide nice tops and dresses with affordable prices for pretty girls out there.

Forget about branded stuff with ridiculous price because Project Love provides you tops , dresses and accessories inspired by established brands. We only select items with best quality and most importantly it suites either hijabi or non-hijabi girls. You can always match it with cardigan, leggings, scarf etc.

No worries girls. I've tried all of them and honestly, i find it just the same like those branded tops i have*staring at all my expensive clothes*. View Project Love and make your purchase from here.

I'm wearing Vintage Playsuit from Project Love

Side View.

p/s: My double-chin is getting more obvious. Here we go Diet Day 1.

Friday, May 14, 2010

one down four to go

my hands are officially off the notes yesterday. the feeling was indescribable. for the final paper, i came with only pencil box and car key to the exam hall. no notes no hand phone and no bag.

i was singing 'selamat hari raya' song all the way up. how relevant was that with 'merdeka'? i should be singing 'merdeka' song lah kan? never mind. i'll try that next year. they guy in the elevator must have been thinking that i'm crazy. whatever okay guy-in-the-elevator, i'm sitting for my last first year paper like hello can you see my excited face?

i owe you guys bout my sister's shopblog post. and i bout my exam stress and how i coped with it. i want to write bout my one year experience in this faculty and being the only non-hijabi or we call it 'free hair' muslim. too many. okay one by one but later yeah. i have a breakfast date.

one year down. four years to go. getting bigger. getting wiser.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

this saturday

I've always love saturdays. You wake up late without having to think about traffic jam or late for classes. It's fine to be unproductive on this day because you still have Sunday on the next day. But this saturday(today), I'd rather stuck in the jam for 2 hours, i tell you.

Done with revision but i need to go through all those notes again just to make sure i don't miss a thing.

Saturday : Oral Biology I

Sunday : Oral Biology II

p/s: Sorry for my education-related post lately. But amazingly, I blog almost everyday! I'm not lifeless but just being hiatus from the real world. Pengorbanan. Cheh. So what's left for me other than this laptop?

Friday, May 7, 2010

visit Kajang

i narrow it down to visit Kajang instead of visit Malaysia.

when people asks me "where are you from?" I have a hard time to answer this particular question because 22 year of my life, i was grown up in two places. my grandma's house in kajang during daytime and my family's house in cheras at night, 20 mins drive from grandma's. some people said, you answer it with the place you were born. i was born in KL, so does that mean, i have to answer "i'm from KL"? the truth is, i get lost in KL more than in other places and i dont know KL that much. the streets, the buildings are alien to me. that's when good driver besides you plays a major role in your life.

or should i say," i was born in KL but i live in Cheras. Sometimes i'll be in Kajang and most of the time you'll find me at TTDI. Or One Utama. I count that as my home too. Oh and i'm studying in Shah Alam. Yeah thats basically about me"

Before my headache gets worse answering more questions asking me about Kajang , here are some random facts about that place:

Convent Kajang

Faq during ice breaking sessions was "which school you went to?" My answer is Convent Kajang. And they'll go Convent Bukit Nanas? Nooo there's a convent school in Kajang, my gawd. Hey, we have hot chicks too. why go far?

I was a Primary and Secondary Convent Kajang School student. Wondering why i combined both primary and secondary together? because they share same canteen, field, car park, pavillion(not the shopping mall but assembly area for students) and gates. so that means, you enter the same gate with your sister but she'll turn right for primary and you'll go left for secondary.

it is the second oldest school in Kajang after Kajang High School(boys school) and being used since World War II. I'm not kiding but my family's generation for girls were from Convent Kajang. My mum, aunties, sisters and my girl cousins. So imagine this, when i was in standard 6, my sister was in form 2, rows of cousins in standard 5, 4, 2 and 1. This is purely a true story.

Talking bout famous people from this school. you name it. Actress? Singer? National gymnast? National bowler? We have it all. In 1998 Comenwelth Games, Thye Chee Kiat has won gold medal in gymnastic for Malaysia. She was in Form 4 that time and i was in standard 4. There was this time, as soon as we heard the secondary's bell rang, we ran to the corridor outside of our class just to wait for Thye Chee Kiat to pass by on her way to the canteen and ask for her autograph. hahahaha i know. silly! I wonder how was the situation during Zandra Aziela's(national bowler) era.

Sate Hj, Samuri Kajang

Heard of Sate Kajang before? Hang yourself if you never heard of it. Kajang is known for its Sate. But ask me how many times i had sate in one year, my answer would be ermm during hari raya maybe? Cant recall when was the last time i had one. Being a Kajang-rian doesn't mean that we eat them everyday.

Czip Lee

This huge stationery store is the only place i could think of if i need any stationery. Spent most of my after-school times there looking for fluorescent colored papers for projects, the best mechanical pencil, test pad, exercise books for exams and many more. There is another Czip Lee's outlet in Bangsar. It was opened 2 years ago. Kajang is one step ahead in this case.

Dato' Ujang Bin Bagong

I'm not sure what is his position in Kajang but he has the right to park anywhere he likes. Yes, even in the middle of the road if he wishes too. If you are lucky and he's in a giving mood, he'll give out money to people. weird huh? unfortunately, i never had the chance. Guess i'm not lucky most of the time.

There's no other place like Kajang.

Have a good weekend people and happy holiday for UiTM students.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

bright night

i always love a place full with bright lights. there's a once stop center in Shah Alam called i-City that is showered with bright neon colored lights. it was so bright and fascinating that at one second my eyes gone mad that it can't differentiate between orange and red, okay i'm lying.

sheesh at last there's a place in Shah Alam that is worth visiting other than UiTM's library.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


we can only grow older in life

with just a simple text message....

A : i'm not sure when is your finals but good luck anyway. all the best.

B : just started today. thanks. very thoughtful of you. when is your paper?

A : exam is next week and i have proexam this semester. have a good rest and sleep early because i know you'll go cranky all day long if you dont have your 6 hours of baby sleep. xoxo

it has lighten up the friendship that has gone blur for almost a year

in medical term, we call it idiopathic aetiology

too much of patho

Tuesday, May 4, 2010


different people have different ways to study.but this lady will make your mouth glued just because she's trying to memorize 3 pages of essay.

once in a while, she'll go "can you please shut up for just one second"

i paused one second like what she requested and continued the conversation after that

and she starts to roll her eyes

like i care

she even bring the notes as close as 1cm in front of her face as if it will all be absorbed right away in her forehead.

Sunday, May 2, 2010


happy sunday everyone

my sunday was killed with this guy. not literally. drove back to kajang just to send him to his gf's house. he's going back to ns camp with his gf's family after 5 days of holiday. sort of mid term break. 5 days? better than nothing, boy.

yes!! finally he's one tone darker than me

me : so how's ns?
him : i enjoyed it and no regrets.
me : told ya!
me : any pretty girls?
him : so far, nope.
me : boys?
him: for what? for you?

and the conversation stopped there. yeah. he's being a loyal bf and protective little brother.

Saturday, May 1, 2010


memorize the location of heart and liver before you proceed on this article
which is right and which is left

sakit hati

'sakit hati' is a common phrase among we, Malaysians to express our intense emotional pain. basically, it is a word that represents hate and anger. we will immediately place either our right or left palm on our left upper chest.

we were raised with this toughts..

patah hati = broken heart
baik hati = kind hearted

boy we were fooled by that phrase. hati in english is liver. anatomically, liver is located in the right upper quadrant of the abdominal cavity, resting just below the diaphragm. it is a vital organ that functions to detoxify, synthesize protein, hormones and other necessary biochemicals for digestion.

heart on the other hand is jantung. this organ is located at the left upper chest, the place that we put our palms if we "sakit hati". it pumps blood and when you fall in love and nervous on your first date, you will feel your heart beating faster than the normal rate.

i can see your hands are moving! hahahaha

and since we were toddlers, we drew this shape as hati(liver). structurally, normal heart(jantung) has this shape, not liver (hati). but somehow, in English, we call it as a heart shape. how can we mistranslated it as hati?

The heart shape

should we change those then? then it would be like these..

sakit hati = liver ache
heart ache = sakit jantung

err no no. imagine someone says to you "my heart aches". you'd probably think that he got a heart attack or something as he is referring to sakit hati.

or should we place our palms at the right side below the diaphragm everytime we want to say that we "sakit hati"? its just so wrong, isn't it?

hmmm now you are thinking!