Saturday, March 26, 2011

medical playground

Another 2 weeks of Central Nervous System module(which apparently is the toughest) and we'll be having 4 weeks of study break. Initially we were given only 2 weeks to study for 2 pro exams but after taking into considerations that we might get brain tumor, the gave us 4 weeks instead.

No more medical subjects after this. Phewww.

I have so many pictures of me sitting on the table. Is it me who love sitting on it or its the people who loves to take my picture when I'm on it? Hahaha

When I feel like dressing up to class, I'll wear something like this.

And this is when I certainly don't care about my appearance. My hair was all over the place. Grey kurung and red longchamp are 'definitely' a great combination.

Last thursday was our last anatomy lecture and practical. It was also our last lab with all those cannibals and models of organs in human. We turned the lab into a playground. And we played around and took some pictures after the session ended. Only pictures with model yeah? Pictures with cannibals might give you nightmares.

I trimmed my hair and eyebrows. Its been a while since I had my own ME time.

my 8am face

Honestly, we played during Dr Wai Wai Kyi's lecture. Not after the session ended -.-"

till then, xoxo.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

team building

Last weekend has got to be one of the craziest weekeneds I've had. These days, everyday is a crazy day. Even my classmates have gone crazy by putting up days-to-go to professional exam reminder on the white board. So high school, I know.

The faculty organized a team building camping at Kela Adventure Camp, Raub Pahang. A fun one, I must say. It was a great activity where all students from year 1 till year 5 were involved. This is the first year activity with year 1 babies. 5 years ago, we started with 30 students. And now, the number has increased to 173 students. I'm so proud to be in this small faculty where we have a very strong bond. Be it with students, staffs and even the dean. And we'll be witnessing the first batch of Uitm dentist this year. Best of luck to all year 5 students.

I'm used to camping during diploma days and been to Taman Negara once. So I'm good when it comes to packing up and I know the best shoes to wear for camping. Do not bring your Nike Adidas sport shoes cause they are all designed for running. Came across the word "running shoes" before? Expect lots of water-y and muddy activities. So the cheaper the better so that you don't hesitate to throw them after the camping. Hahaha. As for me, my Everlast shoes is a great company.

If I were to choose between camping and beach, I'd choose beach, definitely. But that doesn't mean I don't involve with the activities. But I'm fussy when it comes to food. In traveling, I'm not the kind of person who wants to try their traditional food and whatnot. Thank you to McD for keeping me alive. Hehehe. So during this camp, I forced myself to swallow the food provided for energy sake. Luckily, the food were not that bad.

And I wasn't in a good mood coz it was raining most of the time. Day and night. Imagine this, just when I tried to walk politely in front of the dean, I stepped into a pool of mud. Nice one. Hahaha. Some of them felt on the ground coz it was soo slippery. So kesian okay though I laughed. Hahahaha.


It looked scary and it was scary! No safety but heck, they live with it. So no safe-or-not question there.

all of us. Looks like one batch for other faculty, no?