Thursday, August 19, 2010

save your hair

Last month, I went to salon for hair treatment. Usually I went for hair treatment once in a month but due to time constraint, I skipped few months. I was freaking out when my hair started to fall badly since the month of World Cup. Blame those 2.30am matches.

All this while, we've came up with so many theories about hair fall problem. The most common would definitely because of eating instant noodles like Maggie. And the worst is you probably have Leukemia. Okay that's scary, isn't it?

While waiting for my turn, I complained to the hairdresser about my hair fall problem. And he said, all those theories are bullshits. According to him, there are only 2 factors that cause the problem which are probably because of lack of sleep or your hair is too long.

Based on those two causes, I made my own theory. I dont think my hair is too long that my scalp can't hold it in place anymore. So I'm left with 'lack of sleep' theory. And the solution is... I need more hours of sleeping in a day.

Haih. Just like babies. hehehe.

Good night world. Get more sleep and save your hair!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

new module

Dental operative & technology module started last Monday. Hello hair-bun, covered flat pumps 8-5pm straight in the clinic. Goodbye heels and break in between classes.

Basically, each students are given few projects to do. This time we're dealing with the REAL equipments and technology. Except that real human patient is replaced with dummy. My jaw almost dropped when Prof said, each set of table is worth of RM64k.

We are so busy concentrating on our projects that all we say to each other are 'dah siap?' 'ni nak pakai bur apa?' 'tolong nisa letak plaster of paris boleh?' or in worse case, 'lapar gila okay!' hahaha.

I didn't even bother to check my phone! That's weird, at least for me.

Now i get it when they said, only doctors marry doctors. Lets change it, shall we? Kan zahid kan? hahahaha.

Btw, Happy Ramadhan to all muslims.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

hello world
p/s:this post is written for cik fara dona and (future) dr. fara sofia. and whoever is using nokia Xpress music touch sreen models(i forgot my phone's model.heh). now u can go online 24/7 for free! i kid not.

thanks to opera mini app! here are the steps.

. google for 'opera mini downloader' and download the app.*you need wifi for this step.
. save the downloaded app in 'phone memory'.
. dial *100# and choose #7 for 'internet'. then #3 for 'switching plan' and you go for 'prepaid broadband' instead of prepaid hotlink that you're currently using.
. you can now start using opera mini for free that will be automtically saved at 'application'.
. by using prepaid broadband plan,you cant receive/send mms. in order for you to use that service, switch back your plan to prepaid hotlink.

have fun darlings!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

big change

Dr. Ruslan : I'm gonna give you advance raya present
Me : Tell me that you're going to take off my braces. Please

My lips, tongue, cheeks and mind are adapting to this new change. It feels weird but gotta get used to it soon. Only now I realized that I have huge incisors. My god.

Are you ready for this?

braces-less :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

handbag accessories

I found a new cool way to accessorize my handbag.

Friday, August 6, 2010


I've never worked in my entire life before. I don't know how it feels to work and the satisfaction once you start to earn your own money. People says, you're more greedy with your own money unlike those endless shopping using you parents' or aunty's. Didn't know how far its true until we(me and nadi) started our own blood sisters' business named Project Love.

Initially, it was a more like 'lets have fun ' kinda business but now we realized that this is a serious matter, you know offering nice outfits with the best quality the suits everyone,ladies obviously isn't an easy task.

This is what I called passion. No don't worry, people. Dentistry will forever be my main passion. Money comes after that. Or the other way round? -.-"

I'm enjoying the student life as much as possible. The real world of dentistry comes in the third year onwards where I'll be having pack clinical years from 8am-5pm with patients, hospital trip twice a week and on calls as well. So siapa nak jadi patient I buat scaling, filling and tooth extraction, nanti contact I next year k :)

dont worry. nanti clinical years i sanggul rambut i. hehehe

my hairdo when the bad hair day attacks

we're dead during lectures and awaken when it's over. sigh

Happy weekend, world.
Good night beautiful dream.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

sparks of asia

Those pictures explain why I've been abandoning this blog.

Pictures were taken during faculty's annual dinner which was organized by 2nd year dental student. The themed was "Sparks of Asia". The reason why we chose this theme is because we have lecturers form various countries like India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Russia, Pakistan etc. It was like a way to celebrate them and show our appreciation towards them. On that night, guests were required to wear a costume from another country other than their origin country. I wore saree which is the traditional costume from India.

It was a successful night, I must say. Now that everything is over, I can have my beautiful sleep not only at night but in between classes and during classes :D

the preparations...

Believe it or not, I didn't use any pins or needles.
With the correct technique, I managed to 'glued' it throughout the event.

with Puspa (Myanmar) and Ain (pakistan)

when they were crazy with 'who got the most expensive DSLR', I was busy taking pictures with Polaroid camera

Japanese costume by Akila and Dr. Anis

India, Pakistan, Japan and Indonesia

with mimi (Indonesia's jawa)

zul the pengarah program (India)

and the vietnamese daie

expect more updates from me :)