Sunday, February 28, 2010

my closet

happy Sunday everyone. fill the air with love.

talking about shopping, i dont categorized myself as a shopaholic but i do shop a lot. the main reason i'm not in the 'shopaholic' category is because i do not use my own money. as simple as that. for me, a shopaholic is someone who uses his/her own cents to shop.

i have tonnes of clothes. some of them(referring to those clothes) are waiting to be worn. while some of them had only touched my skin once and they're now at the corner of the room. pity them. if only they have mouth and voice to speak out or at least cry.

i constantly bought clothes and skirts from this one brand that i'd rather not mention here since its first outlet in this country. lets name it "CO". now, CO is a well established brand with 3 outlets and paper bag too unlike some degradable plastic bag back then. CO offers a wide range of high quality outfits and accessories for its customers. not to mention, its affordable and oh so comfortable too. cheaper than those brands that i'd usually go for. you can grab 2 skirts for rm75 when you cant even get one single skirt from miss selfridge, for instance.

but lately, i'm having an eyesore+migraine knowing and realizing that i have lots of twins! yes people, we have similar items from the same store and we wear it at the same time. wtf right? how embarrassing is that? no one can explain -.-"

when not many of us knew about the brand, people tend to ask me where did i get those tees,skirts and pumps but now, you can guess it easily and go, 'oh, this is from CO'.

buying some kind of 'very' affordable clothes has its own disadvantages, of course. one of it is, clothes from this store tend to stretch after 3 or 4 times washing. and it really annoys me because it will only be added to my overloaded-baju-tidur section.

anyhow, it will not stop me from shopping because there's a hidden fun and excitement that you can never tell unless you experience it yourself. for now, i'll keep my CO's in the closet and let you guys go hoo-hoo-haa-haa with them. luckily i have a kindhearted sister who understands why i need a rm89 flip-flop and rm160 dress for daily use =)

have fun mix and match-ing!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

'fun' is the word

2nd Putrajaya International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta 2010.

i'm sooo going this time. couldn't make it last year because i was in jengka during that time. and now that i'm in shah alam and putrajaya is just nearby, i'm sure to drop by during the event. cant wait.

it's gonna be a lot of fun especially when you have an awesome people with you. just imagine, looking at the amazing hot air balloons with beautiful buildings of Putrajaya as the background. bring along your picnic/beach towel along with a slice of marble cheese cake and you'll get a magnificent scenery .

some of the pictures from last year's event...

it's going to be held at putrajaya. we have Paris as the city of love in France and we have Putrajaya as the city of love in Malaysia. for those who dont believe me, go there and experience it yourself with your loved ones.

do you know that none of the buildings in putrajaya is built with similar design? each building has its own unique design.

a bonus mark if you're in love with an architect or an architectural student (*ehem). you will have fun going from one building to another.

another long weekend this week. happy holiday people. drink more fluid.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

love birds

love birds out there

with love,

p/s: the border of this video is black colour. you guys can just click on the play button to watch this video. have fun!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

inhaling holy-day air

so .....

im all free now!
okay not a total freedom but yeah, a little more time to breathe.
please bear with me, i'm just too excited with the word "holiday" though for only 3 days -.-"
cardiovascular module, bring it on!

after a long argument on why this bluetooth application thingy is not working on this laptop, wood proved me wrong by making it possible. and the result is tadaaa....there goes my 8am morning face.

okay i want to make a public anouncements here. ehem ehem...

to one of the main adrenaline in my veins

happy 22nd birthday to jannah jaafar sidek
may god bless you and your future

and an advance birthday wish to bahril ilmi

do you guys realize how old you are? count 1 up till 22 and you'll get tired as you reach the number because hail it's loooooong.hahahahah.after all, i'm still the baby of the crew. heh.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

mess me up

1st current mode: 'working' my ass of for mid sem exam for oral biology II module
2nd current mode: dealing with this pms bad day

in other words, i'm studying. yes people, believe me. i'm studying while having this menstrual swinging mood. you really dont want to mess with me when i'm in this mood.

special shout out to nadi: just in case you're going to ou, drop by and bring me some food because my butt is too heavy to move.

i miss my grandma's cooking but she's too weak to cook now. she's currently having a dialysis treatment 3 times a week. and that 3 large-needle-fistula embedded underneath her skin restrict her movements. ryhaann, i know you're craving for her cooking too. rumours(ceh) said, aunty na is going there somewhere in june. so grab some stuff for each and everyone of us so that she'll come back with extra luggage :)

happy birthday to one of those adrenaline in my veins
wan mohd adib or better known as boy
you know i love you and miss you
do well in your studies and make yourself, them and us proud !

so i'll be hiatus is few days. we'll see ;)

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

younger than 22

happy wednesday world.

im sitting on the carpeted floor at the corner of the class listening to my classmate's presentation. arent you suppose to sit on the seat, anyssa?hehehehe. i'm thankful to be in this course. we get all first class facilities compared to other courses for instance, we're placed in a lecture hall-like class that can fit 60+ students when there are only 30 of us and the seats are just like those in cinemas. this class is carpeted and well equipped with good audio system and other technologies. during lunch hour especially on friday, we'll be watching movie while lying on the floor and food next to us! honestly, this is unfair to other course but it's none of our business and just be thankful with what we're given :)

okay enough of that.

looking at most of my classmates who are mostly 20, make me think of "having a relationship with someone who is younger than my age".i'm 22 this year btw. no, dont get me wrong. not that i have any intention to do so but it just came across my mind for a second.

this is truly my opinion. no offense to anyone else and i'm not taking anyone's relationship as an example.

back then in jengka, when you are in your first year, you are known as the "fresh blood" or "brand new item" by the seniors. but wait till you are in your final year, this is when some new attractive "fresh blood" and "brand new item" caught your eyes.

my bitching partner is non other than jannah js. we'll be 'haunting' for handsome/not-so-handsome-but-i-like-his-style/he's-definitely-not-my-type-but-there's-something-bout-this-guy guy. but we'll turned off as quick as they caught our eyes knowing that he is younger than us.

i dont know why but having a conversation to someone younger is like talking to my own brother. i expect them to respect me as the elders and i respect them in my way too. i can never imagine myself having a relationship with someone younger. but you'll never know. this is when "never say never" phrase comes in line.

someone who is close to me is having a great relationship with someone younger and they are having the time of their lives.

Sunday, February 14, 2010


happy holiday everyone. i'm trying to control my emotions right now looking and hearing that some of my friends are going for vacation after 2 months of struggling with studies.

the good things are, you can play 'galah panjang' on the road of uitm. no road congestion. no double-parking. no 5 minits of waiting for the elevator door to open because hail, im sick of waiting and i'm sick of coming late to class due to bad jam in the uitm and lack of parking space for whitey to lay his butt down. my class starts at 8am everyday and i have to be in the compound by at least 7.50am because i will stuck in the jam for more than 10 minits. trust me, the stress is worse than stuck-ing in the federal highway's congestion.

be safe on the road. plan your journey well. and enjoy you holiday, darlings.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Can I have some?

I'm not revealing the negative side of me but I hate people taking my stuff without permission or without me offering them. Though this is just a small matter to some of you but it annoys me. I'm not gonna elaborate more on this because it involves someone whom I meet everyday. Call me stingy, I don't mind cause honestly I can't stand this anymore. My money is for myself not for someone else exept if i'm kind enough to offer you some.

Wanna check your burning pants?

Monday, February 8, 2010

till death do us apart

"till death do us apart"

i've never believed this phrase. i assume most of us would say this to his/her special ones. but what will happen to this promise if the relationship does not work? it is going to be 'till argument do us apart' then.

however 2 stories had completely changed my mind towards this phrase.

last week, a friend of mine lost her other half. i dont really know her boyfriend but i know how much he loves this guy. she would travel all the way from jengka to kl almost every weekend just to be with him. if i'm not mistaken, they even got a future business together and planned to get married. but now, it's all history. he passed away few hours after he got stung by a bee. i cant imagine how devastated she felt when the person that she loves died in her arms, infront of her.

my mum had her 5 hours of reconstructive surgery last saturday. she went into the operation theater around 7.30am and went out at 2pm. her lovely husband, which is my dad*heh* waited for her love from 9am though he knew that he is not allowed to be in the operation theater during the operation. he sat outside of the operation theater doing nothing until her lovely daughter*ehem* brought lunch for him and we ate after my mum went out. the love that he showed was incomparable.

eternal love lasts forever and now, i believe this phrase.

Friday, February 5, 2010

4th feb

one of my close friends, jyme(i call him baby) called me up just now.

me: eh awak top up?
*trust me, he can live without a gadget called mobile phone*

baby: eh tak. saya dapat call free
*i know he's trying the give me hints but i'm totally blur*

me: oh dapat credit free dari maxis?

baby: tak jugak. saya dapat call free 24 jam hari ni
*silly girl*

me: eh birthday awak ke? bila birthday awak?
*okay this is so wrong to ask someone when is his/her birthday on his/her birth date*

baby: iye. harini 4hb. birthday saya. taqim punya jugak.

me: oh!!! babyyyy happy birthday
*setupid. and i immediately texted taqim to wish him*

okay people, i am bad in remembering someone's birth date. i'm so sorry if i forget to wish you on your birthday. blame on my weak memory when it comes to this matter.

happy birthday to all of you in advance. just to make sure i do not miss anyone's birthday anymore.

many birthdays on the 4th of feb. so i came out with a new theory(tak habis habis dengan teori kau nyssa), 4th of feb is a lucky date. you guys might wanna think about it if you have any intention to propose your special ones or produce baby. heh. unfortunately, you have to wait for another 365 minus one days for this date to re-appear again. kalau jodoh tak ke mana* eh tiba tiba*

happy birthday to both of you. i love you guys. xoxo

Thursday, February 4, 2010

its our time

february is the month of birthday..

happy birthday to our relationship
happy third anniversary
the weird fact is, we meet each other everyday

uitm jengka and it's students between jan 07 - may 09 witnessed our relationship. probably, some of them were annoyed by us. heh. and to anyone who believe the rumor that we are not together anymore, ignore it.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

it's her birthday


happy birthday to my blood sister,nadeera lokman

as we're 'aging', i can feel that the bond between us is getting stronger.she used to study in boarding school during her secondary school years and collage and later i went to uitm jengka. back then, we never had the chance for girly talk or pillow talk because both of us have a different life. but now,i'm here in cheras-kajang-ttdi-shah alam, we spent most of our weekends together.

she gave me money if she knows that i'm broke. being a sister, she just cant say NO to her little sister. heeh. she sares her money with us.unlike me. my money is my money -.-"

i use most of her accessories that she had just bought.sometimes, i keep it for months without she realising it.

she will be the one to open the door for me if i come home in the wee hours.

lend me your ipod touch for one week, pretty please ;)

i love you till death.hugs and kisses.

talking about holidays

it's lunch hour right now and i'm in class pretending that i'm resistant to this cold. it's freezing in here.

my brother, yas said that he wants to go for diving before he leaves for national service somewhere in march/april. and i nodded my head and agreed immediately. you know how excited i am when it comes to scuba diving.

i have one week of chinese new year break. i went around and tell everyone about this. until i got 'this' news.

this morning, i went to class as usual. 8 am everyday. i reached 5 minutes earlier than usual(8am ngam ngam), so instead of rushing to the class, i decided to stop at the faculty's notice board just outside of the class. one notice ruined my 'morning glory' morning to a 'cranky grumpy' morning.

i have mid-term exam on this coming 22nd. ok i dont mind bout this. expected.

another news is, there will be NO holiday for chinese new year for dentistry students. other students from other faculties will have a one week break. okay this is not funny at all. yes people, im not joking. we're going to have our 'private' holiday after the mid-term exam when everyone is busy with classes. smart. i'll be pig-ing out at home then =(

i need to socialize again

i hate it when they went 'oh u know this guys is going out with that guy'
and i will be like 'who is that guy and which girl is that'

quick break

lady gaga: i know she's trying to make a fashion statement here but darling, you're in the wrong place and time.this is grammy like hello, not some kind of halloween party. just look at her two-toned hair, exaggerated make-up, and that twin tower platform and massive accessories. this is an example of out-of-this-world outfit.

Britney Spears in her black widow-inspired bomb, which featured an incredibly unflattering fishnet overlay. you might catch some fish in the sea with that net.

deepest condolences to fatin's and her arwah bf's family. got a short phone call from j to inform me about the news. i guess everyone is in shock right now. be strong darling. he's in better place and Allah has a better plan for him -al-fatihah-