Sunday, January 24, 2010

events and sugar

the grand opening of old blossom box store was held yesterday and my blood sister, nadeera was invited to the event and being a busybody and please-belanja-me sister, i tagged along. it was fun,cute and simple event and we came home with few plastic bags in hand, of course. hehehehe. nadi used to ordered few bags from her online shopping blog but it's easier now with her new store in shah alam. in fact, i just came back from her store with another bag for yas's girlfriend.

before: with one of the bags bought from old blossom box

i'm gonna get you, bag

during the event

sheila oiam - the runaway show

check out her store

i will be in cheras's house only during weekends. so i do not really bother on what is going on there. as usual, i went back yesterday and something surprised me as i entered the house. nadi bought a new pet for our family and it is named sugar.

it is hadgehog. okay i'm not exaggerating but i swear it is super cute and adorable. cici and momo would definitely have a hard time to win our heart back because everyone cant take their eyes off sugar waiting it to 'uncoiled' itself and make a move.

spike-y sugar

welcome to the family of love

the big fat garfield-like mr.kun

i'm back as a student tomorrow. classes as usual. till then,love.

let's build our house


back in 2009 ;)

i'm becoming a dental surgeon in 4++ years time. i have to think of what i'm wearing and how i dress up nowadays. not too drastic but slowly. i'm re-assembling my 'prostitude-free' and decent clothes. hahaha.

and i'm turning 22 this 2010. okay lambat lagi nak december but it's time for me to think in a wiser and maturer ways.

anyhow, i'm still the same anyssalokman ;)

you are my favourite sweater :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010


she'll be back with updates on the opening of old blossom box store and new baby in lokman's family.oh my, she's super adorable. woot woot ;)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


last weekend, we had a trip to perak. kuala kangsar, taiping and bukit larut(known as maxwell hill too) to be exact. it wasnt an enjoyable and outgoing trip for me as i was having running nose+cough+chest pain and other pain that you can imagine when you are having those discomfort. all i did was sleep sleep and sleep in the hotel. such a bad and unproductive trip for me.

kuala kangsar is such a nice place. known as the royal town, it offers tourist with beautiful and peaceful scenery along your way to the palace which is the main tourist spot.

bukit larut is a place for anyone who wants to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. no distraction at all. but it might be a boring place to those who rely much on cars to move from one place to another because this machine is strictly not allowed. you have to park on the 'kaki bukit' and a land rover is provided for you by the management to bring you up there. and they will pick you up whenever you are leaving. i think this is a good idea because hail the road to the top is so scary like no one can ever imagine. the hill is so steep and small that it can fit one land rover at a time. overall, this is the place where you can sleep 24hours. it works for me :)

there are some people who loves to try on the local food. while others might check out the nearest shopping complex, but for me, i love buildings. especially the old ones though i cannot really appreciate the architecture like the experts. i can say that kuala kangsar is similar to penang and malacca in terms of their buildings.cantik!

this never ending cough is such a turn off :(
you got me

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

blood donation

"No one has ever become poor by giving." - Anne Frank

i'm officially a blood donor today. yes i'm proud of myself for doing this though i refused to do so just before i submitted the form. and most importantly, i did this with someone who is very close to my heart. thanks for sort of forcing me and i feel better now knowing that my blood can save up to 3 lives. i'm an A+ btw. kalau darah i masuk uitm, dah dapat 4flat dah. wtf?

i see you see me

Thursday, January 7, 2010

shoot story

last year somewhere in december, nasir texted me and said he'll be in kl for neyo's gentlemen tour concert on january 7th.

i checked my schedule, and unfortunately i have progress test on the 8th. and i cant go. too bad :(

and just now, he texted me and said that he won himself two tickets to the concert. and all i have to do is collect those tickets at menara celcom.

that is when i have a split personality telling me 'go and have fun' and 'pretty girl, you have to study'.

it's neyo man!
study is more important!
you dont have to pay. it's free!
neyo can wait!

and a fowarded text message came in. *drumrolls*

congrats you have won 2 RM140 Ne-yo live in KL tix! pls collect by 06/01/2010 @ level 6, Menara Celcom, 82, Jln Raja Muda Abd Aziz, 50300 KL. T&C Apply.

and today is 07/10/2010 -.-"

posto posto

morning world. rise and shine.


i think i am becoming a good stalker nowdays. or better? i heard from some of my classmates, the asasian girls that medicine students' result will be out today. few names popped in my head. when they said the result has already out, i went to the notice board as quick as possible and look for their name and matric num just to check their result. heee. and one of the is farah sofia and man, im suprised with what i saw though i had a hard time to look for her name because it was so up high. i bet you had you beautiful sweet-dreams last night darling. i hope you dont mind to have a stalker like me :)


my class starts at 2pm today. and progress test on hemopoietic & lymphoid system tomorow. pretty girl, please study.

p/s: cik fara, awak ada cerita apa untuk saya? dah tak sabar dah ni ;)
cik fara sent me an mms with a picture of her infront of new library named al-farabi. she'll upload the picture in her next post soon. memandai je aku. sigh i miss those days when i was in jengka. i guess jengka misses me and whitey too -.-

no more..
or boring la. jom kuala gandah?
or lapar. jom makan kfc dekat jerantut? temerloh pun boleh. ada watson.
or dah lama tak makan mcd. sejam pun sejam lah. jom mentakab?
or pegi genting nak? ke kuantan? sama je jauh.
or free tak weekend ni. pegi jauh sikit nak? johor ke?
or saya x pernah pergi kota gelangi tu. kite pergi nak lepas habis paper biology saya? lepas tu malam study lah.
or panas lah hari ni. jom bbq dekat lubuk yu.

all i know is, go to one place after another place -.-"

one after another

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

brain says this

2 months ago i was complaining about how boring is this fac without students around as they are having their semester break. no more handsome/attractive/whatever-u-name-it engineers. gatal kau nyssa. but the best thing is, the elevator will open right after u press the button and there are ample available parking lot.

and today, i'm complaining about how pack is this fac with people. gaahhh i feel suffocated. it's like u are in one utama during year end sale but in a bigger scale, uitm. i waited for the elevator to open for like ages man and dont dream to park your car nearby the fac even if you reach the campus in the wee hour.

it's typical : humans are never satisfied

Sunday, January 3, 2010


kau genggam tanganku
saat diriku lemah dan terjatuh

i remember the day i sang this song to you
u were blushing and smiling
in fact, u cant even focus on ur driving
and here i am, listening to this song over and over again
you will always have a special place in my heart
He is testing us
i'm praying for the best

any cost taken

when it starts..

tomorrow(monday) is the official day for uitm students where they are going to start their first semester for 2010. okay exclude medicine and dentistry students. i'd the happiest person on this galaxy. i fell like i want to stand in front of the main gate, welcoming my friends and shout 'welcome guys'. hehehe. i know you hate this because ur holidays are over but i went through hell for the past 2 months. so i tak rasa kesian sikit pun kat korang. *evil laugh*

little sister, mimin is going to start her first day of secondary school tomorrow. as well as other primary and secondary students. schools are re-open tomorrow and i can imagine how congested the traffic would be. i'm being a lazy pig, decided to sleep at cheras instead of driving back to ttdi have to leave early in the morning to avoid any traffic jam.

i realized that i'm a bigger and wiser person each day. i see things differently nowadays, in a more positive way obviously. i have beautiful friends around me and they are my comforter too.

wayfarer, i miss you

Friday, January 1, 2010

the spirit

good bye 2009
welcome 2010 :)

2009 has been such a great great great year for me. many wonderful things happened from the very first day up till the very last day. cant recall every single thing and keep some of it deep in my heart but on top of everything, i'm beyond happy and thankful.

and the very last good news i received before 2009 ended was, i passed my first semester as a dentistry student :) alhamdulillah. i still remember how devastated i was after my first paper for basic medical science module. i called chong and cried on his shoulder like nobody's business as i entered his car because seriously, i cant answer most of the questions. and i was scared like no one can imagine when they said we can check our result at the office and went out with a big big big smile on my face.

and i spent my new year's eve on bed. sleeping when the sky was showered with fireworks. ngahaha. the mood wasnt there as i have class up till the very last day of the year. how pethatic is that? never in my life that i had to go through this situation. sejak sekolah lagi mesti cuti towards the end of the year kan. and my body was tired. oh not tired, more than that. fatigue i can say. i just want to sleep all night long but was awaken by to popping sound of fireworks for like 10mins just outside of my room's window as the curve and one utama is just right infront of my house in ttdi. opened up my eyes, looked into the sky and the first word that came up from my mouth was 'thank you for everything 2009. im gonna miss you' and smiled :)

i shall update my blog more often. lets keep the spirit of 2010 alive. yeah baby yeah.

anyssa signing out for 2009