Wednesday, September 29, 2010

PL: behind the scene

Shopping is not something that you do when you're free or under stress. It's a habit. It's like some of us have this habit of biting their nails. You can't stop though you know you're destroying yourself. I can soo relate myself to this.

Now that I prefer wearing trousers and shirt to classes, my biggest spend would definitely be on those items. I'm very particular when it comes to choosing shirts. No thick and stiff cotton, please. I love chiffon and soft cotton materials. The problem is, those materials are expensive!

Luckily I found a way to solve this problem. Not to be greedy, I share with all ladies in this world :)

Project Love (PL) is a small online business by me and my bloodsister, nadi. Looking at all clothes, I can't stop myself from having each and every one of them. A high quality chiffon top at rm50? Thinking back that I bought a similar top at Zara for rm169 made me want to jump from the fifth floor -.-"

Of course there are pros and cons when you purchase online. There is always possibilities that it's not like what it was described, wrong size etc. For PL, we give our utmost priority to quality. All items are hand-picked by us and we make sure that it worth every penny.

For a better satisfaction, we join few bazaars so that all project lovers can have a real look at all clothes and even try them! No harm. We're cool that way :) Anyway,we'll be at I love Bazaar in Subang Parade this coming weekened. And every other weekends too.

Never thought I'm able to juggle two works at a time though Nadi handles the business during weekdays due to my time constraint. I know dentistry and business is two different thing but so far, I'm on track.

But in any ways, you can't avoid shopping mall, can you? They're just irresistible. Though it's just a so called window shopping. Sometimes it's freaky when I say I miss the smell of OU -.-"

one happy girl

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

baju kurung stories

When I received the offer to further my study in dentistry, all sorts of thoughts came out. And my biggest issue was the faculty's dressing code. Strictly no jeans and only formal outfit is allowed. Living in malaysia and studying in UiTM, formal dress code means baju kurung. Well at least I'm used to that scenario. Back in jengka, any event under the uni requires students to dress formally; and you will see people coming to the hall wearing baju kurng.

I always have this dream of wearing a set of pencil or high waisted skirt, nice shirt and gorgeous heels to work. That's formal dress code to me. Baju kurung is boring. You're like a walking curtain with the same design top to bottom. Rules remain rules. I wear kurung to classes on Monday and Friday.

Sometimes, I dress something above what the ordinary uitm or shall I say dental students wear. I prefer wearing trousers and shirt or blouse eventhough I have a one month stock of kurung. It is more practical to me compared to kurung as I'll be seating most of the time treating my dummy(and patient in the future). You wouldn't want to be seen 'terkangkang' while treating your patients, would you?

And yes, I wear high heels although uitm's road is soo not high heels friendly. Who wears trousers with pumps or sandals anyway? Of course I get the 'look' from others but as long as I keep my cleavage, belly button and knees at home, there's nothing wrong with it. No one gets heart attack or asthma, so far. Hehe

Even if I were a patient, I'd choose a dentist who wears a tuck in shirt with a pencil skirt/trousers and a pair of heels(fully covered, I know!). How about you?

top : MNG

top : Zara

squeezed some time to watch theater : Tun Mahathir
top : Project Love

Saturday, September 25, 2010

clinic sessions

I love saturdays and sundays. I'm exhausted throughout the weekdays with classes, clinic sessions and traffic congestion. Pfft too many cars on the road nowadays.

Clinic sessions for dental meterial & operative ended yesterday. I had 6 weeks of fun doing cavity preparation and filling restoration using different materials; amalgam, composit, GIC etc. After 6 weeks of practical, our skills were tested in competency exam. We were given a task on which site and what type of restoration to do within 3 hours. Luckily it was on lower teeth. Much easier compared to upper.

Endodontic and periodontics module starts next week. A whole lot of excitements await.

Here are some of pictures in UiTM lab during the competency exam.

during the exam

my happy face after the exam. It went well, alhamdulillah.

Dr Nik examined Afiq's cavity prep

our table of four

Me and jannah are annoyed of each others schedule. Whenever I'm free, she's in class and vice versa. And our phone conversation is getting shorter.

Jannah: hello mana?

Me: *whispering* clinic.

Jannah : bye.

Me: bye.hello? akjdhhfs

She hung up before I replied her 'bye'. What a true friend I have -.-"

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

clinic rules

Dont look at me like i'm an alien or some creature from Mars just because im the ONLY girl who doesn't wear hijab/scarf. This is some weird scene in my faculty. I'm used to be surrounded with 'free hair' girls all this while.

I just love my hair that I hate to tie them up. Be it in bun or pony tail or any style. But at least i obey the clinic rules. My hair is neatly in place when I'm doing my work. I tie them up. Sometimes I use head band. If lectures and other staffs dont mind, so who do you wanna make a big fuss out of it. Maybe u're jealous or you have some problem with free hair girls and you just have to let it out, otherwise you can go mental.

p/s: Sorry, i just have to let it out, otherwise I can go mental :p

Friday, September 17, 2010


Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri
Maaf zahir & batin

May us all be blessed with happiness and joy during this raya

Project Love will be joining Absolute Bazaar at Subang Avenue Concourse this coming Saturday(Sept 18) from 11pm - 6pm. We're going to have massive raya sale-bration! See you guys there!