Saturday, September 26, 2009

let the pictures talk

it's a loooong day and i'm ABOVE happy :D one of the reason why i love holidays is because i have lots of things to do, to tell and to catch up with. my mind is an active volcano ;)

iqa is back from indo for raya break
a small makan2 was held at her house.

atielia's raya open house

p/s babe, aku da lupe gambar yg mane. hahaha. xpe aku pass kat kau nnti eh. you know i love you. xoxo

it's raining man

Friday, September 25, 2009

good foods

i planned to finish up my oral biology workbook and report this weekend but this is the time when open house invitations come in :) seriously, dah bekobar-kobar nak buat ni tapi one invitaion comes with more invitations. believe me!

sory books, i favour food more than u. i cant say NO to good foods. nanti nasi tu menangis ;p

go nyssa go!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

mereka berkata

case 1 :blaja pasal gigi? ooo doktor gigi la ni... gigi makcik ni sakit la. agak-agaknye sebab ape? cube awk tgk skit.
the truth is : makcik, sy baru masuk blaja bulan 7 lepas. tggu lagi 5 tahun lah ye.

case 2 : blaja forensic? ooo mcm dlm tv crite csi tu ke? bestnye siasat-siasat org mati.
the truth is : makcik ni da terpengaruh dgn tv sgt ni. mmg la ade siasat- siasat tapi xde la exactly mcm csi tuh makcik oi.

case 3 : blaja jadi engineer? anak pakcik tu dah kaya jadi engineer. bagus-bagus. blaja rajin-rajin.
the truth is : blaja ape pun blh buat duit. yg penting usaha.

case 4 : blaja perladangan? asik masuk ladang je lah ni? besok-besok kaya ni. blh bukak ladang.
the truth is : xde la masuk ladang sgt. n bukan semua budak ladang end up bukak ladang makcik.habis la tanah kat malaysia ni klu mcm tu.

all we can do is smile cause if they had those chances like what we have nowdays, they will definately grab those oppurtunities.

thankful is the word

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

no more dots

baby im yours ;))

to farah sofia, i pun da lama nak tapi since it's bulan syawal, bulan memberi dan menerima, i dengan hati terbuka menerima je la kan ;p it's just a matter of time, babe :))

so sayang2 ku, lepas ni dah xde msg penuh dot dot dah okay. hahaha

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


celebrating my raya from today till the end of this week here at kajang/cheras houses. this is the time to collect more and more duit raya. i smell money darling. my smile doesnt stop till i get from the rest :)) i need more as i have lots of plan in my mind. next year's scuba trip is a must. blanja lagi banyak dari saving. kadang2 terlebih. how?
gimme more

i think i should cut off this crap before it gets worse. but when i'm about to leave it all behind, it came straight to my face. too lazy to tell the same story all over again. repeat the same line again and again. everything is perfect when we met and i thank you for that. if i have the chance to kill someone, your name appears first ;p
i think i'm falling for you

oh and to ex-jengkarians, read this. as i said, drop of tears at the end of my waterproof mascara. hahaha. jengka oh jengka. i should write a proper updates on jengka vs shah alam and to be honest, jengka wins my my heart in many ways.
mood : raya

Monday, September 21, 2009




this is how we celebrate our 1st day of raya :)

im glad that i meet everyone here in terengganu. everyone means EVERYONE.

im waiting for another hug

Friday, September 18, 2009

annual fever

saya demam
demam nak raya
off for raya fever

the kampung-less lady

take care sweetheart and enjoy ur raya in UK

and celebrating raya with my new baby flats :)

till we meet again, love

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

familiar faces

it was such an undescribeable feelings to see familiar faces today. not one but plenty of them. on of them is farah sofia :) she was 'calming' her self down before her progress test starts. i guess both of us share the same principle. klu boleh, xnak pegang buku few mins before any tests/exams start sbb nnti lagi betambah confuse. leave it to our efforts and god. and yes, both of us were wearing polka dots kurung today. we rock in that polka dots kurung darling. heee.

i hv 2 invitations for bbuka tmrw. one from our faculty and the other one is from my ex-coursemates during forensic, yes we have a very tight bond though i was there for only a week. it's gonna be a farewall event for aishah as she is going to UK this 1st raya. girl, i'm proud of u. i know it's a big desicion and im sad that u're leaving. come back with flying colors yea. i think i'll go with the bbuka wit frens. ala sorry la coursemates skrg, bukan anti soSIAL tapi malas la nak involve ape2. that's the whole reason why i refuse to move in.

till then. xoxo

pretty face

Sunday, September 13, 2009

salon story

so i gt my hair treatment done just nw. i dont really care bout styling my hair during raya since it's naturally straight. terima seadanye. but i have to admit that i'm thankful for having this crown on top of my head.

unlike several ppl esp guys who cant get enough of straighten/rebonding/watever u name it style. lagi2 raya lagi sminggu so basically, it was filled with muslims. they make me wanna laugh and puke each time i look guys coming out from the salon with their silky+looks like my cat's fur hair. hahahha. im okay with girls doing it but please avoid that broom looking style.

saying my hello to oral biology module.

is there any word to replace 'i miss you'?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

back with good feelings

next week would be a settling week as new module starts. ended basic medical science module with a bad feeling on the progress test. haha. i need my normal sleeping pattern back which is 5-6 hrs a day compared to 2-3 hrs i had last week. n most importantly, i need to sleep at night. not after class and stay up from 8-ish pm till morning. and that sleeping pattern makes me cranky all day long.

different ppl have different nicknames. i dont have much short name cause my name is short and simple enough. but still, with those 6 letters, they can still call me with several nicknames. lets see...

anyssa - parents - they'll start a conversation with anyssa, bla bla bla...

nis - parents and family - they have the privillage to call me by this name. however, ade jugak yg gedik nak panggil nis. it sounds weird -.-"

kak nis - yas(brother) and mimin (sister)

nisa - this is common among friends.

sa - cang and his 'family' - x boleh pendek lagi ke? hahaha

babe - only for atielia - i'm forever yours. heee

slept from 12pm-5pm n now im off to bed. xoxo

off for good

Wednesday, September 9, 2009



whitey is back on the road!

hari ni 09.09.09.. jom kawin?

i feel like jotting down something else but too bad, gtg.


Monday, September 7, 2009

fara.. x jadi hiatus dah :)


i dah search and f-king surprised.

oh darling, u're officially an artist.

i tag team dgn u hentam die.

mind you that all those . , ! p/s kao belong to fara dona.

shud i call u fara or farish after this?


get a life, kiddo

virtually visible


few updates before i hit the study table and alamanda lecture hall tomorrow...

- will be sleeping at puspa's and ain's room this week.

- my mum told me that i can have my car back this coming thursday. whitey, we miss you... loves from kak nis, blacky and bubu.

- progress tests on thursday and friday. oral biology module is waiting next week.

- oh i cant wait for raya. but i guess i'm losing my 'youth' phase cause i dont care bout not having any baju raya this year like i usually did.

- they asked me bout it but my answer is, it's for me to know and for you to find out. not a positive or a negative answer. u can ask me personally and try your luck.

all i know is your full name


thought of updating this once-a-week-entry blog but i have another important things to do which are shopping and study.

see ya. it's ur job to find out when i'm available :)


Sunday, September 6, 2009


anonymous is just so annoying. those are cowards and afraid to reveal their sissy identity. they are the one who easily jump into conclusion and stupid judgment. i read one of my i-can-say idol's blog and saw how heartless they can be. farah, i'm with you. u know what's best for you and ignorance is bliss. be strong. i mean, if u wanna use that 'anonymous' title, at least leave you name by the end of the comment. but sometimes, we can guess the person behind the anonymous and make us smile.

hold on to your kite

on another note..

my days have been great so far. although i hate tests and quizzes back in diploma days, somehow, i miss those days where i struggeled my ass off just to get the highest carry marks possible. final exam is another story. i'm comfortable with my studies so far and that "my course is busier that yours" statement had never came out from my mouth cause i know how busy other courses with test and quizzes every week.
stonger than you

please stay longer so that i can know you better.
dont go just stay