Friday, April 30, 2010

new study method

i realized i haven't been blogging since last week because i felt like i had nothing blog-worthy to share. yes, i know i was in my study leave since a week ago but, really i have been busier than ever with notes and my unorganized room. sure i checked daily news, updated gossips and followed my favourite blog religiously but by the time i was done with my daily clicks i would just yawn at the thought of blogging.

and i realized that i have been studying like never before though most of the time were filled with dozing off on the couch and i have no time to pamper myself with a shopping treat! i woke up every morning with 'i have nothing to wear' thought in my head. weird, no? and what makes it weirder, the credit card bill has been enormously increased. i wonder where did it all came from? *hello auntyna!*

one of my study methods is 'always reward yourself with something'. i always reward myself whenever i'm done with one lecture note. i said to myself, "if you want to watch the television, you have to finish up this atherosclerosis notes" And "if you want to sleep, finish this notes till it's last sentence" this method worked MOST of the time. not ALL the time ;p

so today i said to myself, "if you want to get your hands on the credit card, finish up H&L module". and yes i did it. off i went to OU.

see told ya. it worked on me!

i'm wearing a casual evening dress bought from my sister's blogshop. nadi, see how bad is the word bought/buy from your own blood sister? hahahaha. well apparently, she is setting up a fashion blogshop that sells lots of beautiful yet affordable outfits. no worries girls, i've tried all of them. all of the items got my approval. i'll blog more about it in my next post.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

paper vs technology

i swear i'm like this most of the time

and with that pile of notes yet to be read

until this technology distracts me

that piece of paper i held few minutes ago is nowhere to be seen

and i'll be like this

guess who won the battle?

Saturday, April 24, 2010


it's okay to chill your diet program during finals,z because that's what i'm doing now. the difference is i don't have any diet program in particular. been stuffing my stomach with foods that are potentially harmful to the body in the future.

you say - cheese is fattening

i say - cheese contains milk that provides calcium to our teeth

see how i manipulate facts? :D

secret recipe's marble cheese cake

let's eat!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

tips tops

im done with my one and only external paper for this semester, titas. it was fine and i have no regrets for not spending my time on notes. i was pigging out on bed most of the time. i guess my brain works best when i'm asleep. the best reason for a lazy person could think.

study has been demanding. final and professional exam are waiting. gotta find back my scattered and abandoned notes. its everywhere in the room. honestly, i'm aiming for the viva session which will be handled by Dr. David Ferguson from UK. in other words, i have to get an A before i can experience it myself. nothing is impossible, pretty girl.

good luck everyone. few useful tips
  • do not leave your answer sheets blank, without a single point. even if you don't know how to explain and elaborate, one single word of point might help you to get marks.
  • good handwriting really helps, psychologically to the lecturer. this is one of other few reminders given by my lecturer. according to Dr. Gupalo, if you give us headache, we'll give you migraine.
  • i dont know how this one tip works but during my diploma days, i used to write my name next to my matric number. some says, its a big NO NO but i guess that hypothesis is applied if you're a troublemaker student. or else, its not a big deal especially if the lecturer recognizes you. so juniors, take note.
  • sleep sleep sleep. don't ever assume that if you sleep less and study more, you will gain something beyond your expectations. our brain needs time to rest for memorization.
im looking forward for holiday.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

alien vs human

classes were officially ended last Friday for my faculty and i believe, so the rest of other faculties. the difference is i have 3 weeks of study leaves while they have 2 -3 days to study before they get their hands down on the first paper. poor you guys. hahaha. dont get too excited pretty girl, professional exam is waiting for you.

so i thought of celebrating my first ever long break since my semester break was only for a week. yes, i know. i've been repeating this forever. since i haven't meet jannah as if i'm in Malaysia and she's in London, i texted her to meet or something.

me : what will you be doing from 8-12 tonight?

jannah js : study. shut up. dont laugh. why?

me : ermm wanted to meet you up for shopping and drinks. it's okay. i forgot you have paper next week.

jannah : first paper is titas(CTU) and dont forget that you took this subject too. fyi, paper is on thursday.

me : shoooot. lupa! hahahaha. okay love you.

i totally forgot that i have final paper on this coming thursday. shoot. shall make a good friend with the notes now.

little did i know, not only jannah js is taking the same subject with me but chong and taqim as well. at last, we have something in common. i feel like a human again. all this while, i'm an alien to them.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

in and out

so when people asks me, what will you be doing tonight? my answer is study. as simple as that. i used to think that 'that' reason is lame but not anymore. i'm proud to say that i'll be studying tonight, so don't bother to text or call me because i'm in my own pharmacology/microbiology/pathology world. pharmaco and microbe for tonight btw.

some pictures on my visit to my brother's national service camp. the initial plan was to visit him on the second week of the training program which is this coming weekend. we thought only spoiled kids would ask their parents to come over but surprisingly, my brother is one of them. sigh. and we brought along nenek as he wished.

this one spoiled kid

or is he being spoiled by his sister?

we brought along polaroid camera for instant pictures

Sunday, April 4, 2010


in my previous post, i revealed my first ever ambition when i was a hormonal teenager. i know there's no where for me to get there since i have to finish my study in 5 years times. sigh i wish 5 years is just 5 months.

last semester, the frequently asked questions were, why dentistry? is this your first choice? i'm so over it. we even have to list down our reasons and present it during PBL session. i mean, you'll get the same lame answers, yet you still want to ask us for another gazillion times.

i have only one reason in my mind. and my answer is, i want to be like Dr. Ruslan, my idol. i was inspired by him in many ways. he's my orthodontic (braces) doctor for almost 4 years now. it takes me longer than anyone else because i have to wait one year for my impacted canine to erupt and i went for treatment once in 3 months instead of once a month because i was doing my diploma in jengka.

i guess not a single person in this planet isn't scared of doctor or dentist. a simple checkup can rises your blood pressure and you will be shaking like never before due to nervousness. i'm not excluded. but in Dr. Ruslan's case, i dont think any of his patients is scared of him. i'm excited to see him every month. no, i'm serious. he's a soft-spoken man, greats you with a smile and makes you forget that he's capable to pull-off all of your teeth in one time.

somewhere in may last year...

me: doctor, i had just graduated with cgpa 3.**
Dr. Ruslan: oh congratulations. so what did you apply for your degree?
me: my first choice is dentistry. i want to be like you.
i want to be an orthodontist.
Dr. Ruslan: oh my. nanti you sakit belakang! are willing to sacrifice your 5 years of life? and another 4 years for master?
me: yes i am!

and now, he'll ask me on what i've studied every time we meet during appointments. its a reminder for me to get good results in exams because he'll ask me. okay this part is scary.

during my previous appointment...

me: doctor, i think my canine is rotated distally.
Dr. Ruslan: oh i almost forgot that i'm talking to a future dentist. i'm so proud of you. let me see.

well, it was actually Dr. Luay, my lecturer who told me about the problem and i was just pretending as if i knew what is going on with my tooth. hahahaha.

i look up to him in career wise. he's a lovely and nice in person. oh and not to mention,he's a handsome man in his age. and his rows of expensive cars are drooling me.

i know its a long way to be in his position. in the next 5 years, i'm a general dental officer. and it takes another 4 years to be an orthodontic specialist. its my dream to get there and sky is the limit. insyaallah god will lead me.

can i wear a tucked in victorian shirt with high waisted skirt as my office attire later? :D

Saturday, April 3, 2010


i realized that i miss my brother. although we only meet each other only during weekends, now knowing that he's not around and we would not be able to meet each other, it made me miss him even more.

i texted my mom

me: are you going to visit yas this weekend?
mom: i dont think so. this is his first week. let him adapt to the new life first. anyhow, we'll wait for his phone call this saturday and see if he needs anything. i miss him. im looking at his photo on my desktop.

and this morning, i received phone call from my mom's office

mom: yas just called just now and he wants us to come tomorrow. he's bored and the food sucks.
me: owh lets bring mcD or kfc!
mom: no. he wants rice. and he misses nenek too. he asked us to bring nenek along tomorrow.
me: okay lets go tomorrow. who else is going?
mom: bapak might not be able to join us. yas said he dont mind if bapak cant make it. as long as we bring nenek, he'll be alright.

and i laughed.

no matter how bad and troublesome you are, you still have your family at the end of the day. no matter how hard is your heart, you will eventually think of your family although for just a second. keep yourself to the ground and dont forget what your parents have taught you throughout your life.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


sorry for my once-a-week entry lately. been busy with faculty's activities last week. being the only 'free-hair' student in my faculty, i'm easily being spotted for my absence in any events or programs. this time, i cant seem to find any reason for not going to these programs, family day and telentime night. massive tiredness, i tell you.

family day: oh i have muscle spasm, bruises everywhere and high blood pressure because of this. okay i'm just exaggerating. you know how much i hate hate hate anything that is related to sports. running and sweating to be specific. after two years of jogging-free life, my muscles were forced to run and walk and run and walk again. i knew they were crying inside there. sigh.

bukit cerakah, shah alam: my oh-finally-its-over face

telentime: after 4 hours of never ending treassure hunt at bukit cerakah, we had telentime night for students to show their talent. every batch was required to send at least one entry for this competition. since no one from first year volunteered to participate, we decided that everyone have to take part and perform on that night. we did choir of medley songs. with only 3 nights of practice, we managed to get 2nd place. it was fun.

this familiar place is such a heaven.

ou: this little girl is all grown up now

happy april, readers. may happiness be with you always.