Friday, July 31, 2009


boleh x nak cakap dengan orang yg x menjerit? u just dont know how annoying is annoying u can be. that's why u're my best companion, my best friend n my best enemy. sometimes, it feels good to talk to someone else.

had my lunch with blacky tenten n bubu waran. random conversation with z. then dinner with jumper n blacky tenten. "nysa boleh x kau x jmpe aku sbulan start mlm ni" hahaha. mmg x la kan. n jumper lepak dgn kasut kulit nye. if u gt the clue, all i can say is congrats!

i THINK im a good driver. nothing else that could make me more proud than driving a manual car smoothly. tremendously smooth man although mcm TER kebelakang skit time kat bukit rasta tu. kan jumper? korang la buat lawak. hilang konsentrasi sy. cehhh. padahal...

im a lazy bump. if u're searching for any lazy creature on this planet, i think you should count me in :D

the truth is, i tell my close friends bout random things


morning everyone....happy friday

im up early today, arnd 7.30am coz i passed out at 9.47pm last nite :) sorry for not updating. staying alone here makes me wanna sleep all the time. going back to cheras or kajang either this evening or night.

going out for lunch later. probably wit icang si blacky tenten. ahaha. aunty na n yan are going to ou. dont feel like joining them coz i had enough last weekend.

just realized that i have no new picture. i move a lot. went to many places but without any picture.

i miss school. not because of the lectures. obviously. i wash my hair every morning pastu terus drive pegi class. malas nak keringkan so pegi class dgn blakang baju kurung yg basah :) n i miss that.

i miss school. not because of the classes. but i miss having the 'confuse moment' on choosing shoes evry morning. i have all my shoes with me in the car. put this on n put that off.

i miss school. not because of the smell of the practical lab. bleghhh the smell sticks to ur clothes n hair man. but i miss walking to the tower while eating sandwich.

im holding on to something that i'm not sure of it.

the truth is, i dont tell random people bout my life

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


my daily routine started yday. u'll find me sleeping at 11am, 1pm, 3pm n even 7pm. i'm damn good at it.

so you said, mane msg?
n i replied, good morning

Monday, July 27, 2009


so you dont have the guts to hit me back even after all that we've been through just because you are still stuck at the old place?

you over judged yourself because fyi, i do not judge people

i have friends who're worse than you and i stick by their side

maybe that's the whole reason why you potray yourself as an anonymous here

so that i dont know your sissy identity


R.I.P Yasmin Ahmad. Al-Fatihah

Sunday, July 26, 2009


u knw how i love to create my own theory aite? i think one of my most authentic theory ever made which is that repeating num thingy shows that someone is missing you was proved wrong by cik fara dona when one of her relative passed away on repeating num. so x boleh pakai dah.

so someone else has his own theory too. he said that klu nak tau org tu pkai public phne ke phne rumah, try to total up the last two digits. if it gives you a total of 11, maknanye pkai public phne. which is totally wrong la si rabun oii. my house's phne number will give a sum of 11 as the last two digits are 9 and 2. 9 + 2 = 11. celah mane plak nak cari public phne mlm2 buta. theory apekah ni? hahahha. awal2 lagi kene reject!

the most ridiculous theory. if there're a girl n a boy going out together for a lunch, automatically ppl will judge them as 'in a relationship'. bollocks man bollocks. to make things worse, what if he goes out with another girl-friend on the next day? and what if he goes out with both girls on the next 2 days? u must be thinking that he's a womanizer rite? open up ur mind n see the world,kid. judge you own life before you judge others. gt that kiddo?

so moral of the story is jgn la percaya cerita dongeng. wtf? hahaha

menang lagi :)

Saturday, July 25, 2009

bigger space

i have to let this go. u may read my blog. maybe u're my silent reader. seems like many of them prefer to be my silent readers than follower. i guess it's because they can judge my life secretly.


i miss our old times. the lepak routine. before the drama started. 2 years back maybe? before anyone entered ur life. before we started to ignore each other. it was awkward the other day, wasnt it? i hv to admit that n i keep on thinking how stupid i reacted when i saw u. my face expression n body language. shitt. pretending as if im busy talking with my friends. im sorry. u may feel the same way too. never crossed in my mind that it'll end up this way. ignoring each other when we meet is the hardest thing to do. honestly...

i'm happy for u. always will be.



i'm posting this entry using my old IBM laptop. n looking back at my old pics since er... form 5 kot makes me smile over n over again :) nothing's change man. seriously. from long to short hair, from straight to curly hair style n fron bangs to side fringe. but one thing remains is the color which is naturally black n i'm glad that i stick to that ;) n looking back at all those oldies pictures, at least untill 2007, i'm thankful to have such life. eventho i dont travel much but i guess i'm lucky enough compared to those who doesnt even have the chance to so.


first day of class...July 2006

Hich Achievers Club event

bile eh babe? 2007?
baju tu pon da jadi baju tidur dah

meera sent me a text msg yday saying that uitm will be closed for one week. n she said, be prepared to have a pack schedule as it re-open n no hoilday for raya. a BIG big big possibility that i'm not going back to terengganu for raya. ciss. its been a year kot x balik :( gile. ade org sedih. hehehehe. kesian.

i have a week to cover all lectures that i missed. whoot whoot~

shopping is the best therapy after all. went to stadium melawati shah alam yday as there's a big sale on branded items there. bumped with few uitm friends with my short dress. heh sorry la i dari rumah okay. scored myself a nice big sized guess? handbag which i'm gonna use it for classes :) n 2 shades added to my collections. baru excited nak pkai bag baru tapi cuti plak.

running nose makes me wanna puke! urghh. to make things worse, i feel like there's 50kg of rock on my head. been sleeping the whole day. x larat. tolong la jgn demam :(

dont change

Thursday, July 23, 2009

thirsty thurs

no class tomorrow. tapi be prepared to have a pack schedule next week ;p sooo i choose to sleep. which i think is the best choice for the time being. slept from 4pm-8pm dah tadi n i'm off to bed early tonight :D good night world...

sorry for lacking updates. i hv no life. weekends are the new weekdays for me. but i'm loving it day by day. no regrets. nanti lah ok?

i need to consume more fluid. dehydaration man!

easy come easy go

Monday, July 20, 2009

let's hope for the best

i'm not shifting. stay in what i'm taking nw. thank you evryone. loves loves loves. farah sofia, heee. sorry but i knw my limits. my brain cant go any futher. bukan x besyukur or give up but hopefully this is the best choice. im nt the type yg study all the time. honestly. at least im tryin nw ;) i knw medic demands lots of sacrification of times n i dont think i can handle that. hey, lets think this way, i boleh jaga dental department kat klinik u nnti :D semuarang ade rezeki n i hope this is my rezeki.

z, i dah start. u?
chong, i'm ur biggest supporter.

i wrote only 20% of my whole life here. tu baru 20% bukan 100%. so do not question bout my life coz i dont knw you n i dun tell bout my private life to public unless if u're close to me. u knw how to contact me directly n honestly i dont simply give away my phne number to strangers. it's my business to be in relationship with anyone pon. u are my enemy. so kenape nak sibuk life i pastu tnye org lain plak tu. stupid kid! anywy, u're nt invited so kindly get ur butt out of my page. thank you ;) tu la nama nye loyal enemy and stalker.

just in case u forgot

quick witted

Sunday, July 19, 2009

forever 17

kau genggam tangan ku
saat diri ku lemah dan terjatuh

currently listening to my all time favourite song, sempurna by andra & the backbone. rara, kte nyanyi lagu ni time dinner hari tu. i ade video tu lagi. heeee. and u shud listen to this piece, Dan Tidurlah. another great song by this band. indo songs reflect my feelings most of the time.

last nite, i recieved a text msg from ain saying that there will be a meeting tonite at 8pm regarding on SAF(sukan antara fac). i dont have prob to drive from ttdi to s.alam but the thing is, sport is a big NO NO for me. and since there're only 30 of us, everyone have to take part. erk? me running 5km? i can imagine myself as a dog gasping for oxygen on that day.

there's only one person that wud understand this... atielia.

babe, time skolah dulu, 1 hari koko pon kte x penah pegi. merentas desa lagi laaa. hari sukan lagi lagi laaa...skang dierang suruh aku lari 5km? ingt x kte lari dari pn noreen menyorok kat pavillion sbb x nak pkai baju PJK? yg kte pegi hari kantin je sbb ade budak high school n nak masuk rumah hantu :D

luckily i gt national service that contributed 10 marks for co-curiculum during UPU application. but i lied all the time saying that i'm not feeling well la pening la n i baik dgn doc tu so boleh duduk kat ward konon2 sakit. so basically, i gained nothing frm there except collection of scandals. hehehe.

i'm gonna ask them if there's swimming comp ke x. if ade, i dont mind taking part in SAF ;)

p/s: jannah, i miss u :( we can survive eventho bitches are everywhere coz we're bitchier than them. kan kan kan?

run baby run

Saturday, July 18, 2009

what say you

atielia said that since the degree days started, my entries sounded stressful. well it certainly shows how stressful i am and at least i managed to convey the message to readers ;D

received few phne calls n text msges. called n text-ed few ppl for advices n opinions. i'm gathering all for considerations.

my parents asked few docs n one of them said, "i want my daughter to be a dentist. kesian tgk doc perempuan. nak jaga family pun susah sbb slalu on-call". another one said, "klu nak cepat kaya, amik dentist. doc biase pon kaya, tp lambat skit" which attracts me the most. hehehe

if u have any advice, just drop me a comment. lots of anons eh. thanks for reading ;)

ok lets talk bout something out of this box. boring kan?

i'm at ttdi nw. alone. study much? not really but they are coming here to swim arnd 3pm. bring me some food! i'm hungry ppl. malas nak kuar. or i think i'll end up eating sweedish meetballs alone.

im addicted to ur phne calls nw. n sumhow, texting u is a must thing to do.

hold on for another 5 years. boleh? ;)

Friday, July 17, 2009

another good news

just nw, i received another phne call from another fac. i worked on two things. i gt one last wednesday n just now, i gt the other one. so i gt both. confusing much? heh.

z, i gt both. pening. i think i'll stick to the one yg i entered dah ni. or accept the other one? ke macam mane? hahahaha. tau la i kan.

i have till monday to make any changes or decisions. god, help me.

alhamdulillah. i believe in rezeki.

oh just went back from ou. heee. study konon. this is soo anyssa. im glad that i'm still sober. no mental disorder yet. hahaha. ok now i'm thinking for another vacation n scuba diving ;)

time to make a change

thank god it's friday ;)

i'm surprised to knw that i can actually talk on the phne for more than 30 mins! well, last nite i was on the phne for nearly 50 mins. the last time i did this was errr.. 2 years ago maybe? i miss the oily screen protector after a long phne conversation. hehehe.

still thinking whether to go back to cheras or not. there are pros n cons. more cons than pros obviously ;) i want to go home coz i need to buy more kurung since i gave/threw away most of it. now i prefer wearing kurung to class rather than big loose jeans n shirts as stated in the rules of fac which is totally a massive fashion disaster :D how can i say NO to shopping. irresistable man. but i feel like staying stay at ttdi this weekend coz i need to study(sejak bile nyssa ckp pasal study?) . i hv the coziest room u can ever imagine. no distraction n i can swim whenever i'm feeling stress. however, ou is just 5 mins away. so dont be surprised if u spot me there. heee. told ya, shopping is just irresistable.

now it's 2.20pm n i havnt eat anything today. out for good food.

long way to go

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

a thank you letter

today was great! one of the happiest day in my entire life, i must say. not gonna talk more bout it coz i dont know who's reading my blog. but one for sure, zahid will be reading this entry. z, i gt that 'thing'. the 'thing' that i've been working on. remember?

just when im about to give up..
- j went thru those tough moments with me. she stays close next to me thru thick n thin. i love u to bits lady.
- i still remember cg said that i shud just give it a try. if x dapat xpe. if x mintak, nnti menyesal. he even offered to drive me back to cheras when i said that i left my spm cert there. im was dead tired that time.
- si rabun would give random phne calls just to ask how's it going. asik salahkan awk. heee
my mom n dad made a letter to the fac when i was in perhentian island hoo-haa-haa with my friends.
- aunty na was worried sick bout wht i'm becoming in the future.
- chong for lending me his ears n shoulders.
- nadi and everyone else.

i was brought up as a girl that can have everything that she wants without having to work her ass off. everything seems possible for me. i gt wht i want easily. so when i diden gt the offer, all i can think was 'dah xde rezeki'. i give up n malas nak buat pape dah. but they made me work harder to get into that 'thing'. i still remember evry single words that they've told me. now, i wnt to make them proud. not for me but for the ppl that play a big role in my success n future. thank you thank you thank you. i love you. hugs n kisses.

i wish u were here to share these tears of joy with me. u were the first person i called after i gt the good news other than j coz obviously she was right infront of me. sorry for bugging u early in the morning tho ;p eventho u're far away, i believe that u're one of my biggest supporter behind all these hard works. thank you so so so much from the bottom of my heart. at least if there's something bad happens between us, u'll be remembered for this :)

cik fara, thank you for making me believe that i'm strong :) cik nyssa kan kuat ;))

to everyone. xoxo

hugs n kisses

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

to love or to hate

ok i know i shud be doing lab report rite now. just not in the mood yet.

lets talk some craps...

i want someone with a brain. not in terms of intelligence but someone who thinks wisely and matured enough.

i want someone who is supportive. for example, when i said that i want to take a course that will take up to 5 years to finish, he'll go "yea, u shud go for it. maybe u can try to do this n bla bla bla. dont give up"..not smeone who tells me "im sure u're gonna leave me when u find someone better. 5 years is a long long long way to go"...if u cant wait, then leave now.

im a simple person when it comes to relationship. i dont like frequent incoming messages. i dont like every-5-mins phne calls. i dont even like to talk for more than 30 mins. letih. not that i dont care about you. frequent phne calls n text mssges are annoying esp when i have some other things to do. so usually, i text less than 5 times n call twice. heh.

i want someone i can chill with. someone that i can simply use "boleh x fikir pkai otak skit" and say that i met a hansome guy just now or point to any handsome guy. bullshit la if ur boyfriend is the most handsome guy in the universe kan.

i'm an insecure bitch before the relationship starts but settled down when it has started. i need some confirmation before i start to gt annoyed n bored with the never ending conversation. i dont want someone who cant stop talking "oh nnti bile kite kahwin" or "i promise that i'm gonna marry u" which is totally bullshit. i like to take it in an easy way thinking that its a long way to go. so just chill.

these are totally my personal opinion. maybe u're completely opposite than i am. yea ;)

gonna continue with my lab report. night world. big smile darling :D

dont melt with me coz i have nothing to offer

new gadget in hands

gt myself a new broadband :) after i lost mine 2 months ago. i need to find a way to make sure i dont misplace it. again.

ok i just have to let this off out of my burning chest.. u're just simply irresistible. lets have a deeper conversation n start all over again. ok much better now. heee

impossibly possible

Sunday, July 12, 2009

the clock is ticking

just hope that tomorrow never happens*fingercross* but unfortunately, the clock is ticking. *ticktockticktock*

of course i care la ngek
where were u when i need someone to teman me makan?
rasta is just like 5 mins from ur house n 1 min from mine
gonna meet u up today or tomorrow
jgn merajuk
i feel bad
im sorry :(
love you

after all, friendship is more important than being a selfish brat.

going back to ttdi later. si rabun, i'll give u a call jap lagi n dah beli broadband! expect the unexpected. ngeh ngeh ngeh

p/s: thank you semua for advices n supports. i feel loved with ur words. as fara dona said, cik nyssa kan kuat :) n another person said, go kak nis go! hehehe.

just read boy's page. man, i miss penang. some random pics..

boy, i gt the same pic as urs. he's everywhere man!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

it's weekend

happy weekend world :)

i'm back in cheras now! this is the real damn home yo coz foods are everywhere in here unlike dmnsara. i can just have any without having to say things like, "i would like to have marble cheese cake" or "i would like to have mc value lunch chicken mc deluxe. medium eh. erm exchange coke with iced milo". anyhw, i love both :)

cg, can u just stay at one place so that we can hang out together? u're everywhere man. life's getting busier n busier each day. lagi la susah lepas ni.

chong, boleh x gerak kan sikit logik kau tuh. bo la sesat. dah la free2 bagi polis 50. lepas tu 1 hari nak emo. ofis kau dekat gile. nnti boleh la lunch lagi. kan kan kan?

atielia, babe im soo sorry that im like the busiest person alive. catch up with u when i have enough oxygen to breathe. heh

in cranky mood through the whole week. sometimes i dont feel like talking to anyone except j. sorry classmates. nnti kte bekenalan ok? i dont even remember any of classmates' name except a few of them. j's obviously.

im working on something right nw. so there will be times when u bump with me ALONE. without janah on my side. so kindly stop asking stupid question like, "sorang je?" or "janah mane?" it can be sooo annoying esp when i'm lost or having a bad bad bad mood. same goes if u bump wit j. stop asking her the same question.

it's good to knw that u're having a good life wit ur friends. evrything went well for the first week. i think. u're used to not asking me whre am i each nw n then. i'm always here when u need me. trust me.

i'm lerning you. take it slow n easy but NOT too slow. i got a feeling that tonight's gonna be a good good night :)

good food

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

in 20 mins

im sorry for being such a mia nerd. been busy with classes. sucks man. my class starts as early as 8.30 am and ends at 6pm every frigging day. i even have a class from 6pm-9pm n 11.30am - 2.20pm. weird eh. sumone has to hear me babbling every single night. heee.

missing everyone n i miss swimming session badly. icang, alang, payet nnti kte swim k? tggu nisa free skit. im so sorry that i cant catch up with u guys today. im dead tired. i miss our "rayban" at the curve day. hahaha

pics on what i've been up to.

pwtc : dive expo

baju tuu...


i'll call you

rindu :(

Sunday, July 5, 2009

im on mobile

can i have more of this






and this

and definitely this one :)

i have no clue how both of u gt it but all i can say is congratulation. i miss those days but no regrets. u wanna play the game, i'll press the 'play' button. n now u're in our game. good luck!

n to my darling atielia, good luck with ur registration today. its gonna be an easy day if u know how to cut 90% of the lane. heh. im sorry for being such an uncivilized malaysian yday. blame icang. hahaha.

im gonna pass out soon. form this virtual life. gonna have a hot nerd life. heh. slalu cal ok? im gonna miss u :(

keindahan penantian

dear zahid

happy belated birthday superman

u knw how comfortable i am when talking to you aite?
our heart-to-heart talk :)

zahid : second from right
click on the picture to have a closer look on zahid

sumpah rase besalah gile sbb lambat wish. ok lets just think this way...erm... i wanted to wish u yday in the dewan but i was busy lining up n potong lane ;p n the stupid abg oc stopped me n jannah while icang n nan were already in a different dewan.

eh nmpk x nisa tunjuk lelaki hensem tu? rasenye pok ek nmpk. adrenaline rushed thru my veins. ngeh ngeh ngeh.

see u around, superman.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

stabilizaing myself

it's 12++am on saturday now. in less than few hours, im going to uitm for a looong registration day. sigh. i hate waiting. can someone replace me n do all those stuff? my dad helped me out in almost everything. i just love it when my father knows how to treat this girl ;))

gonna make our first stop at cang's place. payeat is going as well. yeay. then to j's house n straight to uitm. n that is exciting yo. as long as j is next to me. hahahha. thank god that we're together again. my right n left wings.

no new clothes. nothing's new. unlike during my diploma days. knowing that im gonna be wit j all the time, i can be in my ugliest look ever. we dont have to impress anyone but ourselves. heh. there were at times we went selekeh gile n said to each other, "eh kau tak malu ke nak jalan ngan aku" n we laughed our ass off. in fact, we had our breakfast at the hotel's cafe with our pyjamas on :)

one of my friend introduced me to this song. warkah-bau. i cant really figure out which one is the song title and which is the singer. hahaha. dumb ass. now im addicted to this song. give it a try. ok i have to admit this. i rarely watch tv. movie lagi lah. just cant get myself to seat on the couch for 2 frigging hours. even a grammy award movies couldn't win my heart. hehehe.

i'm a boring person nowdays. keep on repeating the same routine over n over again. having the same meal in 3 days straight. put on the same shirt every two or three days coz im just too lazy to find a new clothes to wear. i did not comb my hair since i got back from kelantan. new pumps n dress are waiting for me but im just not in the mood to dressed up. how? is that some signal that my youth phase is fading away. oh noo... hahaha. ok ok ok esok pkai dress pegi registration boleh?

gonna meet some old friends definitely.cute guys would pump my adrenaline dan jiwa remaja ku. heh heh heh heh *evil laugh*

Friday, July 3, 2009

second chance

im warning u. in a good way. stop using my name. stop mentioning my name. just stop it. regardless on any matters. i know it's hard to make people around to believe in you for the second time.

it happened to me before. i've been given the second chance. not in love relationship. not in studies. but in LIFE. take that responsibility n proove to others. there's always some space for u to stand up again. it's a tough period but have a faith in urself.

crawl if u cant walk. walk if u cant run. smile if u cant laugh.

life is too short. love people around u. tell them that u love them. most importantly, thank god that u're still alive.

to cik fara dona,
selamat pulang ke jengka:) go fara go! senior kan? hahahaa
make love

i need distraction

good morning world...

haih i need distraction. more love perhaps.

yday was just not my day. im sorry for being so cranky. i wish u knew me better. more than any of my close friends. but u just gave me the signal that this is impossible. so i'm holding back from now on. too bad for you. no worries. i'm still smiling.

haih i need distraction. good food perhaps.

need to settle few things up today. tomorrow is the registration day for uitm students. it's gonna be a big and tiring day. being a smart ass, i haven't prepare any documents for tomowrrow. like nothing. literally. im gonna do it today. kalau sempat. im a last minute person. so take it or leave it.

haih i need distraction. shopping perhaps.

i dont give a shit bout this. all i want is, end the registration day with a smile. thinking that i'm a degree student now. i can imagine myself on saturday. my gasping for oxygen face. hahaha. dont wanna think bout monday n the upcoming semester.

haih i need distraction. maybe it's you.

i'm serious when i'm serious

Thursday, July 2, 2009

three magical words

currently listening to jason mraz feat colby caillat - lucky.. i love this part...

and so im sailing through the sea
to an island where we'll meet


except the 'best friend' word.. u CANT be my best friend today n my boyfriend on the next day. but u CAN be my boyfriend today n best friend the next day. if u notice, i would never call or introduce u as my "friend" if i have a crush on u or any feelings u name it.

see, there is other sweet song compared to 1234-plain white t's or love story-taylor swift. there are lots of other ways to express ur feelings rather than saying those three words straight in front of ur partner's face.

im gonna pass out soon.
nite world

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


perhentian stories..

basically it was a super short vacation. one night at perhentian. but it was fun tho. despite all the problems we had before going to the jetty, me n payet managed to had our own great time before nasir, alang, yaya n omar joined us.

we rent a kayak as soon as we arrived. yes, rite after we placed our bag in the dive shop n changed our clothes. kayak-ed non stop for 20 mins to the 540 steps wind mill hill n had our brunch up there. the scenery was breath taking.

540 steps up, 540 down. u do the math. twice in 1 day. again, u do the math here :) n that's the whole f-ing reason why i'm 'paralyzed yday' legs hurt man.

have you seen me in a sweating like a pig pose?
here u go
just click on the picture, n u can see how sweaty i am. my hair was all wet man!
so dont call me spoiled

he's the man
penuggu pulau yg setia

alang n yaya

ummar n payeat

i went for 2 dives. d'lagoon n tanjung basi sites.

equipment check up

dive site : tanjung basi
bottom time : 51 mins
depth : 15m

few shoutouts..


thank you for everything. from the first second i reached kelantan up till the very last second. xtau mcm mane nak ckp. thank you sbb teman. mek sa jate ko tino lonih? hahahah.. kte duk pulau cukup 5 hari.

uno, dos, tres, cua..i know i want me...u know i want me. pulau dop?


there's always next time. it's not gonna be the last time. that's for sure :) keep my words. thank you sbb masuk pulau wlupon lambat gilee. kesian kat payet. awk masuk je, trus jadi 2 hari duk pulau.


tolong la.. nak baju tuh. beli 2 deh. plss :( im begging u. n bwak sijil skali. nak register sabtu ni. sorry x dapat teman dive. but i knw u had fun wit ur new bcd. awk masuk je, payet sero 0 hari duk pulau.

tell me why my name is david archuleta. ganoo?

yaya n omar...

great to see u both. pah ni make sure team derak pulau kte cukup 10 orang. tambah alias juara n jannah. yaya, u're gorgeous :)


i know u've tried so hard to make this happen but things did not turn out to be that way. it's ok. how i wish u could join us. teman sy dive. 1st dive sy sekoyo je ngan jenny. nmpk stingray besar gilo. n bnyk trigger fish. penat main elak2 ngan jenny.

perhentian island n kelantan...

i belong to these places. i'll be back. xtau bile but i'll go there again. for sure. i left my heart n memories there :)


naaah.. i know u're not gonna read this. sorry kak nis xlayan mimin smalam. buat2 tido coz hail im dead tired n kaki kak nis sakit. thank you for the secret recipe. i love you, blood sister.

rindu semua

make me high

payet said, we're at bali :))
hari ke-5. hahaha

got back from perhentian yday. abundance of apologies for no updates because i was 'paralyzed'. sort of.

landed my butt at home arnd 9am n straight away to the shower. i slept from 9++ till 7pm. woke up for err dinner? n 2 pieces of cheese cakes n drove back to cheras. continued sleeping from 10.30pm up till wednesday 9am. how's that? heeee. tell me something i dont know darling :)

my legs hurt badly. sakit sangat. i cant walk like a normal adult mammalian rite now.


ok before i start with more updates on perhentian island

i'd to start with few warnings...

1) i know someone is having a problem with cang's family. n obviously i'm on cang's side. u may read this blog for updates but i'm not gonna publicized anything. handle ur own problems.

2) i have lots of guy n girl friends. dont judge me by my photos. i have the right to upload any picture here.

3) i'm big enough to differentiate between enemies, ordinary friends, best friends, friend-for-benefit friends, crush and special boyfriend. again, u dont have to teach me or judge me.

4) when i'm into you, i'm not afraid to tell you bout my feelings because i'm sure of it. dont blame me. blame urself for making me fall in 'love'. this is general. im not pointing to any specific person.

5) if there's a 'i love you' or 'i miss you' shout outs to anyone, it doesn't mean that he/she is someone special to me. it can be anyone. i can hug u today n hate u the next day.