Saturday, February 28, 2009

sat n sun

enjoy your weekend :))

Friday, February 27, 2009


never thought i have lots of silent readers whose just eager to know more about the chaos.btw, thanks for reading.we know how to handle this rationally.

pictures everyone

its our night

the whole crew

the boys

war baby WAR


will upload more pics soon =))


Tuesday, February 24, 2009

that one week updates

updates ppl.sorry for lacking waiting for dat "cepat update blog!" ;p

just gonna type a quick updates.

so pictures everyone.

friday : went to lubuk yu.*swim baby swim* me n rara were like swimming from 6-7pm along with kuyu like nobody's business. ended up, sakit celah kangkang kaki ku.hahahaha.

saturday : high achievers club's members went to kuala gandah for lawatan suai kenal.a good n successful organizers,i must say .)

pehhh man...PEHHH.hahaha.faradona!sy kantoi di situ.

proud organizers

sunday : yesterday was jannah's birthday.she's legal yo!*jealous* so just to make it as a public affair, i'd like to wish her "happy birthday, darling" n we had a slumber party.

hahaha.gimme that LOOK.

happy birthday bitch.hugsss and kissesss

tuesday : today is ah chong's birthday.well, celebrated it last night with everyone.n told him bout how he'd actually created a 'ciong maniac' during battle of the band last week.

happy birthday, ciong =))

i am like, sick! bohoo..demam here, nauseous there. and it really stinks! n the taste in the mouth is just, disturbing!!!dammit.

im bringing back that pehh man..PEHHH.hohoho

i know u're craving for my updates coz its just me or bite me.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

live life to the fullest!

yes, that's what we did for the past two days.updates soon ;))

new discovery! the car driver of plate num B** 1001. pehh man...PEHH

Friday, February 20, 2009

keep updated

K-A-N-T-O-I.hohohoho.just like that.with just ONE phone call from your wife. we know u've been telling tales about your family and your wife which you think will make u look innocent.fuck you for, we cant even look straight to your eyes because we are afraid that we might shout to you like nobody's business. so we'll just let you live with your imaginary kids, UK n your germany. n we'll sure to give u the ugly look and the ultimate stink eyes.i must say, a taste of your own poison.

so today was COOL..classes ended at 12pm n no class tomorrow =) but my assignments are piling up that i feel its gonna crash n fall harshly on top of my face anytime soon. anyway, slept right after class n the best part was, i forgot to wipe the black eyeliner off so i found myself looking like a panda who just got electrocuted. so it took me for like 5 minutes just to wipe off the black eyeliner.

last week, we saw theres this one light blue proton gen-2 which happened to parked opposite of my car with an exos(dunno how to spell) stuffed with trashes. n so we wrote a note on a piace of 'top shop reciept' for the car's owner.something like, "awak, i think someone's trying to pull a prank on you. they stuffed your exost with papers. It's dangerous! loves from WRN 4355(mine) and WRN 8860(jannah's)" then the next day, he/she replied "awak..thank sebab dah selamatkan nyawa sy.awak baik la.loves from WNF 83" his/her hand-writting was soo neat that we think he/she is a GIRL.

n so now, the most interesting happened...

went to mat sapak for a dinner.had roti tampal n meggi we parked our car at the side of the road...imagine my amusement seeing a certain car, in a certain color and with a certain car license plate. ok so control lagi n searching for the possibility. hahaha.then, siti asked zamer, "who is the owner of that blue car". n without any hesitation, he replied, "budak meja belakang ni" n the person was *cuedrumrolls*....someone who is sooo familiar that nan once had a big fight with that gang last year.i'd rather say, there are my enemies.

now u know how this 'virtual' and 'imaginary' world work on you.even to your enemies.

rephrasing "so near yet so NEAR"

updating because i know someone's gonna read this tonight =)) *smile baby smile*

good night lovers...good night readers

Sunday, February 15, 2009

it's you

i think, i'm your biggest fan.....again

despite the challenge that he gave me because of the cacat-ness of his keyboard

even tho he replied after 8 hours

he never failed to make me smile again and again

thank you

be good

take care

hugss and kissesss

p/s : someone's gonna smile before he sleeps

happy 14th 2 day .)

happy valentine's day *i love you*

i'm back yo!hahaha. nasir made me update my blog!blame him.

hey im fully occupied over oh-i-cant-wait-to-get-online phrase.that was just those days.

nothing much to i told zahid, nak cite ape sgt pasal life kat jengka. he even called me pamalas for not updating my abandon blog.

so the safest

during high achievers club's members meeting

1st day of HARKEP

2nd day od HARKEP

thanks for coming!

  • oh talking bout harkep, a couple of cute guys definitely :)) but mesti all of them're like, younger than me say, by 2 years? attraction knows nothing of age kan?hahaha
  • shell pertrol station in jengka was a seriously.the machine for credit card payment(i failed when it comes to describing things) broke down n the bangla have to swipe the card in the counter n made me sign on the like, shitto, mati la klu kantoi sign next time, isi kat petronas.
  • im praying that jannh's, sit's n rara's family(boyfriend is included) would agrre with our vacation planning to indonesia.once again for me n rara but it's going to be the first time for all of us.plz plz plz.

i used to be your biggest fan

Thursday, February 5, 2009

its 4th of feb =)

forgive me if im lacking updates and all.been busy with bel(english subject) updates ye sayang2 ku...

  • last friday, we went to Gamat Healing factory at shah alam.met Tengku Affandi, the project manager n bla bla bla.nothing interesting.ok move on.......

  • n the next day, which is saturday, went to port dickson pulak for a short-2-days of vacation.gerak lambat n balik mcm x vacation pon sbenarnye.n nothing interesting compared to zahid's vacation :s

  • n yesterday is my lovely sister's birthday.wished her super late, around 8.30pm.honestly, i totally forgot. n im like, shitto today is 3rd.fuckness!.i i straight away called her. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BITCH! thank you for paying all my shopping expenses during the CNY hols. fells like heaven.exaggerating ngeh ngeh ngeh


  • n oh yeah, for our bel presentation, we have to make some sort of commercial video for our company.since my group mates scattered through out this country during the hols, so i decided to shoot the video all by myself.n thanks to muzamir,anuar,yas,nadi n azreen for making this video looks real yo!.eventho it was a bad recording from me.special thanks to nadi n muzamir, for staying up late up till 1 am to teman me to do those shits =) here is the pause to my ipod list n list to this video's u go....

  • n im sorry to you for being cranky the other night.when u asked me "nak tnye ape hari tu?" n im like "ntah.da mls nak tnye". sorry.u may not notice it but i feel guilty :( i know u're gonna read this.tu poon klu awk on9 lah kan.leave ur comment plz =)

  • n to azhar, good luck with ur relationship. jgn la nak jaga hati sgt.habis tu hati kau sape nak jaga.n nnti straighten rambut lagi nak?harharhar

  • additional pictures.dear enemies, save our picture coz it last longer =)

i love u bitches

n now im here in jengka n today is 4th of Feb. i love this date. i-love-you =)