Sunday, May 31, 2009

boy, we miss u too :(

sorry for lacking updates,sayang sayang ku. it's weekend. n im over that "i hv to go on9 24/7" feeling coz i have other important shits to do.

went to mid valley n scored shorts n beachwear.yeah.oh n a lovely pumps which i dunno when iam able to put on it. n a gorgeous oversized handbag which i have to share it wit nadi.but it's fine wit us.take turn.heee.


icang n alang : korang mmg rugi x kua ngan tahik musey ni sbb nak kuar ngan jannah, taqim n chong.duk la klantan tu naik storm drift atas padang sekolah.huh

jannah : i knw u want to see him.sorry for being annoying.u knw i love u,lady.

boy : sorry x sempat jmpe last thursday.i went back arnd time k syg? miss u too :(

nan : iam becoming ur dream devil coz i dun cry anymore.dah besar

updates later k?gtg.derak derak derak

cepat balik

Friday, May 29, 2009


take care
im gonna miss you

be good

Thursday, May 28, 2009

please stay

im into you
i'll wait for you no matter what
that's a promise

i love random phne call but last night's call was a random call that i hate. a friend of mine called n told me a bad sorry for u.i know u love her n i still remember those dreams that u told us before.tried to calm him down by telling him silly jokes but i knw it wasnt a good idea after all.hey, that's what friends are for aite.balik kl k?see u tomorrow or friday.

dont do silly things
miracles do happen
dont worry coz everything is gonna be fine

1001 reasons

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

sing me a song

kau luluhkan hati ini membuat segalanya indah
walau sesekali menjengah tiba
oh chinta
terasa bahagia
hanya menunggu saat dan tika


taqim gave me a random phne call n asked me to sing this song.aku tau kau sengaja sbb kau tau aku tgh buat ape time tu.hahaha.nah da nyayi :))

mimpi nisa mungkin

blue monday

i'm having the healthiest and laziest weekend in my entire holiday untill cang buzz-ed me on ym n said that they r coming to my house for downtown, cheras. along with other 2 crime partners,alang n taqim, they reached at my place arnd 10.30pm and we went for supper and later to downtown.jalan jalan n mkn tepi jalan untill 1am and straight to "bapok haunting" in kl. i was so excited since i never had one before. tapi mcm x berjaya je. they sang me tones n tones of love songs instead.sumpah gile aku jadinye oiii.

i always wanted to have a brother.a place for me to tell all my dirty little secrets n now i have not only one but three! they're my family. "sy xnak safe" :D taqim went back to jengka dis morning.super early, 6.30am. kagum dgn semangat taqim nak study.padahal ive made him stay for another one night sbb ajak pegi downtown yg xde pape tu.wait, i have made him stay for a week! fyi, short course for uitm students started on the 18th tapi taqim baru balik hari sminggu ponteng class. jahat dooo.

talking bout my missing broadband, im going to get a new one.da surrender nak cari :( there goes my money.haih.xpe2 ade org yg lagi clumsy smpai hilang ic 4 kali ;p

sent my whitey for service at perodua.ALONE.yes such a peh mann PEHH rite?.heee. waited there for few hours since im too lazy to make an appoinment.after a few hours of waiting, there was this official car of with its crew yg mcm gelabah n poyo nak mampus as if everyone is looking at them padahal xde sape pon pandang kau.xhadap la.annoying. and after 2 days at home, im craving for mcD.grrr

pulau pehentian this coming june 26 yo! haih cepat la june.

wait, im coming


look who's back with new hair cut n getting back her fringe *winks*

Sunday, May 24, 2009

healthy weekend

another personal record.i stayed at home today! that means, no fast food, no carbonated drinks n no inhalation of cigarettes smoke.but i need another swimming session.pls :)

not literally coz i woke up super early to send my cousin to pekeliling. then sent nenek to dialysis center. reached home arnd noon n had my 2nd sleep.woke up for the 2nd time n went back to cheras house to find my m.i.a broadband. pls muncul laaaa.n sleep again arnd 4 n woke up at 6.30.

my close friends, esp my sayangs know how bad i am when it comes to finding missing items.

cari 1st time, x jumpe
cari 2nd time, x jmpe
cari 3rd time, x jmpe
n i declare it as HILANG.

i misplaced my personal n important belongings all the time man! alzheimer gile. for instance, i thot i lost my car key untill cg said that my car key is in his car. mcm mane la boleh dlm kreta org lain. purse jgn cakap la, 20 kali kot. hp pon pernah.

if u have a guy-friend, how close is CLOSE is ur friendship. have u ever changed ur clothes infront of them? n share the same toilet? hahaha. at least i pernah.but never go beyond the limits yea. that's where the "bestfriendforever" word falls into. sek derat kito.

i dreamt about you frequently.i wonder, is this a sign or a normal behavior in sleeping cycle. jk jk jk jk.

just realised that i seldom write about my studies here. except during the month of finals.tu pon skit je. n sumhow, i dun bother to check n wait for my degree application status. i dont feel the anticipation anymore. grown up version of anyssa.hahaha. n now, im waiting for "nisa, dapat course ape?"

oh yea, for those who stalk my friend, zahid thru my blog, fyi, he is moving to new url which is do visit yea :)

random updates

Saturday, May 23, 2009


guess what?i've made a personal record during j-card day at jusco ou eventho most of the stuff dat i bought weren't from jusco ;p we've been lingering+shopping around in ou from 10.46am to 6.38pm yo!

my daily routine revolves around them n i feel loved. the best part was when taqim texted me n asked to join him,icang n alang for swimming session at bestari.even when i said that i could'nt make it coz i was still at ou, they insist me to go n wait for me.heeee. bederat sokmo sek kito.


rock climbing

swimming session

rock climbing, 2 swimming sessions, dive-n-find-the-marble game, kajang for d'zul classic n 2 nights at damansara, make me miss someone.called u on the first night tp mcm xnak da mls da nak call :)

nak tido.happy weekend.

shower of happiness

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

are you in?

my writing mood yeay another post :)

i was looking at all pictures that were taken last semester n i miss everyone.

sumone gave me the suggestion to upload more pics in my blog.senang la nak stalk bestfriend aku tu.kan awk mungkinnn. tapi sy pasti. hahaha.

national park.
everything was fine untill our pms came.hahaha.our own theory saying that when u're super close with someone(girl), eventually ur pms cycle will be the same is proven.

lepak-ed with icang n taqim yday.alang n bodak joined later n we went to scuba equipment shops nearby hartamas n jalan universiti.alang bought a muliti-pupose knife n he was super excited with it.hahaha.n we did some vandalism with that knife.heee sorry mcd mutiara damansara.they had a loooong conversation bout scuba diving n they made me even more excited to take scuba diving lisence.sabar nisa, june is around the corner :DD

i wanna go to rhythm of unity concert this coming 23rd. no no i NEED to go bcause letto is here in kl yo! icang, teman laaa. naa..boleh la swipe card eh?

mimpi indah semua

hugs n kisses to nisa :)


to my troublemaker brother,

study la oii.

u knw how much I love u rite?

so dun take that for granted.

when i was in jengka, without failed, i will remind u to study by sending u text msg sumting like, "study.jgn banyak you.mmmuuaaahhh"

im gonna miss ur "kak nis, bile balik rumah?nak shopping"

no matter what they said bout u,

no matter how spoiled you are,

kak nis will always love you.


Monday, May 18, 2009

waterski & wakeboard champ

Padiwat "Bomb" Jaemjan, awesome wakeboard star is here in Malaysia yo!

This Hong Kong guy is such a pehhh man...PEHHH ;p

icang...mane kau?urghhh

im free this whole plan of going anywhere.except for my lepak routine lah kan. still waiting for icang's n j's confirmation on gua tempurung trip n rhythm of unity concert dis coming weekend.haih kawan kawanku, make up ur mind.heee.i on je.

i dunno whether its me being such a spoiled brat or the weather.but the heat is killing me.i have never turn on my room a/c for 5 hours straight at nite n now im doing it.usually its only 2-3 hours.n i've been drinking a lot to avoid dehydration.this is scaryyy...i guess everyone will go naked by 2019 :D cool heh.

yes, im angry.puas hati?

Sunday, May 17, 2009


nak senyum sampai tertido boleh?

nisa nisa nisa...mesti kau comel mcm nisa :D

night world

mimpi indah semua

patut la susah sgt nak jawab


cant get enough of events. and more events to go, thats for sure.eventho my skin is burnt like u-can-never-imagine.

putrajaya waterski & wakeboard championship...

cang, baik awk pegi esok.bawak kereta gegar kau, gegar kan putrajaya n gegarkan jantung aku.hahahaha.

sky(i called him baby) is here in cheras yo!nak jumpe nak jumpe nak jumpe nak jumpe.x kire.nak jumpe jugak.wlupon jarum minyak kereta ku dah lena baring tertidur :D

changed my comment anonymous, drop ur comment :)

Saturday, May 16, 2009

after all, we're family

"kak nis, bile balik cheras?nak ajak shopping"

been a while since d last time we had our dinner together.yes, anak lokman ni asik bejalan :D

mane ni?xbalik lagi ke? :(

rambut...cepat la panjang

dah, nak tido.tomorrow is another day.

waterski & wakeboard championship.

hug kuat kuat

Friday, May 15, 2009

national park

still cant find myself the "time" to wrap up all the experiences in national park in one post. sigh. time, i need you.

ok lets on any picture to enlarge

personally, this is a new experience for me.had a preparation shopping for this i said before, jogging is a big no no for me.xkan nak pkai swimming suit or dress masuk hutan plak kan :D

we purposely drove to jerantut instead of taking bus to jerantut just to get the feeling of a after lepak at cang's place arnd 3 am, we took a short nap n woke up at 4am. we slept for 1 freaking hour and prayed that none of us faint or had a mental disorder.heee

due to cang's 'tido mati', i had to drive my car to cang's place just to wake him up by knocking alang's room at the back of his house.we reached jerantut safely eventho cang's driving can cause u a heart attack :D

1st day:

there are 2 ways to get to kuala tahan from kuala tembeling jetty, by bus for one hour or 3 hours of river crossing by boat n we chose boat.

boat riding caused my so-not-fair-skin even darker.sunburn.

our first activity is the cave exploration.saw several orang asli settlement along the track.i can say that gua telinga exploration is the best activity we had within that 3 days.inside the cave, u'll see various shapes of stalactites and stalagmites and it is advisable to bring along torchlight coz its dark inside plus the track is soo narrow that it can only fit one person at a time. the best part was when u saw thousand of bats just above ur head. batman yo!

pokok meranti

look.this is what i meant by, this cave can only fit one person at a time

above awesome.centimeters away from ur head yo! mata pon da mcm batman dah :DD

we had a night jungle trekking on the first night.saw some creatures and the activity was stopped due to heavy rain and strong wind.

2nd day:

woke up arnd 8.30am, get ourselves ready for bfast and started our jungle trekking,canopy walkway n tahan mountain view activities.the canopy walkway is a suspension bridge hanging 40 meters above the ground and 520 meters in length. the walkway offers visitors a scenic walk among the tree tops to observe nature at close range.

on our way to the longest suspension bridge walkway in the wold

sape ckp sy takut? :))

from the lowest to the highest, heaven-est to the shebbiest place in the world.we still managed to had times of our life.

after we had our lunch, we were damn excited for rapid shoot and orang asli settlement visit.jmpe kawan lama.hahaha.

sumpit.i even did better than icang ;p

orang asli village

rapid shoot activity

night safari was whole of 'lipat melipat' thingy.hahaha.found few kucing hutan, few species of birds n insects.

then lepak lepak lepak

3rd day:

last day was more to free n easy we took the chance to wake up late n walked to lubuk simpon. we took the 2pm boat ride to kuala tembeling jetty.

the best travel mate

lubok simpon

end of the trip.
awak,look at the cap n say something

next plan.putrajaya waterski & wakeboard championship.grrrr

see.another 'i love your random phone call'

Thursday, May 14, 2009


just got back from national park.updates later k sayang sayang ku :D

good good.

called you coz i miss you

Sunday, May 10, 2009

survivor.yes i am

good night world
mimpi indah

dah 3 tahun ke? :D

right after our last paper.big smile darling :D i will seat infront of her for evry paper since part 1. p/s look at your birthday present :))

the initial plan was to went back straight after dinner at phuket.but they managed to make my cry like nobody's business and delayed to the next, after we sent pok cek at the bus station arnd 8.30, lepak-ed for 2 hours and drove straight to jerantut for kereta api experience until 1.30am.n lepak again.n straight to cong's place.haih perempuan ni x penah naik kereta api do.cacat.

1.30 am at jerantut train station


bbq n swimming at lubuk yu

uitm jengka
new building for applied science and civil engineering students

share farm soon to be hostel for students.

pasar rabu.cendol cendol cendol

survivor.yes i am.

d.i.y pink painted room.

i have a reason why im not good in saying goodbye this time around.most of my friends are from different course and intake. chong+sky( dip in computer since part 5), cang+taqim+fifi+pokcek+yein+ ec crew (dip in civil engineering), boy (dip in business), nan+zahid+bean+mud+the rest (dip in plantation n ape eh? dpim), taqim (dip in civil engineering part 5). n some of then are from kelantan.there will be a high possibility that im not gonna see them again.

p/s : i wish i can tell u everything without any bad feelings. tell u that i miss u n ask where have u been. i wish i can call n text u anytime and whenever i feel like to. i love your random phone call.

next post on national park.

company profile :D website ape?

good bye note

okay okay as promised...

shoutout to few ppl.ready? :) mostly to those whom i've spent my time for the past one month.n phuket everyday.

jannah n icang : we started this and we end this together up till the very last second. thank god i found you 3 years ago.

cong : die sayang awak.jgn fikir bukan2.percaya ckp sy.

sky aka baby : babyyyy napo tido hari nisa kelik?doh oyak suruh bangun pagi key.ngaji molek deh.sayang awak.

pok cek : the hardest person for me to let kenal awk dari part 1.n skang da habis x balik mlm 8hb tu sebab sy nak hantar awk balik.

taqim : u're like my sure to see u again worries.dont do silly things.shit happens but on top of that, miracles happen too :)

rara n siti : im sorry that i've been busy wit my friends lately.ra, nnti teman i buat brazillian wax.maluuu.i love you loyal n straight.

aizat : aih nak post gambar ni kat blog.hahahah.remember how we met? ;p rindu aizat nnti.high achivers la sangat kte ni.bergembira lah pagi langkawi dgn penasihat tersayang.hahahha.

bitches : haih lamenye nak tggu smpai surat naik court.smpai kterang da grad dah pon.its obvious who is the winner and who won the capital L award.LOSER :D

n to the rest, too many.thank you for the memories.

let it be coincidence not waiting