Tuesday, December 30, 2008

im leaving

date : 29th
time : 11.10am
mood : sick

good bye everyone =( im leaving this place.shit i hate this feeling.siti, janah n rara da sampai.i blom betolak pun lagi sebab blum habis kemas.gile banyak barang okay!.plus,i hv fever+cough+sore throat+headache.urghhhh

texted a lot of ppl to say dat im leaving.hahah.dunno wut's my intention in d first place.mintak simpati mayb?i dunno wut category of phobia im into.

to nadi,yas n mimin : bbye =( im leaving.jmpe time cuti chinese new year nnti.shopping k?time tu kak nis n kak di dah kaya.$$$.wud not be able to say good bye to them since there are away for picnic.

but kereta yg hampir penuh.n ada banyaaaak lagi barang.lyke seriously banyak.

*sume ayat pon ada im leaving.*

Sunday, December 28, 2008


time : 11.35pm

oh da 2 hari x update.so im back readers

good evening world =)

I've been busy this whole week.going out is lyke my every day routine since holiday started.n now it has come to an end.im going back to jengka in less than 24 hours.shit.i have not pack anything yet.

plus, im sick,this headache is killing me.i dunno how and where to start packing since my stuffs are everywhere*dat shows how unmanageable i am.aha*bought 'jengka groceries' at tesco just now.i thought of going back after new year but one of my friend told me that college registeration will be closed on 29th.i have no choice since tomorrow is 29th. =( knowing that my bitches and fifi are going back tomorrow as well makes me feel better.cang da ada kat jengka.so esok boleh lepak!

i guess i will not be able to blog in this few weeks since im in jengka.the line sucks man.even if u pay 10ringgit for the so called internet-fee, that does not ensures u to get 24hours of smooth connection.believe me.

-n to you,im not blaming u.dont get me wrong.text me if u miss me.i love random moring wish n text msg.take care n be good.im gonna miss u.

ok i need my beauty sleep.klu ada masa, i post 1 lagi blog sbelum bertolak esok.im driving to jengka.headache ni mcm bagi bad sign kat i yg i akn pening mcm ni kat jengka nnti bile clas dah start.its okay syg, one more sen to go.wohoo!

good night world.find the most comfortable spot for u to sleep ya.loves loves~

Saturday, December 27, 2008


time : 11.30pm

have u ever feel that u want to go back home as early as possible because u know that someone is waiting for u?

have u ever feel happy but shock at the same time when u knw that someone is tracking ur life
but in a good way?that someone reminds u that u have not update ur blog today?someone is reading wut u felt n he knws u're talking bout him?i dont wanna make it obvious but seems lyke it is obvious to you.

have u ever feel that u wanna face ur enemies n show off ur result?telling them that u finally did it when they diden?*ok this is jahat.hahaha*

im ready for another 3 months of nerd life.knowing that prof tahir, one of my favourite lec is going to teach us again.at least, 1 A dalam tangan *woot woot*

im still thinking bout my future.nak jadi ape ni?i need someone to talk to.my dad?i dont think so.i need that someone.

rambut, cepat la panjang.nasir, betul la ckp awk.1 bulan tumbuh 8mm sbb skang rmbut sy dah panjang skit =)

oh just changed setting for blog's comment.so silent readers, kindly drop ur comment.

n to my dear friend, azhar

happy 19th birthday.

good night world, happy weekened n smile as u wake up tomorrow =)

Friday, December 26, 2008

merry christmas

merry christmas everyone =))

turun la santa claus n tunaikan semua hajat saya.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


good morning world

i love random morning text msg esp from d one dat i've been waiting for =)))

im too lazy to write.boy, u must hate me for dis. coz i diden write dat much. -.-"

to be successful, u must have ur own efficient way to study.one of my not-proven way to study is by pictures/graphics. i hate words.its not in my DNA.trust me.i cant force my eyes to concentrate on sentence-by-sentence.i'll end up tido mcm babi then.

penang was awesome.very much similar wit kl n bangsar.2 days trip is not enough but we managed to visit most of interesting places.so ppl, plan your journey well.d first thing u need to find is find yourself a MAP.dont ever think that if u're good in solving problem is equal to good in finding the right route or places.than u're totally wrong n u'll end up driving in da same circle over n over again esp in penang. u gotta deal with it,darling.

so pics in penang everyone =))

1st day : kek lok si temple

1st day : penang hill/bukit bendera
n i had my first fake tatoo here..im loving it :)

1st day : next stop, nasi kandar line clear but no pic.next, we went to batu feringhi night market
looks familiar.ahaha
2nd day : cant rmmbr dis street's name but obviously in penang.hihi

he's da master behind all d retard faces dat his kids did.i love you

2nd day : toy museum
oh we love this place.took a loot of pics in here.more pics at my friendster acc ya.
im 20 ppl!hihihi

another im 20 pic.heee

2nd day : queens bay mall

i need to talk to someone but he's not here for me.too bz i guess (+ve) or annoyed (-ve)

make more love ppl~

thinking of someone =)

time : 1.04am

im back, readers =))

update later with looots of pics.

p/s : when u read my blog, at least i knw dat u are thinking of me or u were thinking of me.thank you =)

and, when i mention ur name, it shows that i'm thinking of you!

need my beauty sleep ;p

make more love readers


oh on9 tadi?okayyyy....im done.god, i need a new hope

Monday, December 22, 2008

happy sunday readers =))

time : 1am

rasa mcm nak text awk tapi xnak lah.mesti awk da tido.or tgh tgk movie.or kat luar tgh lepak.or doing wutever u're doing.i konw u're one of my silent reader.i dun mind coz i was the one recommed my blog for u to read.n u were all smiling when u read my blog.haih.slap me!

went to zahid's place.ade majlis cukur jambul for baby ahmad aiman nasaie.told him "besar nnti belajar rajin2.nnti boleh dapat 4 flat"heee.then, siapkan nan pnye final practical report kat mcD smpai pukul 12.30am.n now im home.told ya, im bz today.

im off to penang tomorrow.vacation,darling!

to boy, sorry sayang.im too bz dat i cant upload all d pics during my bbq last friday.upload lepas i balik penang k?or nnti u amik kat laptop i kat jengka.

one more week left for holiday.jengka is waiting for me n my bitches.im sure it will be a hectic semester for us next semester. esp for ETR subject n organizing High Achievers Club's event.damn! encik cuti, nnti mesti kite rindu kat awak.kte xnak balik jengka,tolong la kte.n to encik jengka, kte x rindu kat awak pon.bwek!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

im smiling :)

oh well..last night was awesome. my families,my bitches (janah,rara n siti), boy, fifi, suf, auntie ani n family,neighbours (cik umi, cik pah n cik faezah), azreen,anuar,muzamil, acap, nazmi. the sleepover thingy wet well too. thank you for coming, boyfriends and girlfriends =)).n thank you for d lovely presents...za8 told me that he cant join d bbq.sbb ada date ngan papa.hahaha.woke at 12 pm on d next day sebab letih gile! n we took a loooot of pics dat nite...here r some of d pics.too lazy to upload.sorry guys.

sayangs - fifi,sit,rara,nyssa,nan,boy

anuti ani's family - yati,yana,yana's bf,baby n lagi sorang x ingt.hee.thank you for the dkny perfume =))

adik2 ku - yas,acap,nyssa,nazmiaunti ani - nice to meet u aunti =))

wit plz-tell-them-dat-i-am-single, anuar



bitches - nyssa,rara,jannah

bitches - rara,sit,nisa

after after after....

thank you for the day =))

boy, ur fav pic =)
webcam-ing ;p

n banyak lagi gambar tapi malas + mengantuk.

so hari ni pegi the curve with sayangs.saw hanna n her bf.n after dat, rushed to jusco near my houze as we are late for d dinner wit my family (nan is included).janji 8pn tapi smpai 8.30pm.

love u bim.muax!

"boleh tolong amik gambar kterang x?"
chat ngan sy smpai awak tertido.nak webcam lagi bole?nite superman =))

n im bz tomorrow.

happy sunday readers =))

Friday, December 19, 2008

thank you for the day

date : 19th december

thank you for the birthday wishes sayang2 ku =))

first first first 0_o
text msg - nan.
ym - nasir.since u read my blog.jgn terasa ye.sy xde maksud pape pon.thank you superman =))
phone call - my sayang.kembar.mariana n mariati.
house - nadi, yas n yan.then my grandma came along.

p/s yg lain2 tu try lain kali ye.heee

n thank u yg lain2 for birthday wishes =)

im hving a bbq party tonite.n now, siti n rara da smpai.bye!pics later.

anyssa,awak da besar

happy birthday,anyssa

awak dah 20 tahun

Thursday, December 18, 2008

tuhan itu maha adil


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

stupid mistake

focus on that "official" calander on that "official" website of uitm. 16th dec.wei uitm bodo.skang da 17th laa.patut la result x kua2.kau pnye jam tu salah.BODO!!!! btw, it's 2.10 am.heee.cant sleep.zahid's middle name is trouble

tido nyenyak ye readers =))

at this moment :

time : 1.50am

i can't sleep

my body is having sympathetic nervous system

find yourself the most comfortable spot for you to sleep. good night readers =))

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


i mish u - u do you hv to spell miss as in m-i-s-h?both words contain 4 letters.y do have to type mish instead of mish?sounds lyke duffy duck.

sUmTinG Lyke This - the most utterly disgraceful way someone could type.are'nt you tired to tap caps lock/shift every now n then?i just dont understand.

riban/rat - originally frm ribu n ratus.i think, these words belong to mat rempit even though some guys use these words.i dont think it's that difficult to pronounce ratus n ribu rite?

your boy - this is annoying.y cant u just say, your boyfriend?wut's with the boy?or girl?

luff - hahaha need i say more? even a 3 years old girl knows how to spell 'love'.or shud i make it clearer to you. l+o+v+e. it's simple, darling.n i prefer love than luv.it'll be more meaningful.

text msg:
i'm sure i'll get sumthing lyke this tomorrow.

a : hye...cuti ni buat ape? (i know ur intention,bodo)
me : oh xde buat pape.u?
a : oh i pon x buat pape.hehehe.result nisa brape? (see, told ya)
me : 3.**..u?
a : oh dapat dekan lagi.tahniah.i pnye sikit je.x mcm u pnye.malu lah nak bgtau.

n u'll never get my text msg anymore.stupid.nak tnye org pnye, pastu xnak bgtau die pnye.selfish.bersyukur je lah.

somthing to share :
menari lah dan terus tertawa
walau dunia tak seindah syurga
besyukurlah pada yang kuasa
cinta kita di dunia...selamanya

pic of the day =))

make more love readers =))

updates =))

hello readers =))

im back.it's a blue monday.im too lazy to think n write.

saturday n sunday

my neighbour's son got married last week end. it was blast =)) since my family and this particular family are close, we were eventually involved in most of the preparations. except for me. an anti-social daughter of lokman n afizah.malas sebenarnye =) attended the ceremony on sunday aje.heee

the best part was, i had a great time with my childhood friends =D it's been ages since the last time i talked to them. they are closer to my sister since she's here 24/7 while i'm struggling with my nerd life in jengka. n buat2 banyak kerja padahal lari xnak buat kerja.hahahaha

the suck-est part was, my ex's family was there too.shitt.trashed n channeled u looooong loooong time ago n now u're back?shhhhuuuhhhh.pegi main jauh2.

pictures =)

spoilt brother.iloveyouaksi bermanja - manja.aha

n to zahid.congrats =)) u're an uncle now.i guess it was u who texted me yesday.kan hari tu phone nisa hilang.automatically, sume num pon hilang.

zahid : 'the bubbles from his lips – indicates he is ready for a French kiss'
picture of cute Ahmad Aiman Nasaie =))

good night beautiful readers.thanks for reading =)

upcoming vacation

had a short conversation with my mother.complained to her im dying coz im too bored T_T

daughter : jadi ke pegi penang?asik duk rumah je

mother : jadi la.lepas bufday party nis tu.ahad ke isnin ke

daughter : oh x pegi pulau redang lagi ke?

mother : bulan 3 tahun depan kte pegi la..

daughter : oh?(excited skit)yeke?boleh la amik lesen scuba diving?hari tu da janji kan.

mother : ha boleh lah.tapi free ke time tu?xde clas?

daughter : ala boleh kot ponteng sehari dua.amik lesen ngan yas skali la?kan kene duduk pulau tu 4 5 hari.

mother : ha boleh la.

YEAY!!!(excited banyak)skip january.skip february.i want march!!!!cant wait.im fucking excited.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

can't seem to think of any title

time : 11.40 pm
mood : restless

hectic n busy weekend.update later n many things to say.for now, at least.

im too sleepy to think.later k readers =) iknowthatonedayyouaregoingtoreadmyblog.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

i need no sign

time : 11.59am

woke up early today.10am.(xde la awal sgt kan).unfortunately, there's no bfast left for me!!dat's y i hate waking up early coz i'll end up in swinging mood for d whole day.haiah.luckily i hv dis good n obedient sister,mimin.she cooked me maggi telur.heee.yea i know bfast is d most important meal of d day but i rarely had one.

i love wearing dress.fyi, i hv dis skinny bird legs.one good way to hide it is by wearing sumting loose n shapeless lyke a dress.tadaa.i hv a hard time to find jeans or long pants dat suit me well.uk6 can be considered loose for me.i guess i hv to shop at kids department.hohoho.so forget about wearing zara,mng,top shop or etc yea anyssa.on my way to collect moreeee dress.

some pics:

n ada dress yg x pkai lagi.haih i need to go out =(

n to my not-a-friend-but-more-to-a-stalker.i dun want to approve u as my friend bcoz i knw ur intention,girl.u hv dis some kind of bad habbit.look at my pics n bitching around about wut im wearing?u're wasting ur time.i dun hv any cash to give u.pity n pathetic.i dun want to be ur plan b or c.get a life laaa.

n to you,i need no sign.tell me dat u're annoyed n im done.i'm big enough to accept it.(im not a girl...not yet a woman.hahaha.)

look, im in swinging mood sebab bangun awal tapi xde bfast.

happy saturday readers =)

Friday, December 12, 2008

my oh my!

time : 4.57pm
mood : refreshed :)

last nite, i had a dinner wit my big fat family. every1 was there except for my brother.its been ages since d last time we gathered. will post some pics later.

ok ppl, im officially bored =( my car is running out of petrol as well as my cash.sgt la pandai kan. i need another great vacation.redang island was super great though :) last semester break, me n rara went to medan.it was above great.let's do it again, blur.Jakarta perhaps?n oh-i-miss-dis-girl-so-much.cant wait for d sleepover thingy.off to penang for a vacation in two weeks time.

gtg gorgeous.out wit my superman.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

my mind said, "i need rest"

time : 7.26pm
mood : still in parasympathetic mood

hello beautiful ppl =))

make urself free on Dec 19th coz im inviting u to my hze for a bbq from 8 pm onwards. u cn sleepover too =))...invited most of petang2 lepak frens back in jengka(my bimbos,pipi,pok cek, boy, taqim n cang).but i doubt icang, pok cek n taqim can make it as they r in klantan during dis hols. it's okay =)) it's going to be a private bbq party for uitm frens as well as my brother's n sister's friends.

still freaking out evrytime i think of result. sumhw, i want it to be out as early as possible so dat i dun hv to think bout it anymore n enjoy d rest of my holiday peacefully = o

n i want to be lyke her =)) she's pretty.she got 4 flat since part 3 onwards. n now she's doing medic at uitm shah alam. kakak farah, i wish i cn be ur nentee(did i spelled it correctly?hee) but i think it's too ambitious since my cgpa is not dat high =/

curik frm ur friendster.heee

oh yea, one more thing. if u own an acc of friendster, myspace or facebook, kindly use ur REAL name yea?u dun have to use ur exact name as in wit ur first n last name but enough to make ppl recognize u.ni pakai nama princess la ape la.annoying tau.no offense 0_o

im too lazy n im sick of waiting

loves loves~

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

i think, im into you

time : 3.30 pm
mood : missing someone

hello beautiful people =))


many things to write but i'm too lazy.my body is in parasympathetic mood.

tadaa beautiful ppl.update later

Monday, December 8, 2008

after all, we're family

friday, 5th

dad : esok bwk adik2 jalan2 kl blh?sian die xpenah pegi even d national museum pon(pathetic rite?)
me : ha?malas lah. unless kte 1 family pegi. jom? esok? (sat)
dad : ha ok lah. esok siap awal2 n dtg cheras awl. (since i;ll b sleeping at my grandma's hze in kajang dat nite)

sat, 6th
i cn say dat we are'nt a super duper close family.kesian mimin(youngest sister).parents r bz working.in fact, they're working today.sisters r bz wit their bf n frens.spoilt brother yg lepak evryday.haha.she stays at home all d time during hols.xde sape nk bwk jalan2.

so there u go. we went to "d-most-familiar-place-ever" kl.hahaha.first stop was at national palace n last stop was batu caves.we had fun n took a lot of pic as well.i'll update pics in my next post. n to u, imissuverymuch.nak web cam lagi bole?

tadaaa beautiful ppl.loves loves

Sunday, December 7, 2008

hop-on-hop-off kuala lumpur

some pics to share:

ok we'll go here first, then here, then here

my favs =)) sory abg guard.

we managed to move the train.haha

ilyas's art work

advertisement : "kak nis, tukar kasut lah.kaki melecet"
fyi, we hv d same size.

holy place for indians, batu caves

crawling up, up n up

blood sisters

good night beautiful ppl.loves loves