Sunday, July 3, 2011

growing up

I'll pass on the tioman post because most of the pictures of us girls are just...err exposed. But all in all, it was one of the best vacation i've ever had. Oh make it double coz i went there twice! yes, you read me. Twice, darling. Two times in two consecutive weeks. Sorry perhentian and cang, tioman won! Big time.

Many things happened there. What happened in Salang, Tioman stays in Salang, Tioman.

I learn about life from real people, experience and diving.

It was amazing fun just being around each other especially jannah, reminiscing on everything- our best and worst times although only yaya and I went for diving.

Time has its way of passing you by without you realizing it.

Dear Jannah,

I'm still registering in my head that u will be working(practical, whatever) tomorrow. I mean, it felt like just yesterday we cried for getting an A- for Biology, and the next thing I know is that you're working.

And last week we laughed so hard taking silly pictures and tomorrow, you'll be dressed in working attire! May god bless you, young lady.

hahahaha.kill me now

But no worries, your rumah sewa is just 5 mins away from my cheras house. I'll be buzzing your house every 5 mins. We might have a sleepover there. You, me in our pyjamas.


Anonymous said...

nisa, u ade fb? i need to ask u something regarding studies.

anyssa said...

you can just add me at ym instead.