Saturday, June 27, 2009

such a turn off

im leaving in less than 6 hours but cang just called n informed bout something bad. bad as in BAD. ughhh. he couldn't join us due to someone's mistake :( uhh i feel like crying. kau(referring to someone else) mcm sial laa... kau da buat kwn kau nangis tau x.

to icang,

hold on sayang. it's ok. we're here with you. will be seeing u soon :(

to janah,

how i wish u could join us n we're together at this moment. through thick n thin :(

tsk tsk tsk

Friday, June 26, 2009

sky is the limit

one more night to go n im off to kelantan n perhentian island. it's gonna be a bigger crowd this time around. yaya, alang's gorgeous gf n her brother will join us. so there's 8 of us. only if nasir joins us. or else it's gonna be 7 :( pegi laaa...

many vacations in one holiday make me feel loved. national park. 2 vacations at perhentian along with shoppingsss n other activities. all in less than 2 months. im not gonna calculate how much i've spent but i'll leave it to u to calculate on ur own :)

to be honest, i can't see where is my future rite now. seems dark. degree is totally not in my rocking mind right now. im not ganna talk bout my studies here. keep holding on, anyssa. everything's gonna be alright ;p all i want is another great vacation. well, gonna have it in less than 2 days.

need to re-pack my bag. later.

tunggu sekejap je...

up till u reach the sky

hang in there

im coming

to make u feel good

or even better

im off to bed now

it's friday btw

going to kelantan on saturday nite

then off to perhentian island

cant wait for next dive :)

im ready for another tanned session

im sorry

but im taking back my love

im preparing u for the bad days

happy friday, love

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

my wonder women

everyone is being soo annoying today. cal cal, x angkat. haih.

done wit some i-need-to-do tasks today. paling penting didunia, sy bngun pkul 8.30am okay. wasnt really a good accomplishment since i wanted to wake up at 8am. snooze snooze smpai 8.30am. n wasnt easy since i slept at 3am yday n had a hugee fight. grr. sakit hati smpai nak mati.

oh yess.. i bumped with my best-est friend in the world. atielia. panjang umur. baru sebut nama kau kat previous post :) met her during the medical check up. i was lost n clumsy that time. as much as i hate going to these kind of places.

i was
mane bilik 10 ni??

then, i heard a voice
oitt NISA!!

the first question she asked me
oi apesal kau hitam sgt nih. ewww.

then her mum made it more obvious by saying
haah la anyssa da hitam. pegi mane smpai jadi mcm ni


dont be fooled by the pic coz she's naturally f-ing fair ;p
u're beautiful, love. as always

sigh. i miss this girl. eventho now we have different circles of friends, u're still my wonder women smpai mati. keep my words :)

oh oh oh. she said, i still have the same smile, laugh, black hair n attitude which are clumsy n buat muka pantat kalau bad mood even after 8 years :))

n i was in my fuggliest dressing ever. loose tee, old jeans n my hair? as if i just had a nightmare 5 minutes ago. sorry la, never thot that im gonna bump or meet with anyone. heee. keep this in mind anyssa. your friends are everywhere.

zahid, u're my superman! sometimes, i can be so annoying. or maybe all the time ;p

terpikat kali ke dua

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

19:19 pm

perhentian island
i wanna be here

been in silent mode this past few days. since i gt back from perhentian. sorry for the lacking updates, darlings.

no intention to make it a public affair. but.. icang, pujuk papa please :( i have no problem with 28th but it'll be better on 25th. gotta talk to u as soon as u land ur butt in malaysia.

i think im still in holiday mood. everything is just chill n take it easy for me untill atielia n others said that i nedd to apply this n that, do this n that. they were like, "medical check up dah buat? dah accept tawaran? dah print? nnti tarikh tutup dah n etc". n im like," erk? blommm. urghhh." pastu gelabah tnye zahid this n that. u must be annoyed when the next time i ask u the same question again. hahaha.

n having this postgraduate syndrom whereby my day starts at 12pm n ends arnd 4am make things worse. planned to have an early bird wake up but mission failed. woke up 10.30am instead. sigh.

bumped with lean just now. it was just a 2 mins conversation. she told me dat she's leaving to Melbourne this coming sunday. gotta lepak with her before she leaves.

chong, piju n me have our own theory. it goes like, with just ONE glance, if u notice that the time is showing a repeating numbers, it's a hint that someone is missing you. for instance 12:12am or 03:03am. you cant wait, that's the rule. cool thing aite? heee

im craving for good food. cake n choclate please. SOMEBODY CALL NINE ONE ONE!!! annoying annoying annoying :))

oh it's 19:19 pm :))

Saturday, June 20, 2009

perhentian island

3 days since i got back from kelantan n perhentian. sorry for late updates. i've been sleeping like a pig. seriously. my day starts at 2pm n ends at 4am nowdays. n 2 hours of nap in the afternoon. need to re-set my biological clock back to normal.

1st day

arrived in kelantan arnd 6 pm. icang n payet picked us up n we stayed at ridel hotel for 2 nights. basically our first n second day were filled with lepak n jalan2. met salman n baby sky too. maleebu hannah montana is the best place to lepak along with a free show from surfyeat.hhaha

click on any to enlarge

8++ hours in bus was tiring man. i was soo tired that i fell asleep in the car almost all the time. gotta get use to it.


2nd day

im bad in remembering names of places. sorry.

wanted to meet kembar but they were already on their way to kl. org kl dtg kelantan, org kelantan pegi kl pulak. its ok. there's always next time.

n we met jiji n nik at pengkalan chepa. armada if im not mistaken.

sleeping buddha


pantai seri tujuh


3rd day

woke up as early as 4.30am. rushed to kuala besut jetty for 7.30am boat. da la sume x mandi except for me n janah. obviously ;p

the mabuk laut scene was the funniest part when we were on the boat. shall upload the video later later. cant stop laughing to surfyeat jokes. sumpah kelakar smpai keluar air mata.

payet n alias juara. on the boat

1st confined water dive.
the exhilarating breathing underwater for the first time is the moment that i'll never forget.

the surfer. the cheerleaders. the hardcore kayak-ers

since im taking the license, i have to put on my rash guard n wet suit all the time.
no time for swimming
no time for kayak-ing
too little time to spend with them :(


4th day

cang had to go home coz his uncle passed away but he came back in the afternoon. so while me n yas went to our 2nd confined water dive, payet, taqim n j went for a back to back kayak session. u shud see janah's new 'skin'. burnt man... BURNT! hahaha.

welli thought that we're gonna stay there for 4 days. he was shocked when i said that we're staying for 3 days only. so he had to reschedule the dive trips. 3 dives in one day make me high. i was damn tired that cang had to drag me to nearby restaurant for dinner n janah had to make few important phne calls for me. sounds exaggerating heh but it's true!

she's smiling :)

angles n devils of perhentian. pulau dop?

self-timer nak?

janah, cang, taqim n payet went to this 'windmill' station. the view from top was breathtaking. wanted to tag along but i have to pass the chance due to hectic schedule.

is your skin tanned as ours?


4th day

real dive time!


double :)

triple :)

the tank was soo heavy that i have to use all my energy to carry it to the shore. i cant even lock the bcd(jacket) to the tank n i have to use my hand n knees together to attach it. grrr. kuat nisa kuat.

left: ilyas
right : anyssa
depth : 17 m

exam. cang 'helped' me out on one question ;p

divers :))
ermm payet mcm cuba nak membuktikan sesuatu di situ

will be back SOON

on our way back to kb

slept at wani's(cang's gf) house n went out to celebrate cang's birtday. n yday was wani's birthday. so happy belated birthday darling :)

everyone. sayang semua


u make me good when i hurt so bad

u make me smile when im sad

u make me stand up when im about to fall

smiling again n again :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

craving for more

take a look at the video first yea.

will write more detailed updates on my next post. badan sakit lagi :(

credits to icang for this video and other underwater pics. n the rest, thanks to janah, taqim n surfyeat. n nasir as well :)

do you know that everyday is the first for the rest of your life. so lets live life to the fullest.


new world

ok ok updates.

its 2.40pm n i just woke up

my body is aching. sakit sgt :(

just went back from kelantan n pehetian island yday

missing everyone already :(

no worries

im going again on this 25th for another dive


a special wish to...

megat irsan bani

happy 21st birthday
wani is the greatest birthday present for you :)

i love you

many things happened when we were in kelantan. results, degree offer, cang's birthday n many more. not in the mood to publicize evrything here. maybe later.

some pics. more pics to any to enlarge..

the whole crew


ok? ok


2 nights at maleebu was fun!

boy, just went thru ur blog n saw ur msg for me. wuts wit the "have fun" thingy? hahaha.shud gossip again with u sum other time. hugs n kisses to you.

no more shopping. my money will be saved for the next dive. im officially a diver :)

janah, i love you
icang, i love you

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

i can handle it all by myself

cant wait to see you guys. im expecting surprises. hahaha.

going to kelantan on 11th and to perhentian island on 13th. so yeahh not in the mood to tell anything bout it coz i havent finish reading the textbook yet. even after 2 weeks. heee. my brother however, surprised me by reading 2 chapters within 3 hours. in fact, he can explain everything very well. i took 2 weeks ok? grrr. it is a scuba diving textbook, btw. but today, i found something more interesting to read. so i'll pass the textbook to yas n he'll explain to me later :))

im becoming more independent since the holiday started. parents are busy. sisters are busy with upsr prep n work. spoiled brother will be at home at 2am everyday. friends are busy with works n only meet them on weekends. boyfriend is not around. so pathetically, im all alone this holiday. everything is done all by myself man! for the first time, i can say. n somehow, i loveee it. cang, u must be proud of me *winks* i feel 25 ;p

oh sblm lupa, i think 1234 by plain white t's is annoying. the song is sweet tho. toooo sweet to handle. but sumhow, i memorised the lyrics especially the "4 u u U U U" part (which is the most annoying part). do not judge me or i call u brainless.

jannah. we're sooo blood sisters. 'it' comes just at the 'right' time. urghhh sakit perutttt!!!

small doses of happiness will do

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

back for good

look who is back n socializing again :)

drink plenty of fluids

Sunday, June 7, 2009

what are friends for?

hello world
afternoon everyone

uploaded another video. told ya. i have tones of video in my lappy. this time around, zahid was in it. u figure out urself what happened or zahid will explain. hahaha.

important points :

1. first and foremost, icang, nan drive yo! see, miracles do happen. n we screamed when he took the u-turn corner coz it was....sort of dangerous. hahaha.

2. more n more attention on zahid's facial expression when we said that we're going to singapore. hahaha. sumpah kelakar zahid oii.

3. n the rest, zahid will explain ;p


4. ignore the bitchy-ness part. we just cant get enough when we are together.

5. ignore the 'rara bawak 7 dress' part. she brought 5 dresses for 24hours trip. obviously it was more than enough!

6. ignore the gossip part as soon as we left zahid with his friend(pekan). heee.

7. we werent questioning zahid's 'thank you' :)

moral of the story is..even if u're in the middle of doing something, spend a minute or two if u friend needs your help.

happy watching. you know you love me


Saturday, June 6, 2009


this video was taken during Grand Night '09. The Bruce Lee (chong, fifi, ja, iqram n the other one) won the grand prize during Battle of the Bands Competition. *my rockstar*

click pause on my blog playlist n enjoy the video :))

zahid: im waiting for u to come back from kelantan coz im about to upload another video which u are included in it. sgt kelakar n nostalgic video tu. sumpah. so buzz me when u're sober in this virtual life. hahaha.

wanna watch more?

morning love

morning world..hari bahagia semua

take a look at fara's page. n look how funny+cute she is. nak amik jugak tu smpai kene crop n sharpen image bagaiii. btw, thank you, mak cik ;))

and take a look at another fara. it's farah sofia's page. hidden talent might just turn out to be a diamond. heee

i woke up super early dis morning. reason? nahh i dun have to tell u what i've done from a to z rite. or else its gonna be a diary then ;p as i woke up dis morning, the first thing that came across my mind was " u LIED! dumb ass. stupid fu#ker. annoying nak mampos tau x? ". sorry i dun mean to curse that much n i dun have to make it a public affair on anyone coz i might be angry n pissed off this hour n laughing in the next hour. so no biggie.

now it's 9.30am n im waiting for lunch hour break. going to mid valley with nadi to score another over-sized handbag from top shop. grrrr. there i go. spending away. have to prepare a goood reason when the monthly bill comes. heh xde hal xde hal.

oh ya. no entry yday coz i was sooo busy watching videos that we took last semester. rara brought her super cool sony touch screen camera n i brought mine along. so all that we did were, tangkap gambar n amik video. as many as possible. we recorded almost all memorable moments that we had been through for almost 4++ months. i shall upload some videos here, obviously those yang legal enough to show to public since i dont know who reads my blog.

videos on my next post yeh. happy reading :))


Thursday, June 4, 2009

international number

just when im about to hate u, u make me smile again.... and again

cool thing

just discovered that my ipod syncs lyric along with the song

i'm reading the textbook now :)

im not studying but im reading. grrr

short updates eh?

im lazy

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

it's good to have u

since i knw u're reading this..

jannah, thank you. u know i love u. keep those dirty little secrets dat i've told u just now k? sumpah jiwa kacau doooh. but sekoyo lah kan ;p n u've thought me well on how to inhale that shit without any sound of cough anymore. smooth n steady. hahaha. but i coughed once in the car tapi nasib baik ade air blackcurrant pekat kau.

shitt i have book to read n im stuck at page 20. promised myself to finish it within 5 days starting thursday last week but unfortunately, i never proceed since then. smart ass. i have to or else i'll end up being a stuck up nerd at 12am while the rest are hoo-ha-ha at the beach. grrrr. book sucks!

till then :)



going out with my bitch today. gonna pick her up at usj n drive to cheras baru which confirm sesat pnye.

but zahid gave me the idea to search the location through google. smart!

call me as soon as u get 'it'. berani bet lagi aku ni :)

charged my camera's batteries n im ready to be all bitchy today

so update again later. gtg.

scored one

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

go out with a smile on ur face

it's 1st of june and it's monday. a goood reason to start ur day. go out with a smile on ur face, darlings :)

look who's back!heee.been really busy with LIFE.heee.lame nisa..LAME

my relatives are here in kl. so i have to sort of 'entertain' them by staying at home. borak2 n keep ourselves updated wit our latest story but being anyssa, i knw that i just cant help it ;p


went to ou yday. the traffic was fine, surprisingly.reached there arnd 4pm. our main intention was to look for pants but we ended up watching "Break Dance Competition : Battle of the Year 2009". unplanned event lagi. at first, i laughed to those kids that were hopping here n there to the groove of the music n creating some breakdance movement but as it moved from individual category to groups, it became more n more interesting. the anticipation dragged me to stay up till the end of the event. n the worst part was alam's(so you think you can dance? champion) group, Wakaka Fever lost to Giler Battle Crew. it was kinda frustating since i shouted n cheered for his group all the way till the end.hahaha damn!

one message to those kids, 'go n get at least one education certificate. so that u're an educated b-boy rather that b-boy with useless brain' anyssa

i would never turn a conversation or leave a message up to that level. dont worry. i knw the limits. n i know my limits as well. im big enough to think straight. nothing intimate. nothing personal. i knw where i stand. it hurts but no worries :D

need to rearrange my blog playlist. add up new songs n delete one song since someone is coming back tomorrow n he hates nothing lasts forever, maroon 5.

im craving for mcD. again. every single day. addicted man!

happy 1st of june world :)

u're just irresistible