Thursday, January 29, 2009


im not supporting the war but im just....addicted to mcD -.-



im thinking of going PD or not.cuz u know, its going to be 13 serious ppl, 13 yo!sure pack gile mcm ikan sardin dlm tin n everyone wuld be lyke nyawa-nyawa ikan for oxygen.hahaha

GIRL, as if u are all sad for another great vacation. kahkakah.dumb-ass!


went to maybank with nadi n guess what, bumped with my childhood twin.they used to call us twins cuz we look alike.but......he's a BOY.hahaha.ijat, lame gile x jmpe.lyke 2 years.n im being a dumb-ass, malu nak ckp bnyk just because of one reason.ada jerawat exactly bawak hidung!sgt memalukan.arghhh.after all, we're cousins rite? xoxo

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

chinese old year

someone wished me happy chinese new year.
ape ni...
saya org melayu lah.
eventho nan selalu panggil saya cina x basuh berak or cina makan sup kucing.
no offense -.-

btw, gong xi fa chai

saya balik jengka isnin ye kawan2.
i loike!
so sorry x boleh tumpang kereta.
cal jannah or rara.
dierang bawak kreta.


to cik faradona n everyone

take a look at this

she made my picture more beautiful!

love it

a trip with nature

so we all had fun today.thanks to nadi for her suggestion...eventho it's only an old-creepy-same-age-as-mine place which is National Zoo, but hey, it was fun. n we took countless of pics.
childhood friends

nyssa : how old are you guys?
girrafes : 20 y.o
nyssa : oh sama umur lah!

we are fit enough to make a one whole round here.ngeh

10 years back
location : main entrance
location : same main entrance

while waiting for animal show

album cover..hahaha

loves loves loves

save our wild animals =)

current obsession

Monday, January 26, 2009

U for updates

just realized that i did not update my blog for last week.hee sorry for being too pemalas.the safest answer would be "im too busy, thus i have no time to update".

let see...

  • shaz told us(me n my bitches) that Pn. Sarina (our bio 310 last sem) picked our thesis on cigarettes as the best thesis ever done by her student and showed it to all students part 4 this sem.heeee.n we were like 'rasenye thesis on blood lagi bgus, tapi xpe lah klu puan lagi suke yg cigarettes'.

  • we gave all of our last sem's lec a delicious chocolate cake as appreciation to them on our goooood results last sem.we did that for almost every sem tho.


preparing the slide

  • on the same day,jannah's purse went lost when we were in biology lab.the most annoying part was, when ppl aksed "lah, nape x bawak purse tu masuk dalam lab" n we answered "jannah saje-saje je tinggal kat luar.saje nak bagi org curi" n she made a police report.actually, it was 'we' made a police report coz almost 10 of us teman jannah to the police station.hahahaha

in the police station


  • no updates on tuesday but i guess someone is mad ad me because im getting closer with her ex(as a friend.duhhh) ...let's move on darling.n we took a lot of pic on tuesday.

jannah is already in her serabai still trying to concentrate ;p

daddy hazwan, married with 2 kids.

bumped with icang n the rest after entrepeneurship clas


  • no clas on wednesday.went to maran wit nan n his friendssssss for muet rgisteration.


  • no clas on thursday as well!*heaven* n we went to healing gamat factory at shah alam for our entrepeneurship subject.n went back to jengka on the same day for class on the next day.

j's simba (yea, im wering my matric card)

thank god it's friday...

  • as soon as i reached kl, i went straight to istana budaya to purchase ticket for puteri gunung ledang theater.but...all tics were sold out except tics for golden seats n silver seats which are remarkably pricy lah kan.
  • tgif, im home =)))

rambut, cepat lah panjang .)

Sunday, January 25, 2009

back with no idea

good morning world =))

aww god..been ages since my last post.updates,'s holiday darling.

im back wit no idea of what to write.i thought that having a broadband will make it easier for me to update my blog n what not, but the truth is, i have no time to do so. part 6 sucks!urghhhh.abundance of apologies for my absence

Friday, January 16, 2009


good night good night

and he replied


sooo familiar...sooo familiar that i once used to smile when he wishes "be good"


malam readers.class at 8am tomorrow


time : 12.30am
using rara's broadband

getting closer...

i know the difference between boyfriend, close friends, ordinary friends, lepak friends or even a friend-for-benefit friends.u dun have to tell me what to do n what not.

i think i have this some 'kindness' DNA in my body.letting someone to use my stuff easily even without my permission is soooo ME.but sumhow, i'm getting annoyed day by day.i bukan beli barang utk org pakai or pinjam.skali skali boleh la.tapi klu da tiap2 hari nak pinjam, then think bout it again before i shout straight to ur ears.

rephrasing "NO seems to be the hardest word"

im going home tomorow but i hv to send my dear whitey for service first.sumwhere in jerantut.30 mins away from jengka.then baru balik.i want more suprises!

x boleh nak sign in ym.i dun know y.just fyi, sy try on9 tapi x dapat.

-signing out-

Monday, January 12, 2009


just got a phne call from sumone familiar saying that she just bought me a brand new broadband.tapi x boleh pos laju sebab takut i have to go home this week end to get my broadband.n i might get my another brand new ipod nano as well.haih.*rase disayangi* =)))

it was a joke when i wrote 'listen to my blog's playlist'.x sangka plak ada org yg betol2 dengar.ngeh ngeh ngeh.another *rase disayangi*

we dance together

time : 4.43 pm
alone.again.rara is sumwhere.

good afternoon world *im smiling*

nothing much to say.just for the sake of life revolves the same story line everyday.

- if u wanna eat or take other people's, make sure u bought some.jgn la tau ambik n makan je tapi x tau beli.pastu buat's just the same with if u wanna have a rich boyfriend, make sure u're rich enough.

-i dont approve strangers.or someone who's using some kind of unrecognizable nickname. so kindly use ur real name to make it easy for me to approve there this one guy yg x give up nak add i as his friend.rejected.rejected.rejected n last2 blocked trus.then, he called me to approve him.laahhh......kau rupenye! kan susah org nak kenal.bodo.

-i need my broadband a.s.ap. so that i can on9 24/7 even if im in jengka.for d time being i keep on borrowing rara's.yes, there are hotspots in this campus that offer wi'fi but im just too lazy to move.i'd rather stay in my pink self-painted room wit my bitches.heh.its all about laziness.

-jason mraz is coming this march yo!nak pegi.nak pegi.nak pegi.

-waited for my mr busy to on9.but....

say no to war.dont caught urself in fight.make more love.

Friday, January 9, 2009

what would you do...

if u used to get a "good morning sunshine!wake up.i love you" text msg n now, not even a "good night. i miss you"?

Thursday, January 8, 2009

i feel...

time : 9.30pm
location : in my room.alone.

im sorry if my next and next and next post will be a boring post.blame the life im having n jengka right now.besides wit my boyfriends and is going to be the whole same routine happening over and over again untill the semester ends.

talking about classes and lectures.yeah i lovoeeee prof tahir's clas eventhough inorganic chm is kinda boring subject compared to organic chm.same goes to biology.i love attending prof supi's clas.just sit back n listen.ngeheee.but problems just love us.shit happens.

we thought this sem is going to be tough for entrepreneurshipp subject but i guess we're least for now.but it's our bel(english) subject.not the subject itself but the lec.damn i hate,jannah,rara n sit were in one group in d first place.ok that normal n standard lah kan.but then....die pecahkan kterang!!!coz she said we're lyke dolls that can be separated n can survive n die cerewet soo gonna kill u.or pancitkan ur tayar kereta.

n farah sofia said it's hard for her to give an a nor a-.another wtf? ohihateyoupuan

rara called her mom(her mom is a lec in uitm shah alam as well as her dad) n she cried heavily.we almost cried but we're stronger than her.teheee sorry ra*peace*

shoutout to some peeps:

my bitches : dont let dat phsyco get into us.we're bitch-ier then her.believe me.

icang : bile nak lepak ni?asik main bola je.

nadi : wei mane ipod nano aku!urghhh lembab.n suruh aunty na tempah kan tiket pegi bangkok/jakarta untuk 4 org ye.aku,rara,jannah n siti.kau nak ikut skali pon boleh.tadi dah tgk air asia n murah tapi mmg xde duit la nak beli kan.

yas : pegi season kan kasut yg kte beli kat downtown hari tu. (i doubt he's gonna read my blog )

zahid : mane zahid ni?x jmpe pon.nak lepak

should i make one shoutout to you-know-who-you-are?i dunt think so coz u're used to it.too much to say.i hate u n i miss you.

p/s : listen to me blog's playlist listening loved you tonight rite now.

loves loves our wild animals =))

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

last first day

our last 'first day' in uitm jengka pahang.we took pic wit rara's cam.

our clas started at we woke up at 7.50.*amazing*

rara n jannah tgh besiap.ouh we painted our room.its pink baby*big smile*

sayangs..p/s: air kotak is a must ;p


then lepak as usual.pic is in rara's cam.icang cant tag me,nan,rara,jannah,siti,fifi n pok cek je.cang, we miss u lah!

im using rara's x boleh on9 lama2.

someone is missing someone =(

Sunday, January 4, 2009


3 entries in one day on 3rd january..

stated before that i dont believe in new year resolution.but im thinking of something that can be categorized as a new year resolution.heh.i want(have) to save more money!as many as possible a big other words, i spend a loot.

my so-called resolution is to keep rm500++ of my allowance by the end of this semester.most of my money goes to good food.i eat a lot n at many places i have to eat roti canai dat costs 80sen rather that nasi goreng for rm3.or sirap ais at rm1 rather than rm2.50 of apple juice?or spend 10 ringgit at mcd or kfc and forget bout my 20++ ringgit carls jr's meal?haih.i dunno how to manage my money.but seriously,i need to save some.

but i just bought a very nice leather belt for rm135 at top shop.jimat ke tu?


lick your wound :p

something to share...

human saliva may not always get d respect it deserves but dis humble fluid has been shown to have powerful antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties."why wounds in mouth, like those a tooth extraction, heal much faster than comparablewounds of the skin and bone". it also direct us to begin looking at saliva as a source for new drugs!*whoot whoot* because saliva is virtually unlimited resourses, wound-healing drugs could be mass-produced with relative ease.

so ppl, lick your wounds if you have one

*im reading discovery channel magazine yo!muahaha*

im just

deleted pics from my friendster acc.i think i need a private life.ngeh ngeh ngeh.those pics are old.will replace wit new pics but im just too lazy to upload.later yah?

sy seorang yg it, darling?i wont tell u bout my past,love stories or anyting bout myself.if u wanna tell me, i can be ur a good listener.but dont expect me to tell u da same thing or anytng bcoz i dun trust u.i know dat u're going to tell others.n whenever i tell u secret, plz la dun go around n tell ur boyfriend.or else, no more from me after dis.

mr busy is on9 =)))

Saturday, January 3, 2009

goodbye 2008...hello 2009

abundance of apologies for my absence

just reached home 15 minutes ago, n i decided to blog 0_o

n i know dat someone is waiting for my newly post *whoot whoot*

going home wasnt in my nerdy head in d first place.told everyone dat im going back on chinese new year holiday but i just cant i decided to go home! n everyone gave me that sarcastic look as i entered dis house.hah watever lah kan.n after 2 semesters, i went home by bus.muahaha.da lama gile x naik bus yo!lyke seriously.but rm15.40 is quite pricy for me personally compared to rm 11.90 before.kan harga minyak dah murah.the lowest ever.ape masalh nak naik harga lagi.return ticket is rm 30.80.mahal oo.baik drive.boleh kutip duit from sape yg nak tumpang ;p

everyting has an ending but every ending has a new beginning =)

happy new year beautiful

celebrated it with nan,sit,fifi,zahid,imran n pok ek.celebrating wit to-be-specific-jengka-friends was a lot of fun.we enjoyed every single moment we could because it might be da first n last time we celebrating it together.n so,we went to was freaking,wit my fever+cough+flu n im wearing ass rite?after d celebration, zahid, pok ek n imran went straight to their rumah sewa in jengka while me,siti,nan n fifi wanted to stay up lah konon but we neded up sleeping lyke a pig in my biological clock did not work dat night.stupid.

so pictures everyone =))

new year resolution?nah i dun believe in that.i believe in god~

waving my goodbye to wonderful 2008 n saying hello to 2009

2009, save our wild animals.they need attention too,ppl

gimme ur biggest smile readers =)))
make more loves