Sunday, November 22, 2009

a date with books

sorry for lacking updates.been busy with my current bestfriend, books. planned to finish up oral biology module before tuesday so that i can start with basic medical and musculoskelatal module as soon as possible. bleghh enough with studies, girl. im running out of topic nowdays. a sign of no life? hahaha. u tell me. sayangs, postpone any of ur plans after my finals okay? tho i'm free for one week only -.-"

hiatus mode starts now! sampai bile? it's for me to know and for you to find out

oh btw, zahid, kwn awk dah botak! n yeah he looks good :))

with you i call it a date

Saturday, November 14, 2009

heck yes

i pray that u'll live for another at least 2 years
so that u know when is the time to...

put on your fake eyelashes and thick black eyeliner
wear mini shorts and short skirts
wandering around with your sleeveless and brand new shirt
lepak and give room to the word 'study'.

this is random.

u might think that know nothing bout you
but the truth is
i know a lot about you
i wish i'd known you forever

so you believe in miracle?
show me that miracle

and i miss this.

heck yes!

stay strong

we might have plan but clearly,
He have better plans for you.

i will always remember you as a man with strong principles,
and how much your son adores you,
ba, thank you for accepting me in your family,
taking care of your son is not an easy task but you can count on me.

and to you, you're a strong man,
im proud when i saw you there to handle arwah,
to cang and chong, thank you for being there with me and make myself stronger.
zahid, bedot, kuyu, mud and yein.. thank you to you guys too.
and sayangs, thank you for those text messges.
though it cant change anything, but at least he knows that we are there with him

to cang, thank you. i know that i can count on you. with just one phne call, u were right infront of my house an hour later. seeing you handling jenazah. and along with chong during pengebumian, i cant ask for more. thank you from both of us.

may Allah bless you, ba

Thursday, November 12, 2009


it might be a stressful week for me but it is definitely a happy week for chong. a late night incoming text msg from him made me smile. i hv no idea whats the consequences of publicizing this in the future but i just feel like sharing it with the world.

11/11/09 time: 12.56am *setelah di alih bahasa. chong pandai ckp bahasa alien*

chong : nysa! loque butterfinger cal sy. sy dtrima masuk clas music dia. idola sy dari kecik lg tuh. on the phone dgn dia. nak gila dah rase ni. arghh! xtido aku

the rest of the conversation remains secret :))

although i was half asleep, the news woke me up and made me smiled. i know how much he adores this singer. he listens to their music all the time. all the time means all the time and repeatedly. just name any song and he'll grab the guitar/keyboard/drum to play the beats flawlessly. and he's frigging excited for the class.

chong, grab the oppurtunity. sbenarnya saya happy sebab ade org teman kat shah alam. hahahah. love you chong.
just grab it

Tuesday, November 10, 2009


why so serious?
chill laa

jumaat, tolong cepat sikit boleh?
raya haji, tolong cepat sikit boleh?

back to my hiatus mode
see you guys again this weekend


Sunday, November 8, 2009

active mode

boy's place

jannah sayang, rindu kau. lameee gilalala x jumpa
boy pun rindu. chong pun rindu. nan? boleh la. hahahaha
cang my lighter, lunch dgn saya please. bo la tidur je.

everyone's leaving soon. leaving me all alone in shah alam. damn. tolong balik lambat sikit boleh tak? at least smpai awal bulan 12. please :(

kelantan and terengganu. jangan banjir. sy ada plan besar ni. see you there :D bawak balik kereta kecik sikit. boleh saya drive

two different person living in two different world.

sleeps on weekdays. wakes up on weekend

Saturday, November 7, 2009

new job

aaa benci
da jadi stalker balik
ingat dah stop
tapi mcm tak kan stop je kerja jadi stalker ni
bukan awak
tapi saya

indahnya ciptaan tuhan
bukan saya
tapi awak


z - a

during cang's convo. i was there for less than 20 mins as i have was rushing for lawatan ke kem kementah thingy to visit their dental clinic. sorry cg. u know i love you and happy for you.

happy faces

Monday, November 2, 2009

a - z

sorry for the hiatus. been up to soo many things this whole week. hectic schedule and poor internet conn. gotta make this a simple and short ones since this event was 3 weeks ago. without any further delay(ceh), i present these to you...

jannah j.s

this is for kak dayah. pn hafizah n nabila

happy faces

and when they start to get cranky...


bahril ilmi. i love you

brother sisters

the crew

and the party continues...

pictures with others and coursemates have been deleted to make this post shorter and to avoid any sore eyes due to high intraocular pressure ;p

next post on chang's convo. and i end this presentation with... thank you :D

clap clap clap

Sunday, November 1, 2009


welcoming the brand new colorized clubmaster in my whitey.

dear wayfarer,
dont worry honey. u'll always be the apple of my eye and whitey's second boyfriend after j's bubu. lets give some love to clubmaster.

woot woot ;))

i'm your biggest fan,clubmaster

looking good