Wednesday, November 10, 2010

common cold

" stress can cause our body's immune system to decrease "

That is what happens to me! Cough, flu, headache, fever etc are lining up taking their turn to attack my body. Cough won the race followed by flu, the first runner-up and now fever. I hate to have these symptoms during exam weeks especially in the exam hall. Poor people who is seating near me.

I know how would they feel because I get so irritated when someone is coughing non-stop or when she/he is having a running nose. I guess most of the time my mind was thinking on how to stop her which seems impossible rather than thinking of the answer. Bad, I know. I get easily distracted.

Just hope it'll get better tomorrow. I'll be having a long day tomorrow. 3 sections cramp up in one day. Essay, BAQ and OSPE.

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