Saturday, March 26, 2011

medical playground

Another 2 weeks of Central Nervous System module(which apparently is the toughest) and we'll be having 4 weeks of study break. Initially we were given only 2 weeks to study for 2 pro exams but after taking into considerations that we might get brain tumor, the gave us 4 weeks instead.

No more medical subjects after this. Phewww.

I have so many pictures of me sitting on the table. Is it me who love sitting on it or its the people who loves to take my picture when I'm on it? Hahaha

When I feel like dressing up to class, I'll wear something like this.

And this is when I certainly don't care about my appearance. My hair was all over the place. Grey kurung and red longchamp are 'definitely' a great combination.

Last thursday was our last anatomy lecture and practical. It was also our last lab with all those cannibals and models of organs in human. We turned the lab into a playground. And we played around and took some pictures after the session ended. Only pictures with model yeah? Pictures with cannibals might give you nightmares.

I trimmed my hair and eyebrows. Its been a while since I had my own ME time.

my 8am face

Honestly, we played during Dr Wai Wai Kyi's lecture. Not after the session ended -.-"

till then, xoxo.

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