Monday, September 5, 2011

Introduction to Clinic

One of my juniors back in Jengka told me that he's afraid yet excited to the fact that he'll be joining the faculty for this upcoming semester. Yeay! I'll be seeing familiar face again. But both of us might not bump into each other unless he comes to the clinic building.

Being a student, not particularly in dentistry, ones have to prepare him/herself mentally and physically. As for my course, we have lack of holidays. When most of students are officially a certified lazy bum during these 4 months of holiday, we have a month of Introduction to Clinic(ITC).

See. Our Dean loves of too much that he cant bare to miss us for 4 months. Such a thoughtful papa -.-"

Basically, as a 'freshie', we were introduced to the clinical-related stuff. We were beyond excited coz finally the time has arrived when we finally get to touch, feel and do it first-hand.

I'm lucky to have Afiq as my super nice-annoying-sporting-patient buddy and he was actaually my first unregistered patient! Hahaha. Doing real human with those soft tissue and bleeding are definitely different from doing that feeling-less dummy during pre-clinical years.

It was too surreal that my hands were trembling for a good 1 minute and calm soon after. And I heard myself shouting when Afiq's gum started to bled. It was a minor bleeding, dont worry.

And the faculty ended the ITC with a classic ceremony called 'gowning ceremony'.

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