Sunday, June 6, 2010

growing up

Hello everyone. It feels good to have the time to sit and write again. Checking out favourite blog and news are still my daily routine but the thought of updating makes me yawn and off to bed immediately.

9 years ago when I was 13 years old, all I know was going back to school back and forth every weekdays and I'll only step the shopping mall only with my family because I'm afraid to use the public transport and back then, those komuter, LRT and whatnot weren't the popular choice amongst Malaysians to travel. I prefer sitting in my parents' car instead.

I had my first ever mobile phone when I was in form 2. I bought the sim card for RM20 but now you can get then at as low as RM8.80. I'm not surprised whenever my friends change their phone number everytime they have a new gf/bf. You're going to get answer like 'Oh I've terminated that number. That was when I'm with my ex'. It's so hard to keep in touch with those kind of people.

What happens to young kids nowadays?

I sent my sister and her friends to Sunway Pyramid for one of her friend's birthday celebration. And they will later play ice skating. Now is 9pm and she's not home yet. Things were so different back then. The name of Sunway Pyramid itself is a big thing. And going there with your friends at 13? I'd rather invite them to my house for a tea.

And now she's almost the same size with me, I had to keep all my clothes in a safety box with a security lock to stop her from sending text messages to ask me whether she can borrow them or not. It's not a surprise if you see a picture of her wearing my clothes.

9 years ago, all we know was friendster. The biggest thing ever. At that time. Now, facebook is the craziest thing on earth. Everyone is talking about it even a 13 years old girl. My sister is not excluded. I think if she had to choose between food and facebook, in one second she'll answer 'facebook. duhhh!'

Sigh. Please dont grow up to my size. I love all my clothes.

"I wanna take a picture and upload them in my facebook!"

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