Saturday, June 12, 2010


Believe it or not, up till this second, I still can't check my result(UiTM). I'm stuck at the 'server' stage and I gave up because doesn't matter how many times I click that 'refresh' button, that 'problem loading page' page appears. It's so annoying that I decided to sleep instead of waiting.

Even though it's only for BEL and TITAS subjects, I still need to check my result.

Someone please tell me the easiest way. You know, that 'cheat' or 'hint' button when you play games.


kudapolo said...

click on mini transcript.
choose 'server 2'.
new system acquires more patience from the users but it's just sickening to get those error msgs.

anyssa said...

orang cakap, check tengah malam, tak boleh jugak.

orang cakap, check pagi-pagi, pun tak boleh.

orang cakap, chaeck on weekends, same je!


kudapolo said...

dh dpt blom? td i try gune..dah okay dh server.