Saturday, December 11, 2010

car kissing

I couldn't believe that I've been driving ttdi-uitm-ttdi back and forth every single day for the past one and a half year. Out of the house as early as 7.15 am and reach there just at time for my 8am class.

Traffic congestion is not a big deal. But finding a ONE parking space in the campus is a big problem. I rephrase, a huge problem.

Uitm is trying as hard as they can to stop student from driving to class due to bad traffic jam especially at peak hours. In order for them to stop us, they put parking barrier at all parking areas which only allow staff to park and thousands of students are left with no space to park.

With very limited available parking lot for students, everyone is fighting for one freaking space. Some of them come very early just to get the best spot and sleep in the car while waiting for their class. Yes, it sounds crazy. Luckily, my class starts at 8am while others at 8.30am.

Double parking is normal. Just imagine when your car is parked nicely in the parking lot and theres this car blocked yours and the owner finished class at 5pm. What would you do then?

Whether you like it or not, you have to push the car in order for you to go out. I'm not talking about pushing one car, its actually ONE line of cars. Now I know where my biceps come from. Haha

To worsen the situation, you have to have at least two person to do it. One to push the car and one to stop the car because there are times when you push it too hard, it won't stop and hit the car behind/in front and hit another car and another a domino. All are kissed back to back. Too much love there.

Look at pictures below. My whitey (white kenari) was blocked by a line of domino cars. Obviously I can't push them alone. All are kissed back to back and pushing one car is like pushing one line of cars.


Driving a bigger car than myvi is like commiting suicide unless your dad is a millionaire to fix your car each time it got crashed.


y.a.n.a said...

it's good to be in puncak alam then but still you need to come early in the morning just to get 'VIP' parking...

my fren collect RM600 for summon.
cool isn't it?

kudapolo said...

adoi. nisa. nak beli my luvly ex5?
the best ride in the whole wide world. sng2 merempet je..haha

anyssa said...

yana : i tak ingat berapa saman i ada and i kereta i pernah kena clamp. haha.

zahid : nak beli saga zahid!