Friday, December 24, 2010

Singapore #1

Can't believe that I'm actually writing about this trip. It's almost impossible to find time for this.

Well, Singapore. We went there for a 3D2N trip. It was supposed to be a free and easy trip but we made it a hectic and am-pm trip one. God knows how many calories were burnt. We managed to 'explore' all places in just 3 days. Unless if you include museum into it. I mean, you do know that Singapore used to be part of Malaysia, don't you? So you can scratch out museum in your plan.

Tip #1 : Plan your journey. Which is first and which is later. Have a map with you all the time.

Upon arrival

I was the map reader during the trip. A pretty good one, I must say.

Upon arrival, we went straight to Little India which was 10 minutes of walking from our hotel.

Mustaffa Center, a great place to buy perfumes.

Hugry faces

Little India Arcade

Hand-made souvenirs

After check-in, we went to the famous Orchard Road. My oh my, that place is crazy! Endless shopping malls. From high end stores to sg. wang standard stores, you name it.

Tip #2 : Do not bring extra bags and shoes/flops from here. Charles and Keith is everywhere! They dominate every malls. You'll go crazy, or at least we went crazy! Boys, ignore this tips. haha


Tip # 3 : If you go there with more than 2 person, I suggest you to take cab. Easier and faster.

Next post on Universal Studios Singapore!

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waniey_freakingGOOD said...

hey darling so good to see u back, hehehe, i adored sg... always goes to mustafa center, u should take a snap look at mustafa center in nite, hectic gler, sampai semua pintu masuk mcm ada guard jaga n people kne tunggu giliran nak masuk...