Friday, June 3, 2011

best wishes

Time flies so fast. Its been almost 2 years since nan's father passed away. Since that, I see a different person in him. He became more matured, wiser and stronger although there were few times he broke down and cried whenever he talked about his dad.

And soon, he will enter a new phase in his life. He was offered a job in johor that requires 3 months of training. Its different this time because no one will send him there. He has to take a bus. He can't hold back the tears when he said "kalau ba ada, mesti dia yang hantar saya."

I know Ba is looking from above and smiling. He must be so proud of you. So am I.

We've grown up together. I know you well. I've seen you cry. I've seen you smile. You're entering a bigger world and I know you're stronger that who you used to be. My prayers will always be with you.

May god bless you. Amin.

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