Friday, June 10, 2011

#2 roadtrip

I have a working parents. So every time we are on a school holiday, they'll be working leaving us bored like hell in the house. After reaching this adult phase, I decided to travel with friends. Of course you still need your parents for money and prepare answers for "who else is going?", "where are you going to stay?" and all other sorts of questions and to hear "you are there to study, not to go here la there la", "you're a student. why cant you wait till you earn your own money and travel"

There are few places i went for the first time with friends like Taman Negara, Johor,diving at Perhentian Island, Broga Hills, indonesia etc. Great friends with great memories.

Then they are a lil bit jealous looking at the photos and took a good 5 days leave to bring us to Thailand.

At first, I was hesitated to join the trip coz I'm going to Thailand this august which is just 2 months away. Thought of saving the fun for the next trip but I just can't say NO when they said "so now friends are more important than your family?" hands down -.-

What makes this trip special is that we went for a roadtrip up to the north. It was fun but tiring at the same time as we were on the road most of time. Selangor-Penang-Perlis-Thailand-Kedah-Selangor.

I shall name this roadtrip "Discover the North of Peninsular"


Comfort is the key word when you'll be stranded for more than 4 hours in a car.
Loose top is what you need.

one thing about roadtrip is that you can stop by at any R&R
and spend money on unnecessary things.
I mean, there's a water bottle in the car, yet you buy another one :s

We made a quick stop at Penang for Nasi Kandar Line Clear. My mom is craving for it and willing to face the traffic congestion just for one plate. I dont mind either because I just love Penang. City of love. Thanks to Garmin.

on the Penang Bridge

I strongly suggest they change the name from Line Clear to Line Up.

we got bored from lining up. so we took pictures on every possible things on the road side.

I know Perlis is a tiny dot by looking at Malaysia's map. But I don't know that it's too small that you can go to all places in Perlis within a day. Yes, its that small. It was very quiet and calm there. Lots of sawah padi. Major love! It was the first time in my life being at sawah padi.

I kept mistakenly said "oh my god cantiknya padang sawah" hahahaha.

simply beautiful. god's creation

the only hotel we found in Arau.

we managed to attend our neighbour's brother's wedding.
Pheww all the way man.
what's with the peace, annoying young man?

Im not sure whether this is a lake or a dam

Padang Besar for jersey hunting

My purchase of the day. Limau Bali. I'm one happy kid.
Oh btw, the plastic bag says 'Rich Everyday'.
Though it is hilarious, I think its like a prayer for them every time
we say 'rich everyday, rich everyday'

We visited few places in Arau, Perlis. The city is so peaceful.
I doubt they know what traffic jam is.

Istana Arau Perlis

Stesen Kerata Api

It happened that this train was on its way to Hadyai.
I felt like jumping in straight away

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