Wednesday, April 8, 2009

alive with adrenaline

there are 2 entries in 1 post.i'll start with the latest and hottest event on the planet =]

saturday n sunday

formula one sepang turned out to be a disaster one for f1 drivers and spectators but it was fun for me, yas n icang,at least. we had our own fun time, walking barefoot in the f-ing heavy are some of the pics.we brought 2 cameras is the main camera that we took most of our pics and the other 1 is during the rainy time.

told ya, i dun need paddock seat bcoz this is the best spot ever.there were more than 10 accidents at this area during that short race.

and we managed to grab the best spot as well.well equipped with plactics because it was wet and

just before sic decided to stop the race.

hahaha.its not that i cant stand the rain but...

unlike icang n yas

during the after race party.guess what yo! jamiroquai is here in Malaysia.for the first time.
we spent almost 3 hours at the party n he was 'insanely' rocking on that stage.

pics below r specially dedicated to nasir.jamiroquai kirim salam sayang kat jealous sbb x dapat pegi!


friday night n saturday morning

ok this another event which is pre-graduation dinner was held on friday night at vistana hotel, kuantan.the whole last semester students, part 6 to be exact, who registered for the dinner went there by bus.reached jengka around 3 am n rushed back to cheras immediately for f1 on saturday.

the whole crew.

sayangs.n rara was announced as the best student for diploma in science course.

right n left wings.

highs n lows

each devil n angel

lepak time.loves's coming to an end =((

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