Wednesday, April 15, 2009


u for updates!its 7pm n i just woke up.rara n j r still sleeping.we've been sleeping like nobody's business today.after all the hectic days this semester, we deserve this' back to back sleep'.hahaha.woke up at 12pm, showered and went out for lunch.skipped bfast.and continue sleeping. plan of going to lubuk yu dgn icang sume has been cancelled due to rain.

less than a month to leave jengka.rara packed some of her clothes to bring home just now.leaving 4 baju kurung, jeans n some t-shirts.this is the moment that we've been waiting sure to have a goodbye entry soon :( prying for the best for this sem.god, help us once again this time.

all pictures will be kept safely and its enuf to make me remember all the highs n lows moments here =)

at least i tau sape teman i pegi pusing2 without any specific destination when my 'breakdown' moment comes.

at least i tau sape nak ajak i pegi f1 n concert.n went barefoot-ing with me while dancing to jamiroquai's songs =)

at least i tau sape nak teman i least i tau sape nak teman i naik pentas n kicked the audience with our voice.hahaha.ra, u've made me go on that stage n sing with u =))

at least i can make random phne calls like "icang,sy dah smpai bestari.turun" or "ra, j n sit, jom teman i pusing2.i rase nak spend semua duit i"

or" sayaaaaang! nak pesan asam yg dalam kertas tu boleh? kat kelantan je best.nnti bawak dtg jengka, nisa bayar.xoxo. i miss you"

n last but not least."jannah, aku nak nangis"


fara rasep said...

cik nyssa,
awk chomell tau tak

happy graduating;))

anyssa said...


gonna leave jengka like SOON!

Arafia said...

gud luck for exams nyssa =)

strive for the last 4.0


anyssa said...

thank you =) seem possible for this sem but we'll try for another 4.

Arafia said...

for u nyssa, nothing is impossible.i've seen u study at the lib, pretty sure ure gonna get it. honestly ;)