Thursday, April 30, 2009

above difficult

im done with bio.all i can think of rite now is a B for this was above difficult.n i've calculated my gpa n cgpa if i were to get a b for this subject.honestly, it was frustrating =( this is not how i want things to end.

told some ppl that im freaking out to knw that i cant cover all chapters within 5 days of gap.yea, maybe for them, its heaven but believe me, bio for part 6 is aint no joke man.memorizing from the most basic kingdom which is virus to the most complicated animalia will make u go crazy.memorizing their confusing life cycle is another story.

we've not been sleeping like a normal human being with the 6 hours of sleep cycle since a week ago.theres no such thing as "i want to sleep". theres always a "baca sampai tertido".we forced ourselves to the max yet, we are'nt able to stuffed everything in our rocking memories.damn it.

they said, "ala, cakap je mcm tu.nnti dapat A jugak". this time around, im being "anyssa". i knw myself well enuf.believe me when i said "i cant go any further or faster" coz i knw "anyssa"

"to knw more about you is something that i always want to.but im afraid to share my side of let it be this way."


zahed` said...

mulut org. nak wat guane doh? haha

anyssa said...

za8 lagi la confirm penah rase kan?za8 si pembuat nota.

zahed` said...

boleh wat publication company sndriii...brape paper agi tinggal???

anyssa said...

tadi baru more to go.8hb habis.