Thursday, November 12, 2009


it might be a stressful week for me but it is definitely a happy week for chong. a late night incoming text msg from him made me smile. i hv no idea whats the consequences of publicizing this in the future but i just feel like sharing it with the world.

11/11/09 time: 12.56am *setelah di alih bahasa. chong pandai ckp bahasa alien*

chong : nysa! loque butterfinger cal sy. sy dtrima masuk clas music dia. idola sy dari kecik lg tuh. on the phone dgn dia. nak gila dah rase ni. arghh! xtido aku

the rest of the conversation remains secret :))

although i was half asleep, the news woke me up and made me smiled. i know how much he adores this singer. he listens to their music all the time. all the time means all the time and repeatedly. just name any song and he'll grab the guitar/keyboard/drum to play the beats flawlessly. and he's frigging excited for the class.

chong, grab the oppurtunity. sbenarnya saya happy sebab ade org teman kat shah alam. hahahah. love you chong.
just grab it


BahrilIlmi said...

haha..ok sa..
sy teman awk nnt..
lunch tiap2 ari eh..

fara rasep said...

hahhaa.kawan awak ni mcm kawan sy tp kwn sy suka cakap bhs sanskrit.haha

to you,

BahrilIlmi said...

haha..bahasa lambang budaya