Sunday, November 22, 2009

a date with books

sorry for lacking updates.been busy with my current bestfriend, books. planned to finish up oral biology module before tuesday so that i can start with basic medical and musculoskelatal module as soon as possible. bleghh enough with studies, girl. im running out of topic nowdays. a sign of no life? hahaha. u tell me. sayangs, postpone any of ur plans after my finals okay? tho i'm free for one week only -.-"

hiatus mode starts now! sampai bile? it's for me to know and for you to find out

oh btw, zahid, kwn awk dah botak! n yeah he looks good :))

with you i call it a date


kudapolo said...

pelek nih..
ape cer kah dgn kawanku itu? haha

anyssa said...

he's doing adapting phase lagi.n how's trgnu?

kudapolo said...

terengganu is good.
we are enjoying every seconds working here.
jadi x pergi bercuti di pulau?