Saturday, November 14, 2009

stay strong

we might have plan but clearly,
He have better plans for you.

i will always remember you as a man with strong principles,
and how much your son adores you,
ba, thank you for accepting me in your family,
taking care of your son is not an easy task but you can count on me.

and to you, you're a strong man,
im proud when i saw you there to handle arwah,
to cang and chong, thank you for being there with me and make myself stronger.
zahid, bedot, kuyu, mud and yein.. thank you to you guys too.
and sayangs, thank you for those text messges.
though it cant change anything, but at least he knows that we are there with him

to cang, thank you. i know that i can count on you. with just one phne call, u were right infront of my house an hour later. seeing you handling jenazah. and along with chong during pengebumian, i cant ask for more. thank you from both of us.

may Allah bless you, ba


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fara rasep said...


kudapolo said...
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kudapolo said...

you both. wly.