Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Last weekend, i received a text message from ain, one of my classmates.

Ain: nyssa, boleh tak you datang kfc esok 8am untuk shoot video untuk competition tu?
Me: 8am? I kat kajang lah you. 8am is too early for me. Boleh ganti dengan orang lain?
Ain : alright. Its okay. Dah ganti dengan kila.

I have to admit that i’m a lil bit selfish and did not help much throughout the movie making process but 8am on weekend? I consider 8am on Saturday is still the wee hour for me. Sorry sayangs.

And just now, i received phone call from suhaila, my adorable classmate

Suhaila : nyssa, boleh tak masuk telentime untuk family day sabtu ni. Nyssa nyanyi.
Me : ha?! Nyanyi? *I felt like my temporomandibular joints almost dislocate*
Suhaila : ala nyssa confident. Suara pun sedap. Please eh?

This time around, i cant help myself from stop laughing right after we hung up, su. I can accept it when she said im confident. I’m comfortable with microphone because i’m used to giving speech and presentations in front of big crowd. Practising my speech and presentation’s script infront of mirror is a must thing to do the night before my presentation.

When i was still a hormonal teenager, my one and only ambition was to be a newsreader and tv host. Don’t laugh. I used to take any newspaper infront of me and pretended as if i’m reading some sort of news on national television. Just like what you saw on tv with all those head nodding and body language. And my audience are families and friends. I wonder how they bear with me during that time. Hahahahaha. Believe me when i say that i chose Diploma in Mass Communication as my first choice for UPU application. Well, now i have to list it as my second choice as i’ve chose dentist as the utmost priority. Anyhow, i still pretended to read news sometimes though. Hahahaha.

I still remember how i used to sing for my roommates, jannah-siti nurkhaliza-rara back in jengka almost every night as if it was a huge concert. I ‘performed’ from my bed which was above j’s(double-decker bed) as the imaginary stage and they sat on rara’s bed as the sporting audience. They cheered for me and requested all sorts of songs from malay to English. you name it. Hahahaha.

But singing in public? Infront of probably 200 people? Hahahha. I doubt that. i don’t have the guts to do so. I still cant believe your phone call,susu(refer to suhaila). I cant sing, darling. Literally. Although singing and tv host-ing are both related to entertainment.

Now that i’ve chose to be a dentist, there is no turning back. First year is almost coming to its end and i scored good result for my oral biology 2 exam. Alhamdulillah. Its a good motivation for me to work harder and aim for the best. i’m looking foward for the next 4 years in a very positive way. Insyaallah.

p/s: you are right there infront of me but i still felt my heart skipped a beat, or maybe two :)


kudapolo said...

i don't know but i feel like smiling. :-)

i know u can sing, starlight!

anyssa said...

hahahaha dont lie. you know i cant sing.


one of backstreet boys group member is 'nik' carter.

if you see any girl that caught your eyes, stay calm and dont pa'nik'

its a sunny day. lets pic'nik'


yana said...

jom karaoke?
suara boyfie you bleh tahan..i bet u pun sama..

wonder where and when i heard nan sing?hehehe...

it's for you to find out..or you can ask za8.