Monday, March 29, 2010

national service

my brother left for national service at kuala kubu bharu , selangor this morning. i was there 4 years ago but at a different camp. initially, he refused to go but we managed to convince him saying that it'll will be fun and try to put all sorts of positive words and encouragements in his head. my parents sent him this morning and his girlfriend is waiting there as both of them were placed at the same camp. so i guess he's going to be a loyal and obedient boyfriend and vice versa. too bad, no love letters from secret admires like what your sister got =)

everyone would be surprised if i tell them that i survived in that 3 months of military-like program. based on my experience, it wasn't as torturous as some of you might think. i skipped lots of classes and stayed at the day-care ward pretended as if i'm having a stomach ache. i slept in classes and lied saying that i just had my cough syrup due to my bad cough. but you know, 'sepandai pandai tupai melompat, akhirnya jatuh ke tanah juga', prepare for punishments. i had enough. such a bad example.

well, it is obviously a bonus point for you to impress your new crush. or at least it worked for me. all i can say is, been there, done that!


Anonymous said...

on9 la

anyssa said...

online je selalu. update je jarang.