Wednesday, March 3, 2010

as complicated as it can be

i'm back in this virtual life. hello and good evening everyone.

i can claim myself as a good listener and i have this curiosity to ask more and more question when that person is telling me his/her stories or problems. especially when it comes to something that i've never experienced or happened to myself. unfortunately, i'm not good in giving solutions to it or in other words, i'm not good in handling problems -.-"

happened to be, last night i met this guy/friend. i'm curious and interested at the same time when he excitedly told about his job and salary to us. of course, i wanted to know more about it because i dont have any experience in working field or whatsoever. i asked him lots of questions. surprisingly, he's 20. younger than me and he did not further his study and chose to work instead. he told me that he had to work because he needs money to help his family. he's from a broken family and lives with his dad who is critically ill and depends on him for house rent, bills etc. those are just a pieces of how complicated his life is.

and i cried (a good listener doesnt cry, right? okay anyhow...lets continue)

unfortunately, there's nothing i can do. i dont have money to solve his problems. i mean, not that much. i dont know any source or organization that he could ask for fund. all i can say is, 'masuk UiTM. murah je yuran. tak lebih dari 500. kolej pun dapat free. tiap-tiap hari ada rebate makan. then, apply la PTPTN, dapat rm2500. nanti terus tolak yuran. ada balance rm2000'. see how ber-semangat i am when it comes to UiTM. the place that had taught me about life . hahahahha dang! here comes my bimbo-ness!

i'm above lucky to have the life that i'm having now. i'm not wealthy rich but i got what i want. anything and everything, i can say. just a matter of time. i have few tricks and tactics to it, tho. heee. a good education and secured future although i'm an average student. and most importantly, a very loving and perfect family.

i have the utmost respect for those who had been through alot of challenges in life and successfully tackled it. u got my respect! because i dont think i can handle it if i'm in your shoes. hold on to your kites because He is testing you.

life is complicated


Euriqqa Raffar said...

it's good that u know where u r nysa, quote "i'm an average student" is sooooo down-to-earth. n i like it :)

kudapolo said...

that's why we really have to always keep reminding, the gratefulness.

life is full with colors.