Tuesday, July 6, 2010

fisrt day

Everyone has their "first day of class" post. Not to feel left out, I'm writing one too :)

First year students were placed in a super comfortable class. The seats were like the one you sat in Gold Class cinema. You got what i mean right? It was carpeted. You'll feel guilty walking into the class with dirty shoes. We were spoon-fed with lecture notes. I can say that my text books are still in good condition. Hints for possible exam questions were given. Just like babies.

It was like honeymoon for one year. Everything was beautiful and amazing.

Second year, dentistry is not fun anymore.

Our class is a Lecture Hall (dewan kuliah) that can fit 100 students, I think. There are 30 of us. You can imagine how many stair I have to climb just to get to my seat. And walk all the way down if any of my friends call me and climb up again. Everyday.

Starting this year onwards, no lecture notes from lecturer. Not even a piece of paper. Nothing. You're expected to remember as many as your brain can absorb or copy their notes in front as fast as your fingers can go. By the end of the lecture, you can't feel them anymore. They said, this is a way to make sure than we refer to our textbook. Blegh nonsense.

Think about slow leaner student. Its hard for them her to remember everything. She needs something to guide her on which topic to stress on during her last minute revision. What if she feels sleepy and falls asleep? and when her mind is somewhere else? ....Wait, I just described myself. ahahahaha.

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