Sunday, July 4, 2010

Flea Market

Projeck Love will be at Flea Market, Metro Point Kajang from 12pm - 6pm tomorrow. They'll open up a booth and sells from new arrival to last piece clothes for you fashionistas out there. All items are below RM 50. Craazzyyy.

There will be other activities like auction, performances, lucky draw, games etc. So bring along you kids, sisters and the whole family. Let them join those activities while you do the shopping. Hehe

For all of you who lives nearby Kajang, Bangi, Putrajaya, Cheras as well as other nearby places, do drop by. See you there :)


kudapolo said...

pheewwitt..good luck!
lame x dgr kabar..hope things are doing great there

anyssa said...

good to hear from you!

nak gossip tadi tapi tak sempat. theres always next time.