Wednesday, July 21, 2010

doing fine

hello everyone ;)

Dont worry. I'm alright and doing good. A lil bit busy with classes and fac's annual dinner. I had sleepless night for the past 2 weeks. Thank god i did 'okay' for the respiratory progress test. I didnt even realize that I havent met some of my friends this semester until i received sarcastic text messages from them like "hello. dont act as if you're the busiest human alive!" or "don't talk to me until you see me"

Weekdays - Classes. 8am - 5pm. Sometimes meeting untill 6.30pm.
Weekends - Bazzar

Talking bout bazaar, Project Love will be at Metro Point Kajang on 25th july(sunday) and I love Bazaar event at Subang Parade on 31st july - 1st august. See you guys there!


yana said...

will see you this weekend...

never meet you in person actually...hehe..

anyssa said...

I'd love to meet you too. Nanti i arrange COD at shah alam k babe.