Wednesday, September 22, 2010

clinic rules

Dont look at me like i'm an alien or some creature from Mars just because im the ONLY girl who doesn't wear hijab/scarf. This is some weird scene in my faculty. I'm used to be surrounded with 'free hair' girls all this while.

I just love my hair that I hate to tie them up. Be it in bun or pony tail or any style. But at least i obey the clinic rules. My hair is neatly in place when I'm doing my work. I tie them up. Sometimes I use head band. If lectures and other staffs dont mind, so who do you wanna make a big fuss out of it. Maybe u're jealous or you have some problem with free hair girls and you just have to let it out, otherwise you can go mental.

p/s: Sorry, i just have to let it out, otherwise I can go mental :p

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dayahyusoff said...

Ya Allah. comelnya kucing tu nysa. geram! elok je tgn atas kepala orang, mata pandang kamera. hehe ;)