Tuesday, September 28, 2010

baju kurung stories

When I received the offer to further my study in dentistry, all sorts of thoughts came out. And my biggest issue was the faculty's dressing code. Strictly no jeans and only formal outfit is allowed. Living in malaysia and studying in UiTM, formal dress code means baju kurung. Well at least I'm used to that scenario. Back in jengka, any event under the uni requires students to dress formally; and you will see people coming to the hall wearing baju kurng.

I always have this dream of wearing a set of pencil or high waisted skirt, nice shirt and gorgeous heels to work. That's formal dress code to me. Baju kurung is boring. You're like a walking curtain with the same design top to bottom. Rules remain rules. I wear kurung to classes on Monday and Friday.

Sometimes, I dress something above what the ordinary uitm or shall I say dental students wear. I prefer wearing trousers and shirt or blouse eventhough I have a one month stock of kurung. It is more practical to me compared to kurung as I'll be seating most of the time treating my dummy(and patient in the future). You wouldn't want to be seen 'terkangkang' while treating your patients, would you?

And yes, I wear high heels although uitm's road is soo not high heels friendly. Who wears trousers with pumps or sandals anyway? Of course I get the 'look' from others but as long as I keep my cleavage, belly button and knees at home, there's nothing wrong with it. No one gets heart attack or asthma, so far. Hehe

Even if I were a patient, I'd choose a dentist who wears a tuck in shirt with a pencil skirt/trousers and a pair of heels(fully covered, I know!). How about you?

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