Wednesday, February 23, 2011

big boss

In dental faculty, we students have a close relationship with lecturers including The Dean. Yes, the big boss. He involves in almost everything and he definitely knows what's going on amongst us.

So, few weeks ago, my group had a PBL(program based learning) sessions with him. After 2 hours of brainstorming on what are the ideal properties of a denture yada yada yada*yawn*, we came out with some good questions for him.

me : Prof, could we get extra study leave this sem? Since you know, we have 2 professional exams and 2 weeks is definitely not enough. Just look at what happened to our result last sem.

The rest couldn't agree more and we were putting on the boldest face we could assume just like puss in boots in Shrek the movie.

the dean : Oh you need more? That means you'll have shorter holiday. Are you okay with that?

us : Yeah we're fineee with that. *with our big round eyes*

the dean : But you do know that you will not be having 4 months break like other faculties, don't you?

us : What??? We thought it's standardized! No exception right? Mana boleh macam ni prof *looking each other with opened mouth *

the dean : yeah but what would you do in that 4 months?

us : Rest la prof. We need rest. Oh we sooo need that. Or work. Yes work to earn some money. Or go on a vacation. See, we can do lots of things.

the dean : Rest? You don't need 4 months to rest. You'll lose your touch by then. Work? You guys can work in the clinic. A lot of work waiting for you in clinical years. You're hired automatically. Your new semester starts July like usual.

and the rest of us left with this expression -.-

Yeah, he's the big boss. *bows to the great*

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