Friday, February 4, 2011


Yes it's true when people say you often write when you're in the midst of doing something, not when you're free. Because that would be the time when many thoughts linger in your mind and you have no one to talk to but this screen. That's when you type and type and type without even pausing.

Can't believe that I have another 3 years to go. Time flies so fast and I didn't realize that my brain cells have absorbed nothing but dentistry for the past 2 years. Many things learnt throughout the journey. Not just academic stuff but also about life. How I see things and handle them.

Studying about teeth and health related is the last thing I would tell a person whom I just met because the moment I tell them I'm a dental student, they will keep shut. Afraid that I might look into their mouth and comment on their teeth, I guess. Though it's a bad habit, but I tend to look at their teeth while they're talking. Hahaha. Bad bad habit.

I'm lucky to have my loved ones and friends who pull my back when I feel like I'm gonna lose myself out there. It's good to see them and talk about something else, something random and I can be myself.

But I hate it when they say they're graduating soon and even invite me to their graduation day! grrr. Dude, I have another 3 freaking years and god knows who will show up when my time comes coz they might be at home babysit their kids. hahahaha.

Study mode strikes, hence no picture.

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kudapolo said...

you need no good luck wish.
do great n! :-)