Thursday, May 19, 2011

out and wild

I'm happy to say that I'm on long holiday. After like what..a year? And what makes this holiday more meaningful is that I passed both pro exams yo! No, no grades yet. Its either you passed,failed,viva distinction/border line. Although my parents demand to know the grade because for them, its impossible I passed an exam without knowing the grade. But that's how it goes. Even I dont have the answer.

I finished both pro-s on friday and results were released on the next monday. I was in disbelief when I got an early call from ain said that all of us passed the exams. Alhamdullillah. It felt so surreal!

Hey, I survived! can you believe it? Even I can't. I feel like sharing it with the whole universe(that's what i'm doing).

I know that I'm a last minute person. And it's impossible to revise everything within one month. What more when the lecturers(especially those Malaysian, i dont get it) keep their mouth shut. No hints, nothing.

So i decided to change the way I used to study.

I joined a study group with puspa, ain, kila and hanna. 5 of us went all the way from high to low. I spent 3 weeks at puspa/ain's room. Slept, ate and studied there.We prepared notes based on the divided topics and discussed. It was fun playing with mind maps and colors. Trust me, they work! Your brain captures images better than words.

I realized that I took the first 2 years for granted and I really have to struggle for that one month. I have no choice but to force myself to study hard or I'll screw up. I was like a sponge ready to absorb as much as I can.! Look how motivated I was. hahahah.

I'm glad that I chose dentistry over medicine. I've been saying this over and over again. And I'm ready for clinical year and more years to come!

all i can say, sky is the limit.

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