Friday, May 20, 2011

broga hill

Jannah and me, we've come a long,long way together. we're the thank-god-i-found-you kind of friends while we were in jengka and realized that we need each other up till now. She has seen the best, the worst and is very very loyal.

We graduated with flying colors during diploma and decided to take our own path in pursuing degree. Bot of us got forensic in the first place. She was very happy as it was her first choice. So I told her, 'there can be only one best student in forensic no?So I have to leave you and choose dentistry.But make sure you're the best' hahaha. The truth is, I can't stand chemistry! and she's indeed the best student in the course. *bows*

One thing about growing have less time for friends.

I haven't seen her in sooo long.She's busy, I'm busy. I'm busy, she's free. She's free, I'm having my pro exam. I'm free, she's in the exam hall. sigh.

Finally, when both of us are on holiday(she's in her final sem, practical!), we planned for random activities. Not that sleepover, shopping, spa session girly kinda thing. But the extreme one, you know... activity!

So i told her...I know you have a new set of bff whom you go picnic, mandi sungai and masak-masak. I never knew you like these kind of activities. hahahaha. So anyway, have you heard of broga hill? wanna go there? Don't expect me to ajak you mandi sungai or masak-masak.

And she replied...I never knew you like i-city either. hahaha. I don't mind spending time with you syg.

So off we went to broga hill around 5am last wednesday for a breathtaking sunrise experience. Brought along marcaroni that we cooked earlier at her house, chips, drinks, chocolates and sandwiches.

Whitewater rafting is up next! cant wait


BahrilIlmi said...

x ajok

anyssa said...

bahril ilmi?siapa bahril ilmi? chong? siapa chong? hahahha.

awak kat mana ni?? next sem datang klinik. saya take over position yazid. hahahaha