Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Another Wayfarer joins the family!! 2 wayfarer-s and a clubmaster. Now,I'm eyeing on frogskin. But they're not available here.Bummer!

Ryhaan, can u buy for me as a surprise? Its only like USD 140 for you but it costs me MYR 430++ for it, you see.


exjengka said...

hey nisa, im one of yr junior back then in jengka. i gt offered to do dentistry in uitm this september. bt i dont knw who can i ask abt the course and etc esp in uitm itself. at the same time i gt offered to do medicine in india. so im kinda contemplating on whch course shd i go with. i really need yr help in doing all this check and balance thing since u face such dilemma two years ago.

anyssa said...


i'd say 'come and join us at uitm!' :)

after all, its all about what you want in the future.

anyway, i'm happy to help you in any possible way. we can have a long chat thru ym. add me anissa.lokman@yahoo.com

notify me here. talk to you later :)

Anonymous said...

frogskin..go grab one at oakley store klcc..gonna cost u 8++..collecter's item!

A.K.M. Musa AUNTOR said...

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