Monday, May 4, 2009

monday : jerantut for KFC

tuesday : lubuk yu.swimming

wednesday : temerloh for pizza hut

thursday : lubuk yu.swimming

friday : planned to go to jerantut but cancelled

saturday : lubuk yu.bbq

i feel gooood :D

i dont a lazy pig.jogging is a big NO NO for me.hahaha.but i swim.yes, i love swimming.throw me in the swimming pool, not on a running track.chong pon xdapat kalahkan stamina sy.hahaha.

met new friends during bbq at lubuk yu with chong's was nice to meet you guys tapi da lambat sgt.jmpe luar jengka lah nnti ye =) i dont feel like swimming yday coz im dead tired due to inorganic chemistry exam few hours before the bbq.

after weeks of stay-up-late nights, i went to bed like super early yday.received random phne call,few missed calls, n text mcm merepek gile cakap.cant remember a thing untill my quilt dropped off from my bed ;p

glad to hear your voice :)

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