Monday, October 5, 2009


to you,

i'm sad when u said to her that i'm just pretending when we bumped with each other. if only u knw how excited and happy i am everytime i see familiar faces like u though it was just only for 2 mins. talking bout friendship, yes u can tell your best friend anything that u want but just tell him/her from A-Y. keep the Z to yourself. for your own good. maybe u dont know people that much. wait till you meet people with different attitude and behavior. then, u'll appreciate the word 'friendship' better.

maybe by ignoring you, is the best way to make you think that i'm not pretending. if it's the way to settle things, i'll try to close my eyes when i see you so dat i dont gt excited like i used to. i know it's hard but dont worry, i'll try. leave all the memories behind and start a new chapter.

keep it low. dont brag. u might fall badly one day. who knows. at least we know what we want in life and future. we've been together for so long. we knew each other very well. why do we have to have that jealous feeling shit toward u.

we have hard feelings toward you too. banyak. but we remain silent, not by repeating the same issue over and over again like you did. keep your mouth shut. y others think that we're the devil and u're the angle? simply because we keep our mouth shut cos only we knw the truth.

go ahead. i wish you, good luck and i still love you no matter what.

start from A
End with Y
Keep Z to yourself


kudapolo said...

i think, i get the picture. correct me if i'm wrong.

nadeera said...

hah! me too..balik weekend ni cerita take care of ur self..xoxo

nadeera said...

hah! me too..balik weekend ni cerita take care of ur self..xoxo

anyssa said...

z,definately maybe.xtau plak superman's words r really helpful.hehehe.thank you.teramat sgt.

anyssa said...

love you too,blood sister