Monday, October 19, 2009

they call it blue monday

i dont usually write bout my daily routine here but i just have to let this out today. a bad bad day.lets get started..judge me if u want -.-

started my day with late arrival at the campus and found out that the management or wutever-u-name-it closed the parking lot next to civil engineering fac because they want to save those parking for convocation cars. uhh. dah tutp padang kawad tu dah la pak guard. xpayah la tutup parking i pulak. and the best part is im super late today! dangg. farah sofia was in the same situation as mine. both of us were 15 mins late for class and her face when she saw me walking down the road was like, 'mane? mane?' hahah.comel gile. pak guard, u've made me walk 300m to class instead of 100m like i usually did. kaki saya sakit panjat bukit tau! uhhh. gonna try 'illegal' parking like farah said near dc tomorrow.

ok then my carved tooth turned out to be a bad one. hahah. ngeng. n knowing anyssa, i gave up within a minute.

dr luay : anissa, what happen to yours?
me : *with a sad face* i have no idea dr. it's ugly. i dont want to do continue this. can i get a new block do dat i can do it all over again?
dr luay: no u cant have a new one. or else, u're going to take another one week to do it. continue now.still can be repaired.
me: no i dont want. can u do it for me? heh heh heh
dy luay: haih this girl. let me see.

yes. he repaired mine and ain did those curvatures. woot woot. and guess wut, it looks like a real tooth. i can be annoying at times. ke all the time? :))

then then then, j texted me and said she's free before 12pm and asked me if i'm free too so dat we cud collect our robe for convocation together. unfortunately, my class ends at 1pm. so we decided to collect it separetely. evrything went well untill i found out that i lost my payment receipt. smart ass kaknis. and again, i give up! yes again. yela dah cari 2 kali x jumpe, hilang la tu maknanye kan. luckily lea nak teman and she dragged me from one bank islam to another and collected the robe for me. sumpah aku sayang kau. hahaha.

those are part of it. the rest are silly tiny things. for instance, i shouted to lea coz i thought i lost my purse. so again, she did all the searching works in my car and found it. hahaha. kenapa kalau i cari je mesti x jumpe -.-" i misplaced my stuff everywhere man.

from one unfortunate event to another. and i feel loved baby. now i understand what is blue monday. hahaha. start judging, now :)

welcoming a new version of ipod nano to our family. it's nadi's turn this time. with a built-in camera for video recording in it. thank you zahid for being such a good good search engine. hahaha.

i discover more and more miracles of life everyday. only HE knows the reason why he created tooth in such way. i'm above thankful.

only god knows

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